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UNG Intramural Sports Handbook

Last Updated: April 24, 2013


Sections I & II - Mission Statement & Intramural Sports Office

I.  Mission Statement

The mission of the Intramural Sports Program at University of North Georgia is to provide students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational sports in a safe environment, creating a setting that fosters community, forms lasting memories, and instills a sense of belonging.  The Intramural Sports Program promotes physical fitness, healthy habits, and balanced behaviors, improving the overall social, mental, and physical well-being of participants.  Additionally, the program teaches students meaningful life skills, encourages personal achievement, and develops involved and responsible citizens.  In fulfilling this mission, we support and complement the institution’s academic and leadership objectives.

II.  Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness

The Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness is located in the Rec Center. The Intramural Graduate Assistant can be reached at 706-864-1622 or The Intramural Sports Website  is the official posting place for upcoming events, schedules, results, and changes. 

Section III - Registration Procedures

General Information

  • All players interested in participating in Intramural Sports must go to and create an account. Enter your information and make sure to only use your UNG email account.
  • Team Captains or managers must log into their IM Leagues account and click the Create/Join Team button. Here, captains will be asked to enter all required information; as well as, pass a quiz with a score of 100% to completely register their team.
  • The Intramural Sports Department reserves the right to change any team name that is deemed inappropriate or offensive.
  • Players may be added to the roster by bringing their valid Nighthawks Card to the game site or the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness. Players may be added up until noon on the final day of the playoff tournament. If the final day falls on a Sunday, players must be added by noon on the prior Friday.
  • Teams that do not complete the registration process by the posted deadline will not be scheduled in the respective sport, but have the option to be put on a waiting list in order to be a replacement for any team that is scheduled and later drops out. Teams will not be placed in elimination brackets once play has begun.
  • All teams must follow the Eligibility Rules and Guidelines set forth in the Intramural Sports Handbook (Section V).
  • The Director of Intramural Sports reserves the right to rule on the eligibility of all teams and players.  This decision will be final.

Captain’s Responsibility

The captain of each team will be responsible for the following things:

  1. Registering and ensuring each member of the team is eligible to play
  2. Ensure each member of the team has signed the waiver
  3. Ensuring each member of the team knows and abides by all of the rules set by IM Sports
  4. Keep the team area/benches clean and free of trash at the end of each game
  5. Keep the fans in check – if there is a problem beyond the captain’s control the captain should go to a IM Sports Supervisor to have the matter dealt with
  6. Maintain a high level of sportsmanship and ensure each member of the team does as well
  7. Check the IM webpage or IM Leagues to keep his/her team current on new information
  8. Return any equipment back to the IM Staff


  • Men (Divisions: Corps of Cadets, Intrafraternity Council, and Open*)
  • Women (Divisions:  Panhellenic and Open*)
  • Co-Rec (Men and Women playing on the same team under special rules)

*Open division teams will be divided into multiple divisions, if necessary, by random draw.
*Subject to change if teams do not reach adequate amount.

Student Organizations

  • All student organizations that are recognized and in good standing with UNG may enter a team in the Intramural Sports Program.
  • Any organization wishing to enter a team may do so before the posted deadlines. 
  • To represent a student organization a team member must be a current member of that organization. 
  • Participants with Alumni status with their organization may participate with that organization, provided they are a current student at UNG and do not hold the position of a faculty or staff member.
    • Does not apply to Greek Teams

Open Teams

  • Teams not representing student organizations may also be entered in the Intramural Sports Program to include any group of students, faculty, or staff that wishes to participate.  These teams will be classified as open teams.

Free Agents

  • Participants who do not have teams or teams that are looking for additional players are encouraged to use IM Leagues.
  • Create an account by visiting and create an account. Enter your information and make sure to ONLY use your North Georgia email account.
  • You can be listed as a free agent within a league. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.
Section IV - Contest Procedures


  • Prior to the start of any Intramural Sport activity, each team must complete an online captain’s meeting, pass a rules test, and fill-out an online registration form during the registration period that can be found at  

Playing Times

  • When a team registers for a sport they will choose specific times to play each week.  These times will be listed as the “division” name within each league.  Example: I register in the Sunday @ 6 division, and I will play every Sunday at 6:00.  The playing time will remain the same for the regular season in each sport but will be subject to change when postseason play begins, as we will be in bracket play.

ID Policy

  • Players wishing to be added to a team roster at the game site must present a valid Nighthawks Card to sign-in; no other form of identification will be accepted. 
  • If a player is already on the team roster, they may use a government issued photo ID to sign-in.
  • A valid Nighthawks Card is required to enter the Rec Center.  No Exceptions.  

Game Time

  • Game time is forfeit time.  If a team fails to have the minimum number of participants to start a contest at game time, it will be declared a forfeit and the team will be assessed a cost recovery fee.
  • The opposing team captain may approve a 5 minute grace period, if at least one player is present, to allow their opponents the opportunity to field a team.  Once a team has the minimum number of required players, the game must begin.  The game clock will be started as soon as the captain grants the grace period.  If a grace period is granted, the team may not revoke the grace period and choose to take a win.
  • If neither team has the minimum number of players after the grace period, both teams will receive a no show and each will be assessed a no show fee.

Minimum Number of Players

  • A team may play with less than the required number of players.  The minimum number of players needed to play will be indicated in the rules for each sport.  After the scheduled time of a contest has passed, the contest must begin as soon as both teams have the minimum number of players required to play.


  • If a team knows in advance that they will be unable to attend a contest, they may notify the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness by noon the day of the game on weekdays or by noon on Friday for games scheduled on Sundays to receive a default.  This allows the Intramural Sports Staff time to notify opponents and workers.
  • The first default will count as a forfeit-loss, but not a no-show.  The second time a team defaults it will be considered a no-show and the team will be assessed a cost recovery fee. 
  • In a single elimination tournament, a default is considered a loss and the team cannot advance.


Forfeits will result in a loss for the team committing the infraction.  Games that have started play will be given a sportsmanship score from the officials.  Games that have not been played will receive a sportsmanship score from the rating score system.  The team’s score will be based on their average and will change as their scores changes. 

Forfeits include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of an ineligible player
  • Students involved in an internship or student teaching that play without having paid their student activity fee will be given a one week grace period to pay the fee or the game will result in a forfeit. 
  • Use of a player who is a member of another team
  • Playing under an assumed name
  • Defaulting a game


The objective of the UNG Intramural Sports Program is to involve the members of the student body in an active sports program.  If a team no-shows for a game, the objective of the program is not met and the students are deprived of active competition.  Rules regarding no-shows have been made with this principle in mind.  A no-show results from the failure to have the minimum number of players to start a game.

No-Show Consequences

  • After a team no-shows, a cost recovery fee will be assessed. ($25 for an officiated sport or $15 for a self-officiated sport). 
  • If a team withdraws from the league after the schedules have been posted, a fee will be assessed ($25 for a self-officiated sport and $40 for an officiated sport).
  • The cost recovery fee is due to the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness by noon two business days after the no-showed game or by noon of the day of their next game, which ever comes first.  The team will be dropped from play if they fail to pay the cost recovery fee on time. 
  • A team who no-shows 2 games in a season will be dropped from the league and/or the sport.  This policy includes playoffs.  Teams who no-show to 2 games will lose all points for that sport. 
  • Teams who no-show in a double-elimination tournament will be eliminated from the tournament and do not have the option to pay the cost recovery fee to remain in the bracket. 
  • Teams who have been assessed a cost recovery fee will not be scheduled for another sport until they have paid the fee.  Sports that have already been scheduled will not be affected by an outstanding fee.   


  • The Intramural Sports Department provides various equipment for Intramural Sports activities.  It is the responsibility of participants to return borrowed equipment to the Intramural Sports Staff. 

Jerseys & Team Colors

  • Some sports will require teams to choose a jersey color to differentiate teams.  Teams are not required to have jerseys and may play in similarly colored shirts.  ALL players must be in the same color.
    • Color options include:  Black/Navy, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White/Light Gray, Orange and Yellow.  
  • Jerseys for basketball must have a whole number between 0-99 written on them.  Numbers may not be taped onto the jerseys.  Numbers at least 6 inches high on the back of the jersey are preferred. 
  • Players will not be allowed to play shirts vs. skins. 
  • Pennies will be provided on a first come first serve basis, and there must be an undershirt worn under any penny provided by UNG intramural sports.

Jewelry and Headgear

  • In most sports, jewelry is not allowed to be worn by any participant during a game or event. Specific restrictions are listed in each sport's rules. Furthermore, the officials and supervisors on duty have the authority to disallow any individual from participating, which they feel would endanger the person wearing the jewelry and/or the opponents.  
  • While personal safety headgear and other safety equipment are acceptable, certain other forms of headgear are not permitted. For indoor sports, prohibited headgear consists of any hats, bandanas, baseball caps, winter/wool hats, and any other similar headgear. The following pieces of headgear are permissible: yamikas, turbans, and one piece head/sweat bands that do not have to be tied. This also applies to outdoor sports with the following exceptions: winter/wool hats and unknotted bandanas are also allowed. Caps are permitted for participants of softball and ultimate frisbee only. The officials and supervisors on duty have the authority to disallow any individual from participating which they feel would endanger the person wearing the headgear and/or the opponents. 

Inclement Weather and Rainouts

  • In the event of inclement weather, it is the responsibility of each team captain or manager to refer to the Intramural Sports Google Calendar to obtain the official decision concerning the playing of scheduled contest. The Intramural Sports Google Calendar is the official posting place for Inclement Weather Announcements. They may also try to contact the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness at 706-864-1622. The earliest a decision will be made regarding playing conditions will be two hours prior to games.  
  • Special Game Situations:
  • Inclement Weather for Flag Football, Recreational Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee: 
    All games stopped in the first half will be restarted. Games stopped at half-time or in the first 10 minutes of the second half will be completed from the point of interruption with the score as is. After the 10 minute mark in the 2nd half, all games will be ruled official contest and will only be completed from the point of interruption if the score is tied.
  • Inclement Weather for Softball: 
    Any game stopped prior to 5 innings will be completed from the point of interruption with the score as is. All games stopped after the completion of the 5th inning will be ruled official contests with the outcome of the game determined by the score of the completed innings. If there is a tie, the game will be restarted from the point of interruption.
  • Inclement Weather for Sand Volleyball: 
    Any game stopped prior to the 15 minute mark will be completed from the point of interruption with the score as is. All games stopped after the 15 minute mark will be declared official; tied games will be completed from the point of interruption.
  • Rainouts during the regular season generally will not be rescheduled due to time and facility restrictions.  Regular season rainouts may be rescheduled if the game would change the outcome of league standings.  Rainouts during the post-season will be rescheduled and may effect other games in the brackets so please check the updated brackets after a rainout.


  • Due to facility availability concerns, rescheduling of Intramural contests are strongly discouraged.  However, if a team is unable to attend a scheduled contest but desires to play the game at another time or date, it might be possible to reschedule.  The Intramural Sports Staff cannot guarantee a new playing time.  Requests for rescheduling must be received at least two working days in advance of the originally scheduled contest.  Contest must be rescheduled through  In tournament play, postponed contests must be rescheduled within a period of time, which will not delay the progress of the tournament itself.
  • The Intramural Director reserves the right to postpone any contest, at any time, if they consider it to be in the best interest of the participants, program, and/or institution.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

  • UNG is a tobacco/alcohol free campus.
  • All forms of alcohol and tobacco are prohibited from any Intramural Sport game site or facility.
  • Any persons consuming or under the influence of any form of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the site.  Further disciplinary action may result. 

Assumption of Risk, Insurance, and Participant Health

  • Participation in the Intramural Sports Program is voluntary.  Intramural Sports and similar activities intrinsically involve risks of physical injury greater than those in daily life, and by taking part in sports and other activities, participants acknowledge and assume risks inherent therein.
  • All students must sign the Activity Participant Waiver to participate in the Intramural Program before they will be allowed to compete. 
  • The Intramural Program does not carry any insurance for injuries that occur during play or during activities sponsored throughout the department.  Students can carry additional insurance through Student Health Services.
  • All participants in the Intramural Sports Program are encouraged to have a medical examination.  In certain cases, students are classified for special responsibility to follow careful Health Service recommendations concerning competition. 
  • Team Captains are expected to check the health rating of all players on their teams.  The college does not accept responsibility for injuries resulting from Intramural Sports competition.  The College Health Services will administer clinical services. 
  • In the event an injury is sustained during Intramural competition, the participant will be given basic first aid and referred to for further medical attention if necessary.  All accidents will be reported to the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness.

Tie-Breaking Procedure

Ties will be settled in the following way:

  • Ties will be broken on the basis of the head-to-head competition
  • If two or more teams are tied, we will look at the head-to-head first, and then break the tie with a point differential, taking only the scores of the respective teams involved versus each other.  Points scored for will be compared to points scored against as shown in the following example:

Tie Breaker Example:

Team A
Team A 16 Team B 8
Team A 16 Team C 24
Points Scored = 32 Points Allowed = 32
Points Differential = 0
Team B
Team B 8 Team A 16
Team B 32 Team C 8
Points Scored = 40 Points Allowed = 24
Points Differential = 16
Team C
Team C 24 Team A 16
Team C 8 Team B 32
Points Scored = 32 Points Allowed = 48
Points Differential = -16

Team B would be in first place due to their positive point differential.  Team A would be second and Team C would be third.

  • If teams are still tied after the tie-breaker with head-to-head competition, then we will go to point differential for the season
  • If teams are still tied the team with the higher sportsmanship average will win
  • If the sportsmanship is tied there will be a one game play-off
Section V - Eligibility Rules and Guidelines

All current students, faculty, and staff of University of North Georgia are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program.  The following rules and regulations shall govern the eligibility of students, faculty, and staff.  These rules are effective immediately and shall supersede all formally published.

General Guidelines

  • A person may participate on (1) one team in either the Men’s or Women’s League and (1) one team in the CoRec League (if offered) for each sport. Participants my not participate on multiple teams in the same league or in both the Men’s and Women’s Leagues
    • For example: A participant may play on a Fraternity softball team and a CoRec softball team. A participant may NOT play on a Fraternity softball team and on a Corps softball team.
  • A participant is considered to have officially played for a team once they have been signed-in on a team’s roster at the game or match site.  This becomes the participant’s official team of record for that sport. 
  • Participants must have a current Saints Card in order to participate in all Intramural Sports games and events.
  • The Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness Staff is not responsible for checking the eligibility of Intramural participants.  Each individual is responsible for their own eligibility and each team manager/captain must make every effort to be certain of the eligibility of players used.  Questionable cases should be brought to the attention of the Intramural Sports Director and a ruling should be obtained prior to participation.

Current Students

  • A student must be currently enrolled at UNG and have paid their student activity fee to be eligible for Intramural competition.
  • Students from Oakwood, Oconee, and Cumming are eligible to participate in Intramurals at the Dahlonega campus based upon the following guidelines:
    • Students who wish to use the Rec Center workout facility will pay an $83 activity fee per semester.
    • Students who wish to participate in Intramural sports will pay a $15 participation fee per semester.
    • Students who wish to participate in Club Sports will pay a $15 participation fee per semester.
    • Please note that paying the sport club or intramural fee does not grant patrons access to the Rec Center workout facility. Intramural and sport club participants who have paid the participation fee will receive a card that they must present in order to participate in the activity paid for (This pass grants access to specific areas of the Rec Center only. Patrons who have the pass, but are in an area they are not granted access to, will be dismissed from the facility and further disciplinary actions will be taken by the Dean of Students.
    • The $83 Rec Center fee does entitle students to participate in Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs.

Faculty / Staff

  • Currently employed members of the University of North Georgia faculty and full-time staff may play for staff or student teams in the Open or CoRec Divisions only. 


  • Spouses of current faculty and staff members are allowed to play with a valid UNG Spouse ID Card. 


  • A Ringer is defined as an otherwise eligible participant with certain playing restrictions as a result of having benefited from advanced training and coaching opportunities in the same or related Intramural Sport.
  • Varsity Athletes: Members of varsity teams are not eligible for Intramural competition in the sport or related sport in which they are participating. Varsity athletes who have been on a roster in the current academic year are not eligible for Intramural competition in the sport or related sport during that season or academic year.
  • Former Varsity Athletes: A former varsity athlete may participate in the same or related Intramural Sport the academic year following their name last appearing on a varsity roster. A student who is dropped from a Varsity Team roster may be eligible for the same or related Intramural sport upon appeal, provided he or she did not play in a varsity game, did not regularly attend team practices, and was not included on an official team roster.
  • Sport Club Members: Sport Club Rosters as received by the Sport Club Administrator will be used to determine an individual’s club membership status. Any individual who appears on these rosters will be considered a Sport Club Member for the entire academic year.
  • The number of ringers, in the same or related sport, on a roster is limited to 35% of the required number to play. 3v3 Basketball=1, Basketball=2, Flag Football=2, Recreational Soccer= 2, Softball=4, Team Tennis=1, Volleyball (Indoor)=2, Ultimate Frisbee=2, Volleyball (Sand)=1, Water Polo=2


  • A team representing a Corps Company must be comprised of only members of that company.  Sweethearts are not considered members of a company. 
  • A student must participate with the unit or organization to which he/she is assigned, or is a member.  Transfer of a student to a new unit or organization will become effective the same date as the change is dated from the Commandant’s Office or Dean of Student’s Office, except: once a player starts a tournament or season on one team, the change will become effective after the last match or game of that sport season.   
  • A student must be physically fit.  Any student excused from physical activity by the school doctor may not participate in Intramural Sports activities.  This refers to permanent excuse and temporary excuse from physical activity.   

Greek Organizations

The policies in this section are in addition to the general eligibility requirements for all Intramural Sports participants.

  • Official Organization Roster
    Official rosters for organizations competing as fraternity or sorority will be comprised of those organizational members properly registered through the UNG Office of Greek Life. Policies and procedures established and administered by the UNG Office of Greek Life, and its affiliated councils/organizations will govern the registration process. No additions or deletions to an organization's roster may be made through the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness. 

  • Receipt of Official Roster
    Each organization that participates as fraternity or sorority is required to submit a copy of its official membership roster during the fall and spring semesters by the official roster submission date as determined by the Office of Greek Life. The roster shall include all current members and pledges. Pledges or new initiates shall be clearly indicated on the roster. Failure to properly submit or update a roster may result in the immediate suspension of the organization from participation in all Intramural Sports activities beginning the next business day following the roster submission date. Once the official roster is properly received, eligibility for participation for the organization will be restored beginning on the next business day following the day the roster is submitted.

  • Member Eligibility
    Those persons listed on the roster will be eligible to compete for their organization as long as they: (1) remain properly registered as a member of the organization and (2) remain a valid, fee-paying student at University of North Georgia. Once a student becomes inactive at UNG (through graduation, dismissal, etc), that student is immediately ineligible for Intramural Sports competition. (3) Students who are affiliated with an on campus Greek organization, but attend classes at one of the university’s other campuses are still eligible to participate in intramural and club sports.

  • Pledges and New Initiates
    Pledges and other new initiates are eligible to compete for a Greek organization the first day following the conclusion of the official rush period for each semester, provided they are not members of another team for that sport. These new organizational members (pledges) must appear on the official roster on the roster submission date for the applicable semester. Persons competing for Greek organizations during this early semester grace period - end of rush through roster submission date - who do not appear on the official roster when received by the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness for the respective semester will cause that organization to forfeit all games and events in which the ineligible player participated.  No points will be awarded to the organization for overall point standings for that sport/event.  

  • Finalization of Roster
    Rosters are finalized on the official roster submission date as determined by the Office of Greek Life. No additions may be made following these dates during their respective semesters. Only those students appearing on the fall roster are eligible for play on fraternity or sorority teams during the fall semester and through the end of rush week of the spring semester. Only those students appearing on the spring roster, and remaining eligible as a student, are eligible for play on fraternity or sorority teams during the spring semester and through the end of rush week of the fall semester.

Professional Athletes

  • Anyone who has been a professional athlete (received money for playing) is ineligible to participate at the Intramural level in the same or related sport. 

Alumni and Friends

  • Alumni and friends of UNG are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. 

Women on Men’s Teams  

  • A woman is allowed to play on a men’s team, but becomes ineligible to participate on a women’s team.

Special Events

  • Special eligibility rules may apply to special events, with the approval of the Intramural Sports Director. 

Eligibility Rule Changes  

  • The Intramural Sports Director reserves the right to immediately put into effect any rulings regarding eligibility, but before doing so will make available a copy of the new rules or modifications to every affected organization.
Section VI - Eligibility Challenges and Enforcement

Any person or organization may challenge the eligibility of a player by notifying the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness. Eligibility challenges must occur within seven days of the date of the player’s participation in an Intramural game or event. Challenges will be reviewed by the Intramural Sports Director. 

 Aumed Names or Fraudulent Acts

  • Fraudulent acts shall be defined as misrepresentation of a score, playing while ineligible or under suspension, playing on more than one team in the same sport, or allowing an individual to use your ID for Intramural competition. 
  • Participants attempting to register or sign-in for a contest when using a different student's Saints Card for identification will be barred from participating in the contest.  The Saints Card will also be confiscated by the Intramural Sports Staff.  The Saints Card will be available for collection by the student pictured on the card during normal business hours in the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness.  Both the participant attempting to use such a card and the actual student pictured on the card will face an indefinite suspension from all Intramural activities as determined by the Intramural Sports Director.   
  • A player competing under an assumed name will be ejected from Intramural competition and must meet with the Intramural Director to be reinstated.  The team which the player participated on will also forfeit the game. 
  • Should a team captain, coach, or team manager be guilty or responsible for the use of an assumed name, knowingly using an ineligible player, or other fraudulent act, he/she will be disqualified from all Intramural activities pending a meeting with the Intramural Director, who shall determine the length of the suspension period.  The game will be forfeited and the team may face additional suspensions or penalties. 

Individual Appeals

  • If an individual feels that they have extenuating circumstances that should allow them to be exempt from any or all of the Intramural Handbook rules, they can make a written appeal stating their reasons for exemption from the rules.  This appeal will be reviewed by the Intramural Sports Director. 

Eligibility Penalties

  • As soon as an individual violates any of the eligibility rules, they will be considered ineligible for ALL Intramural sports.  Violations of this suspension will result in further suspension from the Intramural program and possibly disciplinary action by UNG.
  • A team shall forfeit all points all games in which ineligible players are used.   
  • No student may withhold information about being a member of a varsity team.  Violations of this rule will result of the forfeiture of each contest in which the violation occurred, and the student will be barred from further participation in Intramural Sports until they have met with the Director of Intramural Sports.
Section VII - Sportsmanship

Any student whose conduct is unbecoming or unacceptable for sportsmanship principles may be prohibited form participation in the Intramural Sports Program.  Suspension from participation may be for a single sport, for a season, for an academic year, or indefinitely.  Teams or organizations may also be put on probation or suspended for major sportsmanship violations by their members or fans.  The Intramural Director reserves the right for final decisions concerning conduct.  The Student Life Committee may review appealed rulings based on this principle. 

Sportsmanship Ratings

  • The Sportsmanship Rating System is intended to be an objective scale by which teams' attitude and behavior can be assessed throughout the Intramural Sports league and playoff seasons.  Behavior before, during, and after an Intramural Sports contest is included in the rating. The team captain is responsible for educating and informing all players and spectators affiliated with his/her team about the system.
  • A team is responsible for the actions of the individual team members and spectators related to it. The team captain's efforts in assisting officials/staff to calm difficult situations and to restrain troubled teammates are key to controlling team conduct.  An individual's behavior can have a dramatic effect on a team's rating score.
  • Sportsmanship is vital to the conduct of every Intramural contest. In order to encourage proper conduct during games, officials, administrative personnel, and supervisors shall make decisions on whether to warn, penalize, or eject players or teams for poor sportsmanship. These decisions are final. The Intramural Sports administrative staff will rule on further penalties as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Each team should choose its members carefully, as all team members will suffer the consequences of any disciplinary action against that team for violation of the Intramural rules and sportsmanship guidelines.

Sportsmanship Rating Scale Explanation

  • The Sportsmanship Rating Scale will be used for each Intramural contest including regular season games, playoffs, and tournaments. 
  • Sportsmanship Infractions (S.I.) are unsportsmanlike penalties as defined by each sport’s rules (an unsportsmanlike penalty in flag football, a technical foul in basketball, and a yellow card in soccer, etc.). 
    • Officials will start in the appropriate range based on S.I.’s and adjust the rating according to other sportsmanship issues that did not warrant an infraction.  Player behavior, coach behavior, fan behavior, attitude towards opponents, cooperation with officials, trash left behind, and other relevant issues will be taken into consideration when assigning a sportsmanship rating.  Any team with an ejected player cannot receive above a “2.4” sportsmanship rating. 
    • Teams having a sportsmanship average below a "2.8” or a single game rating of "1.4" or below will not be considered for league standings at the end of the regular season and will not be eligible for playoffs.   
    • Teams competing in minor sports (double-elimination brackets) must maintain a “2.8” average after 3 games and may not receive a rating of “1.4“ or below.  If a team has won their game but is removed from the bracket due to sportsmanship, their next opponent will receive a forfeit win.
    • During the playoffs, teams are expected to show proper sportsmanship and will be held to the same standards as they are during the regular season.  Therefore, if a team receives a sportsmanship score of “1.4“ or lower in any game, they will be removed from the playoff bracket.  In addition, if a team receives a sportsmanship score of less than a “2.8,” they will be placed on probation for the duration of the playoffs.  A second sportsmanship score of less than a “2.8” will remove them from the bracket.  If a team has won their game but is removed from the bracket due to sportsmanship, their next opponent will receive a forfeit win.  Playoffs include both pool play and the All-Campus Championship.
    • In all cases, Intramural Supervisors and the Intramural Sports administrative staff may provide input which may raise or lower the rating. Intramural Supervisors may amend any rating for inappropriate conduct by a team or its spectators before, during, or after a contest.  Intramural Sports administrative staff members may amend a rating at any time for inappropriate conduct, use of an ineligible player, use of a suspended player, and/or inaccuracy in reporting.
    • Officials have been instructed not to comment to teams about ratings.  Teams may inquire with an Intramural Supervisor at the game site to view their sportsmanship ratings.  Teams may also view their sportsmanship ratings in the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness during normal business hours.  A team captain may appeal his or her team's sportsmanship rating by submitting a written appeal to the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness by 12 Noon of the next business day following the game or match.  Appeals after this time will not be accepted.



    Sportsmanship Rating Scale

    3.5-4.0 Excellent

    Attitude impeccable. No confrontations among players and officials. Conduct exhibits utmost respect for opponents, officials, and the intramural program. Fans exhibit the same positive sportsmanship as their team.  Team areas/benches kept clean with no trash.

    3.0-3.4 Good

    Team shows good sportsmanship and full cooperation with officials. Opponents are treated with respect. Team mostly in control of fans. No warnings, ejections, red/yellow cards, technicals, or unsportsmanlike penalties. Team areas/benches kept mostly clean.

    2.5-2.9 Average

    Shows cooperation with opponents and officials; however, some complaints are present. Team has some issues controlling fans.  Maximum of one unsportsmanlike penalty, technical, or yellow card. No red cards or ejections. Some trash left in team areas.

    1.5-2.4 Below Average

    Continuous complaints to officials about calls and interpretations. Clear bad attitude displayed by one or more players. Captain has little control of team or fans. Teams may receive 1-2 unsportsmanlike penalties, technicals, or yellow cards. No more than one ejection.  Team makes little effort to clean team areas/benches.

    <1.4 Poor

    Blatant disregard for officials, opponents, and the intramural program as a whole. Play is dangerous and team shows no willingness to follow the rules of the game. Captain has no control of team or fans. Team receives multiple unsportsmanlike penalties, technicals, red cards, and ejections. No effort made to clean team areas/benches.

Section VIII - Ejections

A player, fan, or coach may be ejected by game officials or Intramural Supervisors for any conduct deemed unsportsmanlike or for not staying within the spirit of the rules. An ejected person is immediately ineligible for ALL Intramural sports and activities, both in the sport of the ejection and all other Intramural sports, and will be ineligible to use the Rec Center.  The ejected person must complete the following procedures to regain their eligibility within (7) seven business days of the ejection or the case will be turned over to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary action.

Steps to Regaining Eligibility  

  • The ejected player must submit a typed written letter of reinstatement (Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font) outlining the events surrounding the ejection, the individual’s actions that led to and followed the ejection, and assurance of how this behavior will be avoided in the future. 
  • The ejected player must set-up an appointment with the Director of Intramural Sports to discuss the matter within (7) seven business days of the ejection or the case will be turned over to the Dean of Students.  Even if it is the last contest for their team, the ejected person's suspension will continue until the person meets with the Director.
  • The player must attend a meeting with the Intramural Director and serve their suspension.

Playoff Requirements

  • A team cannot advance into the playoffs with an outstanding ejected player. The ejected player must meet with the Intramural Director to rectify the matter or the team captain should meet with the Director to discuss dropping the player from their official team roster.

Physical Assault

  • Anyone who physically assaults a spectator, player, official, or activity supervisor will be automatically suspended for a minimum period of one year from the date of the incident.  The person must petition the Intramural Sports administrative staff for re-admittance into the program.  Further, appropriate charges may be filed with the Dean of Students.
Section IX - Protests of Rule Interpretations

Only rule interpretations may be protested.  Judgment calls made by officials cannot be protested.

Initiating a Protest

  • Protest must be made to the head official on a game immediately following the play in question.  Once another play has occurred the protest becomes invalid. 
  • The protesting captain must explain the reason for their protest.  In turn the head official will explain the basis of their decision. 
  • If the protesting captain wishes to appeal the decision of the head official, they must request that an Intramural Supervisor review the decision before play resumes.  Play will cease while the captains, officials, and supervisor confer on the details of the incident.  The Intramural Supervisor will then rule on the disagreement based on the information at hand. 

Formal Protest

  • If either team is not satisfied with the decision made by the officials and Intramural Supervisor, they must state that they wish to make a formal protest.  The Supervisor should immediately note the details of the incident and the reasons for which they based their decision.  The protesting captains should also write their account of what happened on the protest form.  Play will immediately resume following the completion of the paperwork.
  • To complete the protest, the protesting captain must submit a $5 deposit to the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness by noon the next day and set up an appointment to meet with the Intramural Sports Director.
  • The decision will then be reviewed by the Intramural Sports Director.  If the decision is reversed the deposit will be returned and the game will be rescheduled and played from the point that the game was protested. 
  • If the decision is denied, the final outcome of the game will stand.
Section X - Play Formats


  • All teams meeting the sportsmanship guidelines are eligible for post-season play. 
  • Teams may not add players who have played for another team during the regular season to their post-season rosters. 
  • Teams may add players to their roster until noon on the last day of play provided that the player has not played for another team during the regular or post-season and meets the eligibility guidelines and rules. 

Major Sport Format

  • Each league (Men’s, Women’s, and CoRec) will be divided into divisions of approximately 5 teams each.
  • Teams will play each team in their division once during the regular season.
  • The top three teams in each division will advance to the All-Campus Championship for their league.   If a league does not have at least two divisions, the top two teams will play for the All-Campus Championship.   
  • There will be a play-off draw meeting to seed teams in the All-Campus Championship. Team representatives draw numbers and place themselves in the bracket. The first round of draws and placement will be made by teams finishing first in their division. Teams finishing second in their division will then draw numbers and place themselves in the bracket then the third place teams will draw and make bracket selections. Teams not in attendance will be place by the Intramural Sports Director after all teams in attendance have chosen their spots. Teams arriving late will be placed after the round currently in progress if their turn has passed.  Once a team has selected a place in the bracket or been placed, they cannot be moved to another spot. 

Minor Sport Format

  • Teams will compete in pool play and the top teams will advance to a single elimination bracket.
  • Teams will be placed into 3-4 team pools by random draw according to league and play each team in their pool once.
  • The top 2 teams from each pool will advance to a single-elimination tournament.
  • There will be a play-off draw meeting to seed teams in the single-elimination tournament. Team representatives draw numbers and place themselves in the bracket. The first round of draws and placement will be made by teams finishing first in their pool. Teams finishing second in their pool will then draw numbers and place themselves in the bracket. Teams not in attendance will be place by the Intramural Sports Director after all teams in attendance have chosen their spots. Teams arriving late will be placed after the round currently in progress if their turn has passed. Once a team has selected a place in the bracket or been placed, they cannot be moved to another spot. 

Post-Season Awards

  • Teams winning All-Campus Championship will receive one championship shirt for each player on their rosters up to the following limits:  3v3 Basketball=6, Basketball=10, Dodgeball=10, Flag Football=14, Recreational Soccer= 14, Softball=15, Sports Trivia=6, Team Tennis=6, Ultimate Frisbee=14, Volleyball (Indoor)=9, Volleyball (Sand)=6, Water Polo=9, Whiffleball=9
  • The Intramural Sports Department reserves the right to limit the number of awards given to teams with excessive rosters in all sports.
Section XI - Yearly Awards

Team Awards

Each year the UNG Intramural Sports Department will recognize the top Men’s, Women’s, and CoRec teams.

  • Teams must use the same team name in each sport to be eligible. 

  • CoRec team points will not count for any organization playing in the single-gendered leagues. 

Major Sports Points

Major Sports include: flag football, basketball,soccer, softball, and volleyball.

Final Division Standing
1st Place 20 Points
2nd Place 14 Points
3rd Place 10 Points
4th Place 6 Points
All Others 4 Points
All-Campus Championship Standings
Champion 20 Points
Runner-Up 14 Points
Final 4 10 Points
Elite 8 6 Points
All Others 4 Points

Minor Sports Points

Minor Sports are those other than major sports. Points will be awarded as follows:

Single-Elimination Tournament
Champion 10 Points
Runner-Up 7 Points
Final 4 5 Points
Made Tournament 3 Points
Participated 2 Points
Double-Elimination Tournament
Champion 10 Points
Runner-Up 7 Points
3rd Place 5 Points
1+ Wins 3 Points
Participated 2 Points

Ties in Point Standings 

If two teams are tied in points, the average of their sportsmanship rating for each sport will be the tie-breaker (no penalty for not participating in a sport).

Section XII - Miscellaneous


  • With time, equipment, facilities, and areas at a premium, and in demand by many organizations, the schedules are organized as these factors permit.  Activities may be added as interest, demand, and availability of facilities dictate.  Make your requests known and get involved.

Official Intramural Postings

  • Information pertaining to Intramural Sports Program activities, general announcements, team and individual standings, starting and ending dates, closing dates, and results of contests are posted on the Intramural Sports Website at  This website will be the official place for all changes and results to be posted. 

Spectators in The Rec

  • Teams that have fans wishing to attend their games in The Rec, but do not have memberships may request a spectator pass from the Intramural Director.  Requests must be made by noon the day of the game, noon on Friday for Sunday games. Please complete the Intramural Spectator Pass Request Form.
    Intramural Spectator Pass Policies

    -Requests must be received by 12 noon the day of the game, Monday-Friday.

    -Spectators must show a photo ID to receive their pass.

    -Spectators must be at least 10 years of age and spectators under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. (Proof of age may be requested)

    -Spectators may not participate in ANY activities in the Rec Center; they may only be an observer. (Guest passes may be purchased at the Rec Center for $5 at anytime; a Rec Center member must be with the guest at the time of purchase.)

Forfeit / No-Show Scores

  • Teams that win due to a forfeit or no-show will receive the following score

- Teams who win a game that is later forfeited will keep the score that was the result of the game

Sport League Forfeit / No-Show Score
3 on 3 Basketball All 21-14
Basketball Men 36-17
Basketball Women 32-20
Basketball CoRec 40-17
Flag Football Men 16-0
Flag Football Women 10-0
Flag Football CoRec 15-0
Recreational Soccer Men 3-0
Recreational Soccer Women 2-0
Recreational Soccer CoRec 2-0
Softball Men 9-1
Softball Women 10-0
Softball CoRec 9-2
Team Tennis All 2-1
Ultimate Frisbee All 6-0
Volleyball Men 25-16
Volleyball Women 25-12
Volleyball CoRec 25-16
Whiffleball All 14-3
Tournament Sports All 1-0
Cornhole All 21-14
Innertube Water Polo All 5-0
Dodgeball All 5-0

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