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5.6 Promotion -Lecturer to Senior Lecturer

Minimum service must be six* years as a lecturer at the University of North Georgia for consideration of promotion to senior lecturer. (*BOR Policy )

5.6.1 Procedure for Promotion Review

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist lecturer faculty members in presenting professional experiences and accomplishments for a promotion review and to recognize excellence in teaching and high impact practices in instruction

5.6.2 Documentation

The following documentation will be presented in a university electronic portfolio system: Cover sheet providing the following information in order as applicable:

                Name of college and department

                Name of individual

                Degrees earned (highest first)

                Years, dates, and current rank and title

                Area(s) of specialization within the discipline

                Date of hire and total number of years at the university, including the current academic year Current CV and a summary of documentation of teaching excellence:

                List all courses taught (prefix, number, title, semester) –

                                Number of credit or contact hours taught per semester

                                Number of course preparations

                                Number of classes taught

                                Total enrollment in all classes (after drop/add)

                Efforts that promote outstanding teaching (list and prioritize using bullet points)

                Involvement in teaching beyond the classroom

                Response to student evaluations and trends in student comments including strengths and


According to the Faculty Annual Report document, the following items are suggestions; however, this is not an exhaustive list and additional clarifications may be found in departmental guidelines

                                                Efforts that Promote Outstanding Teaching –

                                                Incorporating techniques and methods and how you monitor their effectiveness

                                                Trying a new approach

                                                Evaluating techniques

                                                Developing new materials

                                                Participating in peer evaluations/observation

                                                Incorporating a diversity of techniques to reach departmental and institutional


                                                Teaching special format classes like hybrids or on-line sections

                                                Making significant course/curriculum improvements

                                                Earning recognition/awards for distinguished teaching

                                                Teaching a writing intensive course

                                                Handling difficult or atypical class schedules effectively

                                                Incorporating technology into courses

                                                Incorporating multicultural issues

                                                Using collaborative learning techniques

                                                Making curriculum contemporary and relevant

                                                Developing a new course

                                                Reflecting on comments from colleagues and/or students

                                                Participating in a learning community

                                                Directing independent studies, theses, honors courses

                                                Receiving grants/contracts related to instruction

                                                One-time library teaching

                                Teaching beyond the classroom - Criteria: (a) involves an activity associated with one’s

                                area of academic expertise and (b) always has a strong and explicit connection to

                                students –

                                                Presenting a colloquium or workshop

                                                Working with students in co-curricular activities

                                                Sponsoring a club related to an academic discipline

                                                Being a guest lecturer in a colleague’s class

                                                Speaking or guest lecturing to UNG-related organization

                                                Being involved in field trips

                                                Participating in studies abroad (e.g., sponsor, student, and/or instructor)

                                                Participating in volunteer activities

                                                Supervising service learning activities

                                                Developing curriculum

                                                Incorporating undergraduate research in teaching

                                                Incorporating service learning Summary of statement of teaching (up to two pages)

        Past achievements

        Statement of professional teaching goals and progress towards those goals

        Areas of special interest and competence

        Future goals with an overview of means by which the goals will be accomplished Performance evaluations – annual self-reports and department head’s/coordinator’s evaluations for the past two years Letter from primary campus academic administrator if different than the department head/coordinator Student evaluation summaries and complete sets of evaluations with students’ comments from the past two years Peer letters – two from full-time faculty members in the department

5.6.3 Process and Timeline Faculty members submit the documentation identified in Section 5.6.2 above to the department head/coordinator by the second Monday in September The department head/coordinator shall review the faculty member’s documentation The faculty member’s application for promotion to senior lecturer and the department head’s/ coordinator’s recommendation shall be submitted to the dean for action The dean shall prepare a signed report with his or her decision for each lecturer being considered for promotion to senior lecturer by the last Monday in February. Please see the Master Calendar for P&T dates. If applicable the faculty member shall submit an appeal of the dean’s decision to the Provost for a final decision.

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