Academic Calendar

In the event that classes are disrupted for multiple days due to the university’s closure for inclement weather or other circumstances beyond its control, the university may add class days at the end of the semester or during scheduled breaks to ensure that course requirements are met.

Fall 2014
Aug. 18 Registration
Aug. 18 Full & First Sessions Start (classes begin at noon)
Aug. 18-22 Drop/Add for Full & First Session Begins
Aug. 25-27 Roll/Attendance Verification (First Session)
Aug. 28-Sept. 2 Roll/Attendance Verification (Full Session)
Sept. 1 Holiday (no classes)
Sept. 11 First Session Withdrawal Deadline
Sept. 17 Graduation Application Deadline
Sept. 26 Spring Class Schedule Released
Oct. 1 Spring Advising Begins
Oct. 6 Classes End 1st Session
Oct. 7-8 Finals for 1st Session
Oct. 10 Grades Due 1st Session
Oct. 10 Full Session Withdrawal Deadline
Oct. 13 Second Session Starts
Oct. 13-14 Add/Drop Deadline for Second Session
Oct. 15-17 Roll/Attendance Verification (Second Session)
Oct. 27-Nov 21 Spring Class Registration
Nov. 7 Second Session Withdrawal Deadline
Nov. 15 Transition Form deadline for Spring 2015
Nov. 24-29 Break (no classes)
Dec. 5 Classes End (Full and 2nd)
Dec. 8-12 Finals (Full and 2nd)* - See Finals Schedule
Dec. 15 Grades Due (Full and 2nd)  5:00 p.m.
Spring 2015
Jan. 5 Registration
Jan. 5 Full & First Sessions Start (classes begin at noon)
Jan. 5-9 Drop/Add Deadline (Full & First Session)
Jan. 12-14 Roll/Attendance Verification (First Session)
Jan. 15-20 Roll/Attendance Verification (Full Session)
Jan. 19 Holiday (no classes)
Jan. 29 First Session Withdrawal Deadline
Feb. 23 Classes end 1st Session
Feb. 24-25 Finals for 1st Session
Feb. 27 Grades due 1st Session
Feb. 27 Full Session Withdrawal Deadline
Mar. 2 Second Session Starts
Mar. 2-3 Drop/Add Deadline (Second Session)
Mar. 4-6 Roll/Verification (Second Session)
Mar. 16-21 Break (no classes)
Apr. 4 Second Session Withdrawal Deadline
Apr. 24 Classes end (Full and 2nd)
Apr. 27 - May 1 Finals (Full and 2nd)*
May 4 Grades due (Full and 2nd) 5:00 p.m.

Summer 2015
May 11 Maymester classes start
May 11 Maymester Drop/Add
May 12-13 Roll/Attendance Verification (Maymester)
May 19 Maymester withdrawal deadline
May 25 Holiday
May 26 First Short Session classes start
May 26 - 27 First Short Session Drop/Add
May 27-29 Maymester: Classes End & Finals
May 29 First Short Session Classes Meet (Friday)
May 28-June 1 Roll/Attendance Verification (First Short Session)
June 1 Long Session classes start
June 1-3 Long Session Drop/Add
June 4-8 Roll/Attendance Verification (Long Session)
June 9 First Short Session withdrawal deadline
June 23 First Short Session: Classes End & Finals
June 24 Second Short Session classes start
June 24-25 Second Short Session Drop/Add
June 30 Long Session withdrawal deadline
July 1 Fall Transition Deadline
July 1 Registrar creates Spring schedule
July 2 Roll/Attendance Verification (Second Short Session)
July 4 Holiday
July 7 Second Short Session withdrawal deadline
July 23 Second Short Session: Classes End & Finals
July 29-30 Long Session: Finals
Aug. 1 Summer Commencement (Dahlonega Campus)
Aug. 3 Grades Due, 5:00 p.m.

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