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Faculty & Staff Listing


Blue Ridge

Name Title Phone Office Email
Sarah Shope Part Time Faculty Blue Ridge


Name Title Phone Office Email
John Bridges Lecturer, English 470-239-3114 Cumming 282, Cumming
Ann Marie Francis Lecturer, English 470-239-3116 University Center 400 284, Cumming
Kendra Sanderson Limited Term Faculty 470-239-3112 Cumming 273, Cumming


Name Title Phone Office Email
David Brauer Associate Professor, English 706-864-1962 Dunlap Hall 203, Dahlonega
Steven Brehe Associate Professor, English 706-864-1349 Dunlap Hall 309, Dahlonega
Owen Cantrell Limited Term Faculty Nesbitt 4110, Dahlonega
Brian Corrigan Professor, English 706-864-1963 Dunlap Hall 309B, Dahlonega
David Darracott Limited Term Faculty-English Downtown Office Building 3, Dahlonega
Marc DiMaggio Lecturer
Lisa Diehl Lecturer Dunlap Hall 206 D, Dahlonega
William Ellenberg, Ph.D., M.A., M.S. Ed Lecturer Dunlap Hall 204, Dahlonega
Quentin Falk Visiting Professor Dahlonega
Lyn Froehlich Lecturer
Donna Gessell Professor, English 706-864-1528 Dunlap Hall 201A, Dahlonega
Laura Getty Professor, English 706-867-2772 Dunlap Hall 201B, Dahlonega
Kimberly Groves Lecturer Dunlap Hall 102A, Dahlonega
Kathryn Hinds Lecturer, English 706-864-1775 Dunlap Hall 206A, Dahlonega
John Ingrisano Part Time Faculty 770-314-2649 DOB 113, Dahlonega
Dr. Wendy Kurant Associate Professor, English 706-867-3218 Dunlap Hall 309A, Dahlonega
Dr. Kyounghye Kwon Assistant Professor, English 706-864-1681 Dunlap Hall 308A, Dahlonega
Anastasia Lin, Ph.D. Assistant Dean AD 706-867-3234 Price Memorial 102, Dahlonega
Eric Lockaby Limited Term Faculty- English
James McEver Lecturer Downtown Office Building 3, Dahlonega
Kayla Mehalcik Office Administrator 706-864-1775 Dunlap Hall 207, Dahlonega
Phillip Mitchell Lecturer Dunlap 204, Dahlonega
Dr. Austin Riede Assistant Professor, English 706-864-1961 Dunlap Hall 202B, Dahlonega
Dr. Michael Rifenburg Assistant Professor, English 706-867-2958 Dunlap Hall 206C, Dahlonega
Bonnie(BJ) Robinson Professor, English 706-867-2964 Dunlap Hall 202A, Dahlonega
Laura Rosche Lecturer Downtown Office Building 5, Dahlonega
Kathleen Snow Lecturer Dunlap Hall 206A, Dahlonega
Joyce Stavick Department Head, English 706-864-1964 Dunlap Hall 207, Dahlonega
Julie Winslett Part-Time Faculty Downtown Office Building 343D, Dahlonega


Name Title Phone Office Email
Douglas Alexander PT Instructor Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Harriett Allison Director of ESL & Summer Program/Associate Professor 678-717-3419 Nesbitt 2114, Gainesville
Ashley Armour Lecturer, English 678-717-3696 Nesbitt 2112, Gainesville
James Bailey Limited Term Faculty-English Nesbitt 4112, Gainesville
Chris Bell, Ph.D. Associate Professor, English 678-717-3720 Nesbitt 4138, Gainesville
Tanya Bennett, Ph.D. Professor & Interim Dean/Honors 678-717-2292 Administration 111, Gainesville
Gloria Bennett Assistant Professor, English 678-717-3423 Nesbitt 4150, Gainesville
Ezekiel Black, M.F.A. Lecturer, English 678-717-3876 Nesbitt 4110, Gainesville
Matthew Boedy Assistant Professor
Leverett Butts Associate Professor of English 678-717-3521 Nesbitt 4142, Gainesville
Mary Carney, Ph.D. Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership 678-717-3628 Dunlap/Mathis 144, Gainesville
Downtown Office Building 343A, Dahlonega
Tara Causey Limited Term Faculty Nesbitt 4106, Gainesville
Carla Chwat Lecturer Nesbitt 4126, Gainesville
Macklin Cowart Assistant Professor, English 678-717-3431 Nesbitt 4134, Gainesville
Ms. Kelly Dahlin Assistant Professor 678-717-3763 Nesbitt 2134, Gainesville
Chris Davis Lecturer Nesbitt 4132, Gainesville
Leigh Dillard, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English 678-717-3428 Nesbitt 4108, Gainesville
Ms. Karen Dodson Assistant Professor, English 678-717-3870 Nesbitt 4154, Gainesville
Terry Easton Associate Professor, English 678-717-3426 Nesbitt 4130, Gainesville
Diana Edelman-Young, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English 678-717-1583 Nesbitt Academic 4 4172, Gainesville
Elizabeth Fields Lecturer Nesbitt 4128, Gainesville
Jennifer Gilstrap Lecturer 678-717-3697 Nesbitt, Gainesville
Shannon Gilstrap Interim Associate Department Head, English 678-717-3544 Nesbitt 4168, Gainesville
Jürgen E. Grandt, lic. phil. I, Ph.D. Associate Professor, English 678-717-3484 Nesbitt 4156, Gainesville
Brent Griffin Assistant Professor of English 678-717-3842 Nesbitt 4104, Gainesville
Tonna Harris-Bosselmann Lecturer, English 678-717-3714 Nesbitt 2130, Gainesville
Kristin Kelly Associate Professor, English 678-717-3429 Nesbitt 4158, Gainesville
Kasee Laster Limited Term Faculty Nesbitt 4128, Gainesville
Ms. Jeanine Merck Office Administrator 678-717-3593 Nesbitt Building 4120, Gainesville
Patsy Owens Lecturer Nesbitt 4126, Gainesville
Steve Pearson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English 678-717-3483 Nesbitt 4170, Gainesville
GC - Nesbitt-Acad 4
Valerie Pflug Lecturer 678-717-3748 Nesbitt 2136, Gainesville
James Robison Limited Term Faculty Nesbitt 4164/Strickland 133, Gainesville
Jim Shimkus Assistant Professor of English 678-717-2231 Nesbitt 2132, Gainesville
Robert Stiles Limited Term Faculty Nesbitt 4112, Gainesville
Brad Strickland Part-Time Instructor Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Anita Turlington Associate Professor 678-717-3935 Nesbitt Academic 4 4168, Gainesville
Cameron Williams Lecturer Nesbitt 4132, Gainesville
Patricia Worrall Professor, English 678-717-3691 Nesbitt 4160, Gainesville


Name Title Phone Office Email
Saye Atkinson Lecturer 706-310-6246 Admin Building 313B, Oconee
Chris Barnes, Ph.D. Assistant Dean AC 706-310-6299 Faculty Center 715, Oconee
Kevin Copeland Lecturer 706-310-6273 Classroom Building 313B, Oconee
Matthew Horton Associate Professor, English 706-310-6236 Faculty Building 704, Oconee
Alex Johns Associate Professor, English 706-310-6213 Student Resource Ctr 706, Oconee
Laura Ng Associate Professor 706-310-6217 Student Resource Ctr 588, Oconee
Samuel Prestridge Associate Professor, English 706-310-6249 Student Resource Ctr 591, Oconee
Karen Redding Assistant Professor, English 706-310-6325 Student Resource Ctr 589, Oconee
Darren Rhym Assistant Professor, English 706-310-6329 Administration 102, Oconee
Sharon Rigler, Ph.D. Lecturer 706-310-6359 Classroom Building 311A, Oconee
Derek Thiess Limited Term Faculty 706-310-6359 Classroom Building 311A, Oconee
John Turlington Part-Time Instructor 706-769-6088 Administration 202, Oconee
Chris Wilson - Oconee Part-Time Instructor 706-310-6253 Administration 202, Oconee

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