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Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an internship and why should I do one?

An internship is typically a one-semester work experience highly related to your major or minor.  It has a definite beginning and end, includes real-world work experience, and involves direct supervision by an employer.  Internships connect your academic coursework to careers, allow you to gain valuable work experience in a field you may want to pursue, and help make you much more marketable to employers after graduation.

When should I do an internship?

Academic internships can be done after you have completed 48 hours of coursework (check individual departments for GPA requirements).  Because employers usually prefer students to have a certain amount of relevant coursework completed before an internship, students are typically the most marketable after completing their junior year.

How do I find an internship?

It sometimes can take as much work to find an internship as to find a full-time position, so you’ll want to use all of the resources available to you.  Career Services maintains a database of previous internship locations of other students, and can give you additional ideas if you set up an appointment for individualized assistance.  The UNG Job Board, our job posting site, is used by employers to post both full-time and internship positions (register using your 9-digit student ID).  Talk with your academic advisor for ideas and, of course, use the internet.  Helpful links may also be found at Internet Resources under Internships/Field Experiences.  Before you start applying for internships, we strongly encourage you to create a resume and have it critiqued by Career Services.  Resume examples can be found under Tips by Topics on the Career Services webpage.

What steps do I need to take to engage in an internship?
  1. The semester before you wish to intern, ask a professor in your major or minor if s/he would be willing to be the "Internship Faculty Instructor of Record", i.e., the faculty member to oversee the academic components of your internship, including assigning the grade.  Some departments have one professor oversee all of the internships, and in some departments any professor can oversee them.
  2. Start working to secure an internship, using all resources such as Career Services, faculty, the UNG Job Board, networking, etc.  Start this process early!
  3. In conjunction with the person who will be your supervisor at the internship site, complete all fields of the Internship Learning Agreement, including securing all signatures.
  4. Submit the Internship Learning Agreement to your Internship Faculty Instructor of Record BEFORE you begin your internship.
  5. Confirm with your Internship Faculty Instructor of Record that s/he will be registering you for the internship course.
Are internships paid?

Internships may or may not be paid, depending on the major and the industry. Many are not, but some are. For example, accounting internships are almost always paid, and others are almost never paid. You will want to find this out before you accept an internship. Remember, internships are incredibly valuable in that you are gaining experience relevant to your major or minor while helping confirm you are heading in the right career direction (or not).

What kind of hours or other requirements are involved?

To receive three hours of academic credit for an internship, you must typically work between 10-20 hours per week per semester, depending on the requirements set by the academic department. The Internship Faculty Instructor of Record will usually assign other academic components to the internship to help you relate your work experience to your major. Some of these might include assigned readings, journals, or reflection papers.

How much academic credit will I receive?
See above.
How are internships graded/evaluated?

Internship grades are assigned by the Internship Faculty Instructor of Record, usually with input from your on-site supervisor, and are typically given as a pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

What if I want to do an out-of-state internship?

The same information as mentioned above applies, but your Faculty Internship Instructor of Record MUST also notify the Distance Education & Technology Integration (DETI) office at 706-867-2520 or in order for UNG to be in compliance with state authorization laws.

What if I want to do an internship overseas?

The same information as mentioned above applies, but you MUST also contact the Center for Global Engagement at 706-867-2858 (Dahlonega campus) or 678-717-3687 (Gainesville campus) to schedule a time to complete paperwork that is required for school-related overseas activities. For more information, check the Center for Global Engagement web site.

Do I have to pay tuition if I do an internship in the summer when I’m not taking other classes?
Yes, if you are receiving academic credit, you must pay tuition for those hours.
Can I receive internship credit in a different semester from when the experience was completed?
No.  You must pay tuition and receive credit the same semester in which you intern.  If you do not complete all requirements by the end of the term, an incomplete or in progress grade may be appropriate.  However, you should be aware that such grades may have implications for your GPA until a grade change request is made.
Where can I find out more information?
Visit Career Services' website at and view the Internships tab, or call the Career Services office on your campus for more individualized assistance.

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