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IRB Forms

Below is a list of the most commonly used IRB Forms! If you have any questions and/or you cannot find a particular form, contact the IRB Chair. Note: To make sure you submit your application package on time, please also check the submission deadlines

Form NameAdditional Information
IRB Form 1.1 - Application for Approval of Research This form should be filled out by all faculty members or students who intend to present or publish their research in future. For all other research projects embedded in course work, please refer to IRB Forms 2.1 and 2.2.
IRB Form 1.2 - Application for Extension of a Research Project Use this form to extend an ongoing IRB approved research project. If you plan to make changes to your research design/protocols, please also see IRB Form 1.4.
IRB Form 1.3 - Completion/Termination of a Research Project Once a study has been completed (or is being prematurely terminated), this form needs to be submitted to inform the IRB about the final status of the project.
IRB Form 1.4 - Research Modification Request Use this form for any proposed changes to approved research protocols/designs. Note: Any changes to the research protocol may prevent the research from qualifying for an exempt review and will require submission of a new IRB application and other materials to the IRB. Any proposed changes to research protocols need to be approved by the IRB before they can be implemented.
IRB Form 1.5 - Simplified IRB Application Please use this form if you collaborate in a research project with another institution (in the United States) and your collaborators have already obtained IRB approval through that institution. Depending on the nature of the proposed research, the IRB at the University of North Georgia may request further documentation if deemed necessary. Please keep in mind that the research cannot begin until the IRB Chair has green-lighted the project (that includes – but is not limited to – to the recruitment of study participants, collecting data etc.). If in doubt, please contact the IRB Chair ( for further information. 
IRB Form 2.1 - Instructor Application for Approval of Course-Related Research This form should be filled out by the course instructor for class-related research. It should be submitted to the IRB in conjunction with the individual student IRB applications (see IRB Form 2.2) and other relevant documents (e.g. consent forms, debriefs, questionnaires etc.). The implicit assumption is that the neither the instructor nor the student researcher/s will present and/or publish the data.
IRB Form 2.2 - Student Application for Approval of Course-Related Research This form should only be used to obtain IRB “approval” for course-related research. This form needs to be filled out by the student/s who intend to engage in the research. If the student plans to present or publish the research in future please submit a regular IRB application (see IRB Form 1.1)
IRB Form 3.1 - Written Informed Consent This form includes detailed guidelines and a checklist as to what needs to be included in the informed consent. Please read that information carefully. For most research involving minors, please submit a separate assent form (for minors) and informed consent (legal guardians) modelled after the suggested guidelines.
IRB Form 3.2 – Oral (Informed) Content Please include this form for any research in which written consent is difficult or impractical to obtain but passive or implied consent is avoided (e.g. ethnographic research, certain oral history studies).

IRB Form 4.1 - Adverse Event Report

Use this form to report any unanticipated problems that have occurred during the research project involving risk to research subjects or others. 
IRB Form 5.1 - Supplemental Information for International or Cross-Cultural Research Please fill this supplemental form out and submit it in addition to the other required forms if your project occurs outside the U. S. or involves international participants/collaborators.
IRB Form 6.1 - HIPAA Data Use Agreement The data use agreement is a requirement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (“HITECH Act”). It applies to research that involves individually identifiable health information. While the data use agreement can be waived by the IRB under certain circumstances, the default procedure should be to include it with your application. 
IRB Form 6.2 - HIPAA Privacy Authorization This form needs to be filled out in addition to a potential informed consent form (though the two can be combined) whenever the research aims to use or disclose medical information for a project. Visit the HIPPA Privacy website for more information.
IRB Form 6.3 - Application for IRB Waiver of HIPAA Privacy Authorization Please fill this form out if you think that your research project qualifies for a HIPAA Privacy Authorization Waiver (also see IRB Form 6.2). The form is used by the UNG IRB to determine whether your project involves no more than minimal risk to the privacy of individual participants and that it meets all of the criteria stipulated in the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
IRB Form 7.1 - Student Consent for Release of Non-Directory Information To comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), this form may need to be filled out when a researcher seeks to use non-directory student information for research purposes. For more information, please check the UNG registrar and FERPA websites and/or contact the IRB.
IRB Form 7.2 - Revocation of Access to  Non-Directory Information Researchers that have previously asked students for permission to release non-directory information for research purposes should share this form with their participants. Under FERPA rules this form gives students the right to revoke, change and/or otherwise limit the scope of their initially given permission/s.
IRB Form 8.1 - Deed of Gift This form needs to be filled out when the researcher wishes to transfer the interviewees’ rights to their interviews (e.g. in oral history research) to an individual (e.g. the researcher), and/or an institution (e.g. a library). For more information, please visit the following to links: Deed of Gift / Oral History or contact the IRB.

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