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The University of North Georgia and its supporters proudly provide many UNG students with scholarships. You may apply for this funding by submitting an application to one or many of the UNG resources listed below that meet your circumstances. Funding is also allocated to specific colleges and departments within the university. You should contact your major area with questions regarding their specific application processes. Visit the college's webpage to find contact information for your major specific departments.

Scholarship Donations

  1. Visit the UNG donation page
  2. Select a donation amount.
  3. For Designation, select "UNG Scholarship Fund"

We thank you for your support!

UNG Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship Endowments

A. Webb Roberts ROTC Scholarship

A.T. Sharpton

Aeon Scholarship for Perseverance

Atlanta Post #1, The American Legion/Jep Tanksley Scholarship

Albert David McKee

Alexander Brevard Russell, Sr. Scholarship Trust

Alumni Scholarship

Ann V. Purdy Scholarship Trust

Ann White Watson Memorial Scholarship

Bagwell/McDaniel Endowed Scholarship

Barbara Buice Coleman Scholarship

Betty Dalton-Shott Scholarship

Bill Branch Memorial Scholarship

Bill Moore Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bob Mathews Endowment

Bob Stein Baseball Scholarship

Bradley Alan Walsh Scholarship

Brothers in Arms Scholarship

Bruce D. McArthy Scholarship

Chad Allessio Memorial Scholarship

Charles N. and Sarah Mae King, Jr. Scholarship

Charles Warren Memorial Scholarship

Chris Gore Art Scholarship

Christian L. Carreras Scholarship

Clarence E. Palmer Scholarship

Class of 1957 Scholarship

Class of 1959 Reunion Scholarship

Class of 1961 Scholarship

Class of 1964 Scholarship

Class of 1969 David "Snake" Wood Scholarship

Class of 1975 Scholarship

Class of 51

Class of 52

Claude Williams, Jr. Cadet Scholarship

Clifford Eugene (Gene) Mooney Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Coach Bill Ensley Men's Basketball Scholarship

Cody Women's Athletic Scholarship

COL Jack Peevy Military Scholarship

Connie Cottrell Scholarship

Consorcia Perez Herrera Scholarship

CPT Charles B. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

CPT Jeremy Alan Chandler Leadership Scholarship


Dahlonega Woman's Club Fund-Ola Smith Moore

David Earl Partridge Scholarship

David L Potter Scholarship

Dean Myers Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Don and Harry Singletary Nursing Scholarship

Dot Strother Scholarship

Dr. J. C. Simms Fund

Dr. Tom Davis Fund

Ed Cabell Endowed Scholarship

Edward William ""Will"" Wells, IV Memorial Scholarship

Ella Ray Oakes Registrar's Scholarship

Ernest Elder Scholarship

Eugene C. Patterson Scholarship

Forsyth County Arts Alliance Arts Scholarship

Frances J. Meadows Memorial Scholarship

Fred Kellar Military Scholarship

George and Anne Thomas Endowed Scholarship

George H. and Marilyn T. Kilpatrick Trust

Glenn and Anne Segars Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Gloria Shott Fine Arts Scholarship

Goizueta Foundation Scholarship Endowment

Gretchen Anne Blaschke Memorial Scholarship

H. Ford Gravitt Family Endowed Scholarship

Haines and Carolyn Hill Softball Scholarship

Hardy Bennett Freshman & Sophomore Military Scholarship

Harold B. and William M. McEver Fund

Harry Chapman Sr. Endowed Scholarship

Healan-Thomason Scholarship

Helen B. Fowler Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Herbert Robinson Endowed Scholarship

Hugh M. Mills, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

J. Foster and Janice P. Watkins Endowed Scholarship

J. Fred Sanders Scholarship

J.L. and Sarah Nix Basketball Scholarship

Jack Rhodes Scholarship

James and Eleanor Dunlap Endowed Scholarship

James and Frances Mathis Endowed Scholarship

James G. Woodward Scholarship

James W. Early and Evelyn C. Early Scholarship

Jimmie Phillips Bryson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Joe Hampton Morgan Theatre Scholarship

Joe Telford Endowed Scholarship

John and Margaret Cromartie Memorial Endowed Scholarship

John and Margaret Owen Fund

John and Mary Helen Mashburn McGruder Scholarship

John and Virginia Simpson - Pi Kappa Phi Scholarship

John Word West Scholarship

Joseph Kanady, Jr. and Connie W. Kanaday Scholarship

Joseph Scott Bagwell Memorial Trust

Judge H. G. Vandiviere Scholarship

Kappa Chapter, Sigma Nu Fraternity Leadership Scholarship

'Ken ""Moe"" Woods and Linda Baker Scholarship

Kiwanis Club of Gainesville Scholarship

L. B. Freeman Scholarship

LAS-Choate Design & Construction Scholarship

Leland H. Bagwell Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Len J. Buice Scholarship

Lewis Slaton Scholarship

Linda A. Conrads Scholarship for Neurologic Physical Therapy

Lolan Clifford Adams Scholarship

Loyd Strickland Endowed Scholarship

LTC George R. Swearingen III Military Leadership Scholarship

LTC Robert M. Smith Memorial Scholarship

Mac A. Callaham Scholarship

MAJ Steve Pavlica USMA '79 Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Kennedy Richardson Scholarship

Marguerite Spitler Jennings Scholarship

Marian Prior Couch Scholarship

Martha T. Nesbitt Endowed Scholarship

Mary Ann Leary Shelton Scholarship

Mattie Moon Endowed Scholarship

Meredith M. McKenzie Fund

Nathaniel Hansford Leadership Scholarship

Neal Payne Scholarship

Newton Oakes Business Administration Scholarship

NGC Eagle Endowment Fund

Nina McClure Head Fund

North Georgia College Class of 1940 Scholarship

Olin B. King Scholarship

Olin F. Perkins Scholarship

Parks R. Rountree Scholarship

Pennington Scholarship for Leadership Development

Phil M. Landrum Scholarship

Professor C. J. Dismukes Music Scholarship

Professor Paul M. Hutcherson Scholarship Fund

Ralph and Mary Cleveland Endowed Scholarship

Richard Hunt Endowed Scholarship

Rita Collins Scholarship

Robby C. Hewell Memorial Scholarship

Robert Alan Kemper Scholarship

Robert and Ola Smith Moore Scholarship

Robert H. Farrar Sr. Scholarship

Robert L. White Endowed Scholarship

Robert P. Beierschmitt Memorial Scholarship

Roy E. Bottoms Scholarship

Sarah L. Patram Scholarship

Scott Amerson Basketball Scholarship

Stephen W. Jordan Scholarship

The Cabaniss Scholarship

The Choate Family Presidential Scholarship

The Ewing Sigma Chi Scholarship

The Foster Charitable Trust

The Ginn Group, Inc. Cadet Scholarship

The Morrow Family Scholarship

The U. A. Lawson Scholarship

The Warren Featherbone Scholarship

Thomas B. Murphy Scholarship

Thomas C. Montgomery Soccer Scholarship

Thomas H. and Ruth Crumley Frier Scholarship

Tom Wilheit Scholarship

Tommye Baker Fund

Virgil W. McIntyre Scholarship

Virlyn and Betty Florence Scholarship

W.A. Bagwell Endowed Scholarship

W.T. Carlisle/Coach Joe Pittard Scholarship

Wansley Family Scholarship

Will D. Young Athletic Scholarship

William Esley McDavid Scholarship

William F. (Bill) and Edna N. Hennen Endowed Scholarship

William Noyes Perry and Lucille Nugent Perry Endowment

William P. Roberts Presidential Scholarship

Willie W. Leatherwood Scholarship

Zak McConnell Memorial Scholarship

UNG Foundation Scholarship Application

UNG Scholarships are funded by the UNG Foundation and its generous donors.

Fall 2017 - Summer 2018 UNG Foundation Scholarship

If you have questions or concerns about UNG Scholarships, please contact

Admissions/New Student Scholarships

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has a scholarship program for new students (not including Cadets) who have applied for admission to UNG but have not yet enrolled. (Scholarship information for new Cadets is in the next section below.) There are three types of scholarships that the Office of Undergraduate Admissions administers: academic, leadership and presidential tuition waivers.

Admissions - Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are automatically awarded to new students who have the highest freshman indices or transfer grade point averages of all applicants accepted for admission prior to March 1 for each summer and fall semester. No scholarship application is required or accepted.

Admissions - Leadership Scholarships

Leadership Scholarships are awarded to new students based on a combination of prior academic performance, participation in extracurricular activities, and leadership positions/awards. Each category is considered equally important. To be considered, new students are required to fill out an Admissions Scholarship Application Form. Note that some scholarships are awarded based on where students live, what high schools they attended, level of education their parents attained, types of jobs their parents have, financial need, and other criteria established by scholarship donors. Students applying for admission for any semester are eligible.

You must complete your application for admission prior to applying for a Leadership Scholarship. The deadline to apply is:

  • Fall: March 1
  • Spring: October 1
  • Summer : March 1

Admissions - Presidential Tuition Waivers

Presidential Tuition Waivers (PTW) are competitively awarded to out-of-state and international students based on academic performance and/or test scores. All admitted out-of-state and international students who are legally present in the US will be considered (no separate application is required) and the qualifications of recipients will depend on the competitiveness of the pool.

Recipients may be awarded a half PTW, which allows students to pay tuition at the in-state tuition rate plus half the out-of-state rate, or a full PTW, which allows recipients to pay tuition at the in-state rate, for up to nine semesters if renewal criteria are met.

This results in a savings of $25,000 to $50,000 over four years. PTW recipients will be notified of their award in March/April for the Summer and Fall semesters and November/December for Spring.

Honors Program Presidential Scholarships

The Choate Family Presidential Scholarship and the William P. Roberts Presidential Scholarship are awarded competitively to the most academically qualified incoming freshmen. Scholars receive up to $1,000 per year, renewable for up to four years of study, depending on degree track. At present, Presidential Scholarships are available on the Dahlonega campus only.

Presidential Scholarship Information

Special Program Scholarships

External Scholarships

Tips on Scholarship Searches

Federal Student Aid - Finding and Applying for Scholarships

Mapping Your Future - Scholarship Search Tips

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