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Aggressor Platoon

Aggressor Platoon cadetThe Aggressor Platoon is an all Volunteer extracurricular unit sponsored by the Military Department and the Boar’s Head Brigade. Founded in 1963, the platoon's original mission was to serve as the opposing force (OPFOR) for pre-camp operations. More recently, the unit mission has changed to providing realistic training in small unit, light infantry, and Ranger tactics. Aggressor operations are rigorous and challenging. The training is physically tough and mentally demanding, requiring the utmost of those who feel they are up to the challenge of being an Aggressor. Those who do are taught in the classroom, and apply what they have learned in some of the most realistic field problems today's Army and the University of North Georgia can provide. In the end, the blood, the sweat, and the tears pay off. Every year, Aggressors come out on top at the National Leadership Development and Assessment Course and are found leading the Corps of Cadets. Leadership developed also carries over into the armed forces. Despite where they are found, no matter what they are doing, Aggressors will always be out front Leading the Way.

Aggressor Platoon cadet Aggressor Platoon cadet Aggressor Platoon cadet
The Aggressor motto is:

"Aggressors Lead the Way!"

Aggressor Run