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  • Two girls sitting on their beds in Donovan Hall dormitory
    Donovan Hall
    Bedroom Loft
  • An exterior shot of Owen Hall showing the entrance with beautiful landscaping
    John H. Owen Hall
    A beautiful entrance to one of our residence halls!
  • The entrance to North Georgia Suites
    North Georgia Suites
    Opened in fall 2010!

Room Change Instructions


  1. Complete a Room Change Request Form (available January 26 - 30, 2015) with all required information and signatures. All residents of the rooms affected by this request must agree to the room change.
  2. Turn in the completed form to the Residence Life office in Suite 361 Stewart Center by 3:00 p.m., Friday, January 30, 2015.
  3. Wait to receive an approval email from the Residence Life office authorizing you to move.
  4. Go to the Residence Life Office and pick up your Room Change Authorization Form and temporary Key Card.
  5. Take the Room Change Authorization Form to your new RA (in Patriot, Donovan, Lewis, or Lewis Annex) or the RA desk (in NG Suites, or Owen Hall, Walker Drive students go to Suites) where your new room is located to check in and receive an RC report and room key for your new room before you move.
  6. After moving all your belongings, return to the RA desk where your old room is located to check out and receive an RC report, and return the temporary key card and your room key for your old room.
  7. You will be fined $50 and/or your housing contract will be canceled at the discretion of the Residence Life office if you change rooms prior to receiving authorization, or if you complete an improper checkout.

Please call or email Residence Life if you have any questions.

Residency is only offered at the Dahlonega Campus

Take Note!


  • 1/12 4PM: RA Applicant Interest Session, Young Hall 112
  • 1/14 7PM: RA Applicant Interest Session, Hoag ABC rooms
  • 1/21 12 PM: RA Applicant Interest Session, Young Hall 112
  • 1/26: Room Change Applications available for download from Residence Life web page
  • 1/26: RA Applications available via Org Sync
  • 1/29 7PM: RA Applicant interest Session, Young Hall 112
  • 1/30 3PM: Room Change Applications due to Residence Life Office


  • 2/3 2 pm: RA Applicant Interest Session, Hoag ABC rooms
  • 2/4 7pm: RA Applicant Interest Session, Hoag ABC rooms
  • 2/5 11:59 pm: RA Application Closes, Org Sync
  • 2/7: RA Group Interview Young Hall 212
  • 2/28: Housing Lottery Closes

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