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Faculty Research Interests

Analytical Chemistry

Ms. Tashia Caughran

Lecturer of Chemistry

  • Chemical Education
  • Analytical Chemistry with an emphasis in Environmental Science

Dr. Royce Dansby-Sparks

Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • Electrochemistry
    • Ultra-trace metal ion detection methods, catalytic adsorptive stripping analysis, electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (eQCM)
  • Chemical Sensors
    • Sol-gel based optical sensing, spectroelectrochemical sensing 
  • Array Sensors
    • Multiplexed biosensor arrays for early cancer detection biomarkers 

Dr. Brad Herbert

Professor of Chemistry

  • Chiral Separations using Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) and Highly Sulfated Cyclodextrins
  • Enantiomeric Resolution of Transition Metal (TM) Complexes using CE and Tartrate Salts
  • Assessment of Optical Purity of TM Complexes using CE in Conjunction with CD
  • Octanol-water Partition Coefficient Estimation using CE

Dr. Paula Nolibos

Professor of Chemistry

  • Chemical Education
  • Analytical Chemistry-Applications of Chromatography, Spectroscopy

Dr. Andrew Thomas

Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • Applications of Analytical Chemistry in Chromatography and Spectroscopy
  • Chemical Education

Inorganic Chemistry

Mr. John Kruger

Lab Coordinator & Instructor

  • Synthesis and characterization of Microporous Solids
    • Zeolites
    • Aluminum and Gallium Phosphates
    • Separation and Catalytic Applications
  • X-ray Techniques
    • X ray Diffraction on Microcrystals of Small Molecules
    • Separation and Catalytic Applications
  • Synthesis and Isolation of Metal Complexes especially those using Cobalt

Dr. Ryan Meier

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

  • Organometallic synthesis and catalysis with a focus of replacing precious metal catalysts with compounds using earth abundant metals such as iron, copper, or nickel.

Nuclear Chemistry

Dr. John Leyba

Professor of Chemistry and Department Head

  • Fast Chemical Separations and Quantification
  • Rapid Complex Matrix Dissolutions
  • Sample Dissolutions Using Green Methodologies
  • Trace Element Detection Using Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Techniques
  • Radiochemical Analyses
  • Alpha Spectroscopy
  • Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

Organic Chemistry

Dr. Eric Huddleston

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

  • Conjugated Polymer Synthesis
    • Surface-Initiated Kumada Catalyst-Transfer Polycondensation
    • Stille Catalyst Transfer Polycondensation
  • Organometallic Chemistry
    • Novel methods in Stille Cross-Coupling Reactions
    • Microwave Assisted Synthesis
  • Chemical Education
    • New Lecture Methods
    • Learning by Teaching
    • Research Methods in Organic Chemistry

Dr. Dan Thompson

Professor of Chemistry & Instrumental Guru

  • Organic Synthesis and Characterization
    • Dialkynyl Sulfides
    • Substituted Thiophenes
    • Heterabicyclo[3.3.1]noanes
  • Cyclization of Dialkynyl Sulfides
    • Bioisosteric Ene-diyne mimics
    • Polythiophene Synthesis
  • Colligative Properties by Thermogravimetric Analysis
  • Chemical Education 
    • Spectral Analysis and Instrumentation
    • Research Methods in Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Dr. Aimee Tomlinson

Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • Algorithmic Development
    • Generation of Faster Codes
    • Generation of Codes which are able to handle larger systems
  • Circular Dichroism
  • OLED Solar Cells
  • Biological Assemblies
  • Chemical Education
  • Electronic Structure Theory

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