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Federal Service Language Academy (FSLA) Video Transcript

Music plays and a world map is displayed

[ in Russian ] "My language interest is Russian."

[ in Arabic ] "Arabic is a key strategic language."

[ in German ] "I'd like to work for the CIA."

[ in Chinese ] "I'm learning about the Chinese people and their culture."

[ in Arabic ] "Foreign language study can help propel my career!"

(Narrator speaks) If you're a high school student who's interested in international affairs or in a federal service career, such as the FBI, CIA, State Department, U.S. Military, or if you just want to set yourself apart as an elite individual in any competitive job market after graduation from college, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Federal Service Language Academy at the University of North Georgia. The Federal Service Language Academy (FSLA) is Georgia's premier language program designed for rising high-school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are interested in exploring federal government careers and learning a strategic foreign language. It's an intensive summer program where students live on campus and may earn one Georgia unit of high school academic credit.

"It's about opportunities to expand your horizons, to challenge yourself..."

tutor and teacher speaking in Russian

"You came to this language camp because you want to be a cut above the rest, and you get to hang out with people who want to be the same way."

"Learning language is the first step to getting that international experience."

(Narrator speaks) UNG is dedicated to providing its students with the necessary tools to truly thrive in a global community. It's our belief that in order to do so, language and culture education must begin before a student reaches the college level.

"Studies have shown that students do best with language if they learn at a very early age."

"I feel it's very important to set this basis right now."

tutor speaking to student in Russian

"We are planting a seed that will grow."

"It's something to see that these kids take an early interest in the globalized world."

students speaking in Arabic

"We can pick it up in high school and give students that jump."

"I think languages should be an essential experience for all students for a twenty-first century education."

(Narrator speaks) Students will live on campus and become immersed in language studies for three intense but fun-filled weeks.

instructor speaking in Chinese

"It's a three-week intensive language immersion course."

"I was really nervous coming here but when I actually got here, and I realized that everyone was supporting and stuff, I was like well this is fantastic!"

"What it means to have fun it means to be involved in something with your brain, and with your mind, and with your emotions."

"We'll do like whiteboard, then throw footballs around while learning numbers and names and stuff like that. It's definitely very interactive."

(narrator speaks) Uniquely designed activities and field trips keep students engaged while learning.

"Learning in a classroom is good, yes, and re-enacting things is good, but experiencing is a totally new level."

"There's one field trip that's a common field trip that's an adventure trip. For the last two years, we've done white-water rafting. Each class also does a language-specific field trip."

"We went to an authentic Chinese restaurant in Atlanta, and everybody spoke Chinese to the waitress or waiter."

"We also went to the mosque in Atlanta and that was very interesting."

"These students have an opportunity to experience real-life culture."

(narrator speaks) Attention to physical fitness is another component to the FSLA program. We want to offer students an opportunity to improve their bodies and their minds.

"You could be either doing hill sprints or you could be playing Frisbee or you could be playing water polo or basketball."

"After physical fitness, they are much more motivated to learn. They're awake."

"We want students to be healthy. We want them for that three weeks here to develop not only their linguistic abilities, but we also want them to develop their bodies."

"It's physically demanding, but anybody can do it if they want to."

(narrator speaks) At the end of the three-week course, students have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the language, a grasp of general cultural norms, and a jumpstart in preparing for an education leading towards a potential career in federal service.

"I'm interested in becoming an officer, so I feel something that a successful officer would need is to have a proficiency in foreign language, so hopefully this will help me kind of project towards my future."

"Three days ago I had no idea how to speak Chinese or how to say hello, and now you're greeting people, having conversations, so it's, it's really awesome."

"It's pretty much total immersion instead of taking baby steps into the pool, you're just getting dumped."

"They teach you all in German. You've got to speak German, you've got to learn in German. You've got to read in German."

"There are sounds that you don't make in English that are like {Russian sounds} you're trying to get them, and you finally get them and you're like "yes!"

(narrator speaks) As part of the program, UNG invited federal service representatives to speak to the students about the importance of language study and the possible career opportunities for those who speak a strategic foreign language.

"Kids with strategic language experience have advantages."

"They come in to just show the kids that this is what you have to do, or these are the steps you need to take to gain employment in whatever our agency is."

"We're after giving these students this global experience that will help them in their future careers."

(narrator speaks) The FSLA is an opportunity unlike any in the nation for high school students to gain a real advantage in their language education path. Join others who are highly motivated and share your desire to begin a career in international affairs or in federal service organizations.

"FSLA is probably one of the greatest language-learning programs I could have ever done."

"They have changed their mindset about how they look at the world that they are living in. About how they look at Chinese people, Russian [people], Arabic [people]. They have learned to appreciate the world around them."

"We all are here because we want to be here, so I think that makes the environment like a really positive one."

"Last session I had students ask for my email so I can like continue to email them how they can continue learning Arabic."

"It's been like a college experience but very safe and supervised."

"It's not so much about confusing them with grammar and sentence structures but just act out the language."

"If I left right now, I'd still know so much more than I would have ever expected learning."

"I want this to be a magical experience for these students."

"It is the best idea anyone can ever do if they want to learn a new language."

music plays

the entire group of students shouts" Join us this summer at FSLA!"

The University of North Georgia Federal Service Language Academy logo is displayed

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