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Military Semester Exchange Program

As an international cadet, you will be fully integrated into the Corps of Cadets during your exchange at UNG. You will live, study, and train identically to that of U.S. Army Cadets. In this cadet campus tour, you can experience the life of a cadet and see the world-class facilities offered to the Corps. Learn more about life as a cadet, daily life, cadet organization, women in the Corps, and cadet housing. Lastly, if you are interested in the lineage of UNG and Corps of Cadets, please view the history of the Corps.

Application Deadlines

Spring 2021 - September 4
Fall 2021 - April 3

Application Process & Resources

Contact your military chain of command and international office to see if your academy has a signed Military Student Exchange Agreement with UNG.

Established Signed Agreements

  • Tadeusz Kosciuszko Land Forces Military Academy, Poland (MULF)
  • Republic of China Military Academy (ROCMA)
  • The Management College of the National Defense University (MCNDU), Taiwan
  • Fu Hsing Kang College of the National Defense University, Taiwan
  • South African Military Academy at Stellenbosch University (SAMA), South Africa
  • National University of Public Service (NUPS), Hungary
  • Romanian Land Forces Academy (LFA), Romania
  • Republic of Georgia National Defense Academy (NDA), Republic of Georgia
  • Bundeswher University, Germany
  • National Defense Academy (NDA) of Latvia, Latvia
  • University of Defense & Colegio Militar de la Nacion, Argentina
Yes, there is an Agreement
  1. Start the process through your international office
  2. Fill out the international cadet exchange application (PDF)
No, there is not an Agreement

You may apply as an international student through cadet admissions.

If you or your academy would like to discuss possible options for establishing an agreement, please contact Anthony Fritchle or Terry Baumann.

Documents must be submitted with your application no later than the admissions deadline and emailed to SGM Terry Baumann at

  1. English Proficiency Test 
    • International cadets applying to the UNG Corps of Cadets must show proficiency in the English language.
    • You must take and pass one of the required English tests or, show completion of an approved campus-based ESL program or, apply for an English proficiency waiver.
    • Here are more details on the English Proficiency Requirements
  2. UNG medical 
    • The Medical Fitness Statement (PDF) must be completed and/or signed by a doctor, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner. The physical exam form must be dated within one year.
    • The Medical Report Form (PDF) must be completed and/or signed by a doctor, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner. Your physical exam form must be dated within one year of arrival to UNG.
    • You will need to have your most current certificate of immunization (PDF) prior to being accepted to UNG. You cannot register for your classes with out turning in this form.
  3. Passport
  4. Military academy permissions letter 
  5. Visa  
    • If you are an international cadet from a NATO country, see the International Military Officer at your academy to get your NATO 2 visa. 
    • If you are an international cadet from a non-NATO country, you will be required by the U.S. State Department to arrive on a J-1 visa. With assistance from your Military Academy International Office and the UNG International Military Coordinator, please complete the J-1 student process below:
      1. Fill out the DS-2019 student visa application form (PDF) and send back to the UNG International Military Coordinator
      2. You will receive the official DS-2019 document through the mail from the UNG International Military Coordinator
      3. After receipt of the DS-2019, make an appointment at the nearest U.S. Embassy.
      4. As instructed from the U.S. Embassy, take all required visa documents to the Embassy for interview and visa processing 

Acceptance & Preparing for Arrival Information

You will be receiving a letter of formal acceptance by the UNG Cadet Admissions Department. In the letter you will receive your Student Identification Number (ID) and instructions to begin preparing for arrival to UNG.

Once you arrive to UNG, you will receive a UNG ID Card that has your ID number on the card. Your ID card provides you access to all UNG facilities.

Note: Please do not give your student ID to anyone at UNG because it provides access to your personal account.

Setup your email account

Upon admission to UNG, you are provided with a student email account. Student email is the official channel of communication between the university and its students. It is your responsibility to monitor your student email account and be aware of the information sent by the university.

You can access your student account information by the following:

Note: If you have IT related questions or concerns, you may contact the IT Service Desk at (706) 864-1922, by email at, or stop by their office in the Library Technology Center, Room 164.

Class Scheduling and Registration

During the application process, SGM (Ret) Baumann will request the academic courses that you must take at UNG. The classes that you take at UNG must be approved by your Military Academy International Officer.

International Military Cadets studying at UNG must meet the following academic requirements to be considered a full time Cadet:

  • Must take at least 12 U.S. Credit hours for the semester in the following courses:
    • Take at least one Military Science Course in accordance to your year group or level
    • Take the Military Science Physical Education Course
    • Take courses in your academic major e.g. Physics, Nursing, Political Science, etc.
  • International Cadets who complete the semester successfully will receive an official academic transcript from the UNG Registrar

To review academic degrees and programs for cadets, please go to UNG Academic Courses and Programs.

To review the academic courses available at UNG please go to UNG Academic Courses.

International Cadet Orientation

Before you arrive to UNG, you will need to register for and complete the UNG Student Online Pre-Orientation (OPO). OPO is a required program for all International Cadets attending UNG. Online Pre-Orientation is compatible with all major web browsers, as well as mobile devices. There is also an ADA version available if needed.

How to access OPO:

  • After you receive your acceptance to UNG and the Corps of Cadets, log in to the Check Application Status page using your UNG ID (900 number) and your date of birth.
  • Click the blue Online Pre-Orientation button on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Follow the instructions in the opening screens to ensure you complete the whole program.

OPO Orientation Questions and Information:

  • It will take approximately 30 minutes to one hour from start to finish to complete all OPO modules.
  • You must complete all modules to release the student registration hold.
  • On the last module, be sure to click the next arrow until you arrive back to the main menu page. That is the action that will release your hold.
  • The checklist within the program is a supplemental list of action items to complete prior to the start of the semester. Simply checking off the items on the checklist without viewing the modules will not release the hold.
  • OPO is not the same as the AlcoholEdu and SAPU programs.
  • If you have any issues or questions about OPO, please contact SGM Terry Baumann at or phone 706-867-1748.

Submission of Required Forms

Medical and Liability Insurance

International Cadets are required to arrive with international health insurance from your military academy prior to arrival to UNG. International insurance will cover your treatment on campus at Student Health Services for minor injuries or illnesses while a Cadet at UNG and if you need to seek critical medical care from a local/regional hospital (e.g. an Emergency Room visit or appointment with a specialist).

It is imperative that you arrive to UNG and the Corps of Cadets in good physical condition.

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from fully participating in the Corps of Cadets, you must notify SGM Terry Baumann at or phone at 706-866-1748.

Packing List for Fall Semester

  • Field/Camouflage Uniform (2-3 sets)
  • Hat/Beret for field uniform
  • Boots
  • Belt (duty/dress) uniform
  • T-shirts (white/duty)
  • Socks (white athletic, dress, daily wear with Camo uniform)
  • Dress uniform (winter, summer)
  • Dress shoes
  • Tie
  • Appropriate insignia for dress uniform
  • Dress uniform Hat
  • Bath Towel, wash cloth (2-3 each)
  • Athletic/sport uniform and shoes
  • Civilian clothes, winter, summer
  • Cold weather jacket
  • Rain Jacket (Gortex) etc.
  • Laptop computer/iPad with power cords
  • 110 power adapter (will purchase here if needed)
  • Appropriate study materials, notebooks, pens, etc.
  • Water Bottle (Plastic/canteen) etc.
  • ATM/Bank Card
  • Phone numbers/email of family and supervisors back in home country
  • Personal Hygiene items
  • Civilian Winter Jacket/light jacket for spring
  • Optional
    • Cell phone on U.S. Plan (International Cadets can procure SIM Cards after arrival)
Items provided by UNG:
  • Military Equipment for Training
  • Blanket, pillow, sheets will be provide upon arrival

Note: Cadets may bring additional personal items as needed

Reporting to UNG Instructions

Arrival at Atlanta International Airport

Once you arrive at the Atlanta International Airport, be prepared to go through US immigration. After completing immigration, you will pick up your baggage in the baggage claim area and you will be subject to the US customs and Immigration. In the event you arrive at the domestic terminal, go directly to baggage claim and secure your personal items. A University of North Georgia representative will meet you at the arrivals area, (prior coordination/point of contact will be disseminated in advance of your arrival).

Inspection at the U.S. Port of Entry

On route to the US, you will be asked to complete a Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) on the airplane to be given to the immigration inspection officer at the Atlanta International Airport. It is very important to complete this form accurately because the information you supply on the form is entered into a database that is used to verify your identity.  Errors or inconsistencies can result in delays in getting certain benefits in the United States (driver’s license, social security number, etc.) Your name should be listed exactly as it is on your passport. Your date of birth should be listed in the day/month/year format. If known, you should list the address where you will actually reside in the US (residence hall room or apartment) on the form.  If you do not know your physical address yet, you can provide the general university address:

University of North Georgia
82 College Circle
Dahlonega, GA 30597

Be prepared to show the citizen and border protection official the I-94, passport, visa, and if you are a J-1 student/cadet, your DS-2019.

If the citizenship and border protection officer has questions that you cannot provide answers to, the officer may want you to contact a school officer for verification. In that case, you should provide the names of the appropriated School Official, SGM Terry Baumann at email cell: (678 485-0893).

Some international visitors, depending on their country of origin or background, may be subject to what is referred to as “Special Registration”.  When going through immigration at the airport, you may be pulled aside for this registration. In that case, you will be asked a series of questions, in addition to having your photograph and fingerprints taken.  Please do not panic; you are not being accused of anything.  It is simply part of the new procedures.  If you are subject to this registration, it could take several hours. Please make sure to allow enough time to go through immigration, especially if you are making a connection domestic flight.  If you have any questions about this, please contact the Center for Global Engagement in advance.

As an International Military Exchange Cadet, you will arrive one week prior to the beginning of academic classes to undergo a cadet orientation and integration process. 

Orientation Includes: 

  • Immigration check-in and processing
  • Campus tour
  • Identification card
  • Medical documentation
  • Cadet integration tasks
  • Room assignment
  • Receipt of cadet gear
  • Semester schedule review
  • Mandatory training and other tasks

Commandant of Cadets Office

The UNG Commandant of Cadets Office is responsible to produce highly educated leaders of character for the distinct purpose of fully preparing cadets for success as lieutenants in the U.S. Army, or as leaders in the civilian sectors of American society. To accomplish this, the Commandant and staff oversee all aspects of the Corps discipline, academic status, on-campus accommodation, co-curricular programs, parades, and administrative/logistic requirements.

Additionally, the Commandant is accountable to maximize financial support for the Corps of Cadets through fundraising, scholarship, and maintaining valuable relationships with alumni, parents, colleagues, friends, foundations and corporations.

Military Science

The Professor of Military Science (PMS) is chartered by the United States Army Cadet Command to select, educate, train, and commission college students to become officers and leaders of character in the total Army. The PMS and his staff teach eight Military Science Courses over eight academic semesters and complete multiple training and academic requirements over four years to meet this end, including; Academic Degree GPA, Physical Training Test, Cadet Leadership Course in Fort Knox Kentucky, Leadership Evaluation, and Tactical Training Evaluations.

Additional Cadet Resources and Information

Contact Info

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST

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