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Nelnet Quick Guide

For current information on this semester's plan, please go to

Signing Up

  • Go to Banner and log in
  • Go to “Student”, then “Student Account”, then “Setup Payment Plan”, the click the eCashier button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions

Payment Dates to Nelnet

  • Fall – July 20, August 20, September 20 and October 20
  • Spring – November 20, December 20, January 20 and February 20
  • Summer – April 20, May 20, June 20 and July 20

Enrollment Fee, Down Payments, $5500.00 Maximum

  • Depending on when a student signs up, a non-refundable enrollment fee of $50.00, $60.00, or $70.00 will be assessed over and above a student’s account balance
  • Down payments cover payment dates that are about to or have passed
  • A student can sign-up for a maximum of $5500.00 for a payment plan cycle.
    • For example, if a student signs up January 7, 2016 and has a balance of $8000.00, at the time of sign up they would pay a $70.00 enrollment fee, $2750.00 for the down payment, and pay the balance over the $5500.00 maximum of $2500.00 for a total of $5320.00 plus convenience fee if paying with credit card.

Repayment Methods to Nelnet

  • A repayment method will be established at sign up and that payment method will be charged the enrollment fee, any down payment, and any amount over the $5500.00 maximum at the time of sign-up and charged on the 20th of each month left in the cycle until the balance is paid
    • ACH (WebCheck) – No Additional Fee
      • Routing Number and Account Number from bottom of check required
      • Do Not use debit card numbers
    • Credit Card – 2.75% Convenience Fee in addition to base payment
      • All major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Payment methods cannot be changed from ACH to Credit Card and vice versa once established after the initial setup. Students may contact Nelnet directly to change from a Visa to Mastercard if they signed up to repay with a credit card or one bank account to another if they signed up to pay by ACH.

UNG Fee Payment Deadlines

  • Students signed up for the plan will have an informational hold placed on their Banner account to notify the business office to:
    • Reverse all late fees if assessed
    • Prevent students schedules from being dropped
  • If a student’s payment plan is terminated all benefits listed above will end unless they sign up for the Nelnet payment plan again. If the deadline for sign-up has passed, a terminated student would not be able to sign up again. 

What students will see on their account balance through Banner

  • Students will have an outstanding balance on their accounts until Nelnet makes payments to UNG
    • Nelnet will make two payments to UNG
      • One will be shortly after the end of sign-up for the payment plans that will apply the first two payment period payments to your account balance
      • The second payment will be within 30 days of the first payment and cover your remaining balance even if the last payment has not been received by Nelnet

Increases and Decreases

  • UNG does have the ability to increase a payment plan balance and decrease a payment plan balance periodically throughout the payment plan period as long as increase and decrease deadlines have not passed.
    • Increases - If a student has additional charges put on their account and it is on before the last day of the payment plan sign up deadline, a students balanced can be increased if it does not exceed the maximum of $5500.00 for the payment plan cycle. If a student’s balance increases but it would be over the maximum, the increase is ignored and that amount would need to be paid directly to the school.
    • Decreases – If payment is received or additional estimated aid is assessed directly on the Banner account, UNG can upload that amount into Nelnet. A students payments will decrease equally over the remaining payments. So, if a student has $900.00 left over three payments ($300.00 each) in Nelnet and a payment of $300.00 is made directly to the Banner account, Nelnet payments will go down to $200.00 per payment since the outstanding balance to the school is now $600.00. UNG can make decreases up until 2 days before the 3rd payment is due.

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