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Spring 2013 graduates

(June 18, 2013) The University of North Georgia has conferred undergraduate and graduate degrees on 1,278 graduates in commencement ceremonies held May 4 through May 12.

With some 15,000 students, UNG is the state’s seventh-largest public university. The regional, multi-campus university offers more than 100 programs of study ranging from certificate and associate degrees to professional and doctoral programs.

UNG is one of only six senior military colleges in the country. The others are the Citadel, Norwich University, Texas A&M University, Virginia Military Institute, and Virginia Tech. UNG is designated as a University System of Georgia leadership institution and as The Military College of Georgia.

Baldwin County

Kerry Ann McGill, Milledgeville, BS- Physics/Biology

Banks County

Ashley Nicole Hoek, Maysville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Ashley Nicole Wehunt, Maysville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Brandon Tyler McFadden, Maysville, AA- Psychology

Carla Lopez, Gainesville, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Courtney Beale Ledford, Baldwin, BS- Sociology

Erica Elizabeth White, Baldwin, BS- Middle Grade Education

Heather Nicole Meeks, Maysville, BS- Middle Grade Education

James Anthony-Lane Ledford, BA- History/Certification

Jeremy Chad Rylee, Lula, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis

Jessica Elaine Denton, Homer, AA- General Studies

Kaitlyn Brooke Wilson, Commerce, AS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Noelle Joy Fuller, Homer, AS- Agriculture

Robert James Allen, Maysville, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Shelby Ann Forrester, Maysville, Banks, BA- English/Certification

Sherry Lynne Flaherty, Maysville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Tarra Nicole Haney, Commerce, BS- Early Childhood Education

Barrow County

 Abbigail Abraham, Auburn, BS- Early Childhood Education

Alvin Joe Goodman, Statham, BS- Early Childhood Education

Alyssa Brooke Duren, Bethlehem, BS- Early Childhood Education

Angela Nicole Patterson, Auburn, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Ann-Michelle Lyn Capps, Auburn, BA- Business Administration/ AA- Human Services Administration

Benjamin Taylor Harbin, Winder, AS- Exercise Science

Brenda Hooks Beal, Bethlehem, BS- Early Childhood Education

Brittany Denise Scott, Winder, BS- Early Childhood Education

Brittany Elizabeth Harmon, Winder, AS- Pre-Nursing

Caitlin Kopec Davol, Winder, AA- Psychology

Carlson Abangma Kububu, Statham, AS- Pre-Pharmacy

Cassey Elizabeth Smith, Winder, AA- Medical Studies

Chelsea Reagan Kuhl, Auburn, AA- Business Administration

Emily Ann Gordon, Winder, BS- Special Education

Emily Brooks Watson, Winder, BS- Middle Grades Education

Eren Michael Lasichak, Winder, AA- Business Administration

Erica Nicole Woodall, Winder, BS- Early Childhood Education

Evan Heath Graham, Braselton, AA- Business Administration

Ginger Rena Witt, Calhoun, AS- Early Childhood Education

Heather Michelle Payne, Winder, AS- Nursing

Jeffrey Morgan Wallace, Winder, BBA- Accounting

Jesse Mark Logan, Winder, AS- Agriculture

Joy D. Bentley, Winder, AS- Nursing

Katherine Elizabeth Gardner, Statham, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Katie M. Chambers, Winder, AA- Paralegal Studies

Kendra Anne Skinner, Winder, AS- Early Childhood Education

Krysten Nicole Connelly, Bethlehem, BS- Physical Education/ Leadership Minor

Lacie Michelle Marden, Winder, MPA- Public Administration

Laura Beth Wheeler, Winder, AA- Business Administration

Loren Dudley Skaggs, Statham, MS- Physical Education

Mayra P. Urias, Auburn, AA- Foreign Languages

Rachel Elizabeth Alsup, Winder, BA English/Writing Publication Concentration

Rachel Renee Shook, Winder, BS- Early Childhood Education

Seth Allan Lee, Winder, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Shelly Lynn Winkle, Winder, BAS- Technology Management

Shoua Moua, Winder, AA- Business Administration

Stephanie Xiong, Winder, AA- Art

Steven Matthew Godfrey, Winder, AS- Computer Science

Taylor Nicole Turner, Statham, BS- Special Education

Whitney Paige Ostrander, Statham, AA- Art

Bartow County

Courtney Anne Smith, Emerson, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Dustin Kyle Cheek, Taylorsville, BBA- Management

Joshua Adam Bennett, Kingston, BBA- Management

Shayla Joy Delph, Cartersville, BS- Special Education

Bibb County

Abigail Nicole Smith, Macon, BS- Criminal Justice/ Forensics Concentration

Jared Landry Dobbins, Macon, DPT –Doctor of Physical Therapy

Robert Blake Hobby, Macon, BS- Physical Education/ Leadership Minor

Sarah Mason Godfrey, Macon, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Carroll County

Michael Christopher Webb, Villa Rica, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Chatham County

Bailie Marie Pedigo, Savannah, BS- Special Education

Chattooga County

Joey Nicholas Browning, Lyerly, AA- History

Johnny Franklin Brady, Summerville, MPA- Public Administration

Lori Ann Brady, Summerville, BSN- Nursing

Cherokee County

Ali Morgan Smith, Woodstock, BS- Mathematics/Certification

Anna Lauren McCarter, Canton, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Brandi Michelle Garland, Ball Ground, ASN- Nursing /Leadership Concentration

Casey Lynn Mae Allen, Ball Ground, BS- Criminal Justice

Charles Fredrick Hoffman, Woodstock, Certification- Paralegal Studies

Chelie Rene Hirt, Woodstock, BSN- Nursing

Christopher Bryan Shull, Canton, BA- English/Literature Concentration

Corey David Schultze, Woodstock, BS- Biology

Great Harris Moore, Ball Ground, MBA- Business Administration

Jessica Marie Hemphill, Canton, BS- Special Education

Jonathan Tucker McWhorter, Acworth, BS- Art Marketing

Jordan William Addison, Woodstock, AA- Psychology

Kara Lynn Mitchell, Woodstock, BS- Mathematics

Katelyn Rebecca Adams, Canton, BS- Special Education

Kathryn Spencer Proctor, Canton, BA- Political Science/International Affairs Concentration

Keri Elizabeth Gregory, Woodstock, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Kristen L. Chester, Canton, ASN- Nursing

Kristin Wood Davis, Canton, M.Ed. – Early Childhood Education

Lee Wallace Lamb, Waleska, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Matthew Thomas Smith, Acworth, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Mattie Elizabeth Wall, Trion, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Rachel Erin Woody, Ball Ground, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Sara Marie Caulder, Canton, BS- Biology

Sarah A. Bohm, Canton, BS- Early Childhood Education

Sarah J. McCoy, Canton, BS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Scarlett Nicole Morrissey, Canton, ASN- Nursing

Stephanie Carol Harmelin, Woodstock, BS- Special Education

Travis Mitchell King, Woodstock, M.Ed. - History

Vivian Claire McGowan, Canton, BA- Modern Languages/Spanish Concentration

Whitney Paige Brown, Canton, BS- Mathematics/Certification

Clarke County

Alex Winderlich, Athens, AA- Business Management

Alisa Natasha Allicock, Athens, Ms- Family Nurse Practitioner

Carnita Cobb, Athens, AA- Business Administration

Christian Daniel Borrero, Athens, AA- Psychology

Christopher Stephen Cooper, Athens, AA- Political Science

Daniel William Shelby, Athens, AS- Criminal Justice

Deborah Marguerite Farr, Athens, ASN- Nursing

Heather Caroline Boyd, Athens, AA- Sociology

Jana Kay Troskie, Athens, MS- Physical Education

Jessica Dawn Lunceford, Athens, AS- Early Childhood Education

John David Knowles, Athens, BAS- Technology Management

Joseph Clifford Langston, Athens, AS- Criminal Justice

Joshua Scott Crisp, Athens, BFA- Design Tech for Theatre

Kathryn Leigh Lane, Athens, BS- Psychology

Katrina Nichole Bruner, Athens, BS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Kyla Helen Lee, Athens, AS- General Studies

Kyle Jason Boyd, Athens, AA- Business Administration

Laura Kelly Lenderman, Athens, BBA- Marketing

Madeline Claire Goodman, Athens, AA- Art

Matthew Lee Christian, Athens, AA- Media Studies

Max Douglas Wilder, Athens, AA- General Studies

Morgan Lindsey Archer, Athens, BA- History

Rachel Amaris Fenton, Athens, AA- Art

Rene Ortega, Athens, AS –Criminal Justice

Richard Camden Pace, Athens, AA- Foreign Languages

Thomas Andrew Bowers, Athens, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Thomas James Buckler, Athens, AA- Business Administration

Clayton County

Dafina Shani Braithwaite, Riverdale, MS- Community Counseling

Cobb County

Amelia Lynn Deramus, Kennesaw, BS- Psychology

Amy Rebecca Danforth Margrave, Powder Springs, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Benjamin Richard Milne, Kennesaw, BS- Biology

Cara Edwina Cunningham, Powder Springs, BA- English/ Writing & Publication Concentration

Carlee Noel Scripka, Marietta, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Chelsea Elizabeth Rovinelli, Marietta, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Courtney Deanne Mitchell, Powder Springs, BS- Political Science

Crystal Lynn Brethour, Marietta, BS- Criminal Justice

Elizabeth Rose Mercurio, Marietta, ASN- Nursing

Ellyce Diana Payne, Marietta, BS- Psychology

Erin Leanne Baker, Marietta, BS- Political Science

Jarod Allen Williamson, Kennesaw, BS- Criminal Justice

Jenna Ruth Kersten, Smyrna, ASN- Education

Jennifer Allison Johnson, Powder Springs, ASN- Nursing

John Jacob Healy, Marietta, BA- History

Kimberly Ann Haynes, Kennesaw, BS- Special Education

Kimberly Iris Montgomery, Smyrna, BS- Mathematics/Certification

Mackenzie K. Lantz, Marietta, AA- General Studies

Maria Virginia Casseres Romero, Smyrna, BBA- Finance

Mariah O’Brien, Powder Springs, BS- Middle Grades Education

Michelle Abigal Lewis-Austin, Kennesaw, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Rachel Irene Ramirez, Acworth, BS- Chemistry

Selena Carin Hom, Marietta, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Tatyana Turbayevskaya, Smyrna, ASN- Nursing

Tito Augusto Morales, Marietta, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Tyler Joseph Crockett, Powder Springs, BA- Modern Languages/Chinese Concentration

Willie Lee Burns, Austell, BBA- Management

Columbia County

Kevin Whitney Wish, Martinez, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Matthew Ryan Hutto, Evans, BS- Criminal Justice

Zachary Steven Brooks, Evans, BS- Physics

Coweta County

Aaron Wayne Brown, Sharpsburg, BS- Political Science

Derek Hooper, Sharpsburg, BBA- Management

Hannah Brantley Harkleroad, Newnan, BS- Sociology

James Nicholas Dodds, Senoia, BS- Chemistry

Joshua Guy Rumohr, Newnan, BS- Psychology

Julie Louise Smith, Newnan, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Robert James Waters, Newnan, BBA- Marketing

Dade County

Mary Katherine Harwart, Wildwood, BS- Special Education

Sarah Elizabeth Blevins, Trenton, BS- Special Education

Dawson County

Amanda Elizabeth Martin, Dawsonville, BS- Special Education

Amber Paige Lee, Dawsonville, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Andrew Chet Thompson, Dawsonville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Ashley Nicole Toal, Dawsonville, BS- Sociology

Brittany Noel Bryan, Dawsonville, ASN- Nursing

Brittany Shay Hughes, Dawsonville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Bryanna Nicole Hamby, Dawsonville, BS- Special Education

Chad Edwin Mayo, Dawsonville, BS- Computer Science

Charley Ann Whitmire, Dawsonville, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Christopher David Keating, Dawsonville, BS- General Studies

Christopher John Bailey, Dawsonville, BS- Psychology

Corey Michael Tillery, Dawsonville, ASN- Nursing

David Andrew Knapp, Dawsonville, BS- Biology

Eliza Thieme, Dawsonville, BBA – Accounting

Emily Nicole Buice, Dawsonville, BS- Criminal Justice/ Forensics Concentration

Gerri Amanda Vancil, Dawsonville, BS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Hannah Abigail Stepp, Dawsonville, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Hannah Crowder Weigel, Dawsonville, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Haylee Susanne Wadsworth, Dawsonville, BS- Biology

Heather Dunn Hagan, Dawsonville, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jake Michael Ryan Wise, Dawsonville, BBA- Management

Jamie Marlene Lamanac, Dawsonville, AA- Psychology

Jennifer Leigh Daniell, Dawsonville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Jordan Marcus Litsky, Dawsonville, BBA- Management

Joshua A. Sams, Dawsonville, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Joshua Taylor Nolan, Dawsonville, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/Geographic Info Science Certification/ Advanced Geographic Info Certification

Katie Nicole Grindle, Dawsonville, M. ED. – Early Childhood Education

Kimberly Blythe Reed, Dawsonville, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kori Elizabeth Early, Dawsonville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Laura Ann Wilkins, Dawsonville, M. Ed. – Middle Grades Education

Laura Susan McCreary, Dawsonville, MAT- Middle Grades Education

Lindsey Moss Castleberry, Dawsonville, MAT- Physical Education

Michael Allen Hunter, Dawsonville, AA- Sociology

Nicole A. Daniels, Dawsonville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Philip Michael Gormley, Dawsonville, BA- Modern Languages/ Spanish Business Concentration

Philip X Hoang, Dawsonville, BBA- Finance

Rachel Tatum Biddy, Dawsonville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Sean David Fisher, Dawsonville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Stephanie Nichole Baker, Dawsonville, BS- Mathematics/Certification

Tiffany Nicole Gregory, Dawsonville, ASN- Nursing

Yvette Hatch Allison, Dawsonville, BAS- Technology Management

Zachary Seth Vaughters, Dawsonville, BBA- Marketing

Decatur County

Bobby Andrew Forrester, Bainbridge, AA- History

Sarah Celeste Dunn, Bainbridge, Master of Music

DeKalb County

Abigail Marie Jones, Atlanta, ASN- Nursing

Amanda Lee Ortmann, Stone Mountain, Paralegal Studies

Emily Ann Dent, Decatur, MAT- Middle Grades

Eric Thomas Allison, Decatur, MAIA- International Affairs

Kenneth Julian Bellavance, Stone Mountain, BBA- Finance

Kyle Daniel Shawn, Dunwoody, AA- Business Administration

Mathew Albert Mepham, Tucker, BS- Middle Grades Education

William Sean DeLorme, Stone Mountain, BA- International Affairs/Asian Concentration

Zoe Ellen Daole, Tucker, BS- Special Education

Douglas County

Holly Cheyenne Morton, Douglasvile, BA- English/Certification

Kristen Elizabeth Chappell, Lithia Springs, ASN- Nursing

Fannin County

Elizabeth Samille Branham, Mineral Bluff, BS- Special Education

Jacob Anthony Couch, McCaysville, BA- History/Certification

Jacob Wayne Harper, Mineral Bluff, BBA- Management

Jeffery Luke Cornacchia, Blue Ridge, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Jessica Petty Queen, Morganton, ASN- Nursing

Jonathan Paul Born, Mineral Bluff, BS- Athletic Training

Kimberly Darlene Allen-Gray, Blue Ridge, ASN- Nursing

Lauren Michelle Thomas, Epworth, BS- Special Education

Timothy Roy Perren, Blue Ridge, BA- History/Certification

Zachary Allen Polson, Blue Ridge BA- History/Certification

Fayette County

Ann Marie Jourdan, Fayetteville, ASN- Nursing

Ashley Meagan Clontz, Fayetteville, BS- Special Education

Casey John Langbehn, Peachtree City, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

James Allen Marchman, Senoia, AA- Business Administration

John Timothy Daley, Fayetteville, BS- Political Science

Kaleigh Caroline Sims, Tyrone, BS- Biology

Sean Allen Sargent, Fayetteville, BS- Criminal Justice

Shelbie Lyn Rainwater, Fayetteville, BS- Criminal Justice

Thomas Tobias King, Fayetteville, BS- Physics

Tyler Houston Penrose, Fayetteville, AS- Criminal Justice

Floyd County

Adam Andrew Patrick, Armuchee, BBA- Marketing

Andrea Christian Davis, Lindale, BS- Athletic Training

Anna Alyse Reeps, Rome, BS- Special Education

Maria Constanza Ospina, Rome, BA- Political Science/International Affairs Concentration

Forsyth County

Alicia Lynn Smith, Cumming, As- Pre-Nursing

Alison Rachel Acquaviva, Cumming BS- Special Education

Allison Anne Dudziak, Cumming, BA- History/Certification

Allison Goggans Clapp, Cumming, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Allison Rose McCrary, Cumming, BA- Art/Art Studio Concentration

Amanda Lynn Love, Cumming, BBA- Finance

Amy Leigh Mukon, Cumming, AA-Business Administration

Amy Lynn Kersey, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Amy Marie Di Lorio, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Amy Nicole Atz, Cumming, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis

Amy Osborn Gibson, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Ana Laura Campos Obando, BBA- Marketing

Andrew Alan Otts, Cumming, BS- Art Marketing

Andrew Simeon Trammell, Cumming, BA- History

Arnold Wayne Harden, Cumming, MBA- Business Administration

Benjamin W. Mize, Cumming, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Beverlie Jo Garner, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Briony Jane Pittaway, BS- Psychology

Brittany Jean Bailey, Cumming, Environmental Spatial Analysis/Geographic Info Science Certification

Brittany Lynn Spaeth, Cumming, MBA- Business Administration

Britton Jean Smith, Cumming, BS- Biology

Caleb Andrew Norris, Cumming, AA- Political Science

Candace Lauren Johnson, Cumming, AA-Business Administration

Caroline Elizabeth Pfaff, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Caroline Hope Abraham, Cumming, BBA- Marketing

Cecil Garrett Douthitt, Cumming, BS- Biology

Chad M. Brady, Cumming, MAT- Middle Grades

Chase Edward Siggelkow, Gainesville, AS- Computer Science

Cheryl Renee Thomas, Cumming, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

Chris L. Allen, Dawsonville, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis

Christina Ann Moffit, Cumming, BS- Early Childhood Education

Christine K. Loveless, BSN- Nursing

Christopher Dylan Ellingwood, Cumming, AA- History

Christopher Thomas Bishop, Cumming, BS- Political Science

Cody William Nevins, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Courtney Evelyn Evans, Cumming, BA- English/Certification

Dakota Jack Fidram, Cumming, BA- Modern Languages/French Concentration/BS- Psychology

Daliana Nicole Vicens, Cumming, BA- Modern Languages/Spanish Concentration

Dana Renay Fisher, Cumming, BS- Special Education

David Alan Beaumont, Cumming, MAT- English

David Bryan Kelley, Cumming, BA- History

Diana Grigoriyevna Lantukh, Cumming, BS- Chemistry

Dianna Sue Shugart, Cumming, MS- Community Counseling

Donna Aron Sepulveda, Cumming, BA- Art/Art Studio Concentration

Edwin Richard Sakal, Cumming, BA- History

Emily Manda Hope, Cumming, BA- History

Erin Marie Cox, Cumming, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Felicia Laverne Adams, Cumming, BS- Early Childhood Education

Garrett Thomas Klassen, Cumming, BS- Criminal Justice

Haleigh Renee Krauss, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Heidi Leigh Naidek, Cumming, BA- Human Services Administration

Helen M. Hilger, Dawsonville, BS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Ian N. Bartlett, Cumming, AA- Business Administration

Irene Loretta Rowland, Cumming, MS- Community Counselor

Jade Danielle MacLeish, Cumming, BA- History

Jared Steele Davis, Cumming, AA- General Studies

Jason Michael Stiede, Cumming, AS- Criminal Justice

Jennifer L. Anderson, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Jennifer Suzanne Volk, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Jesi Elizabeth Wallace, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Joanna Trippe Cirillo, Cumming, MAT- Middle Grades

JoAnne Marie Costa, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Joel Alexander Martin, Cumming, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis

Jonathan Alexander Frake, Gainesville, AA- General Studies

Jordyn Taylor Martin, Cumming, AS- Pre-Nursing

Joseph Brandon Shorr, Cumming, MBA- Business Administration

Joseph Edward Harris, Cumming, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Justin Ballew Cumming, AA- Business Administration

Kathryn Audrey Boglione, Cumming, M. Ed. - Middle Grades/Mathematics Concentration/Science Concentration

Kathryn Louise Peppers, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Kathy Hudson Callahan, Cumming, MS- Community Counseling

Katie Paulette Mayfield, Cumming, BS- Middle Grades Education

Kayla Rosalie Deak, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Kelsey Elizabeth Herslebs, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Kendra Michele Burton, Cumming, BS- Sociology

Kimberlee Ann Robinson, Cumming, AS- General Studies

Laura Cristina Ospina, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Laura Elizabeth Pass, Cumming, MAIA- International Affairs

Lindsey Erin Rose, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Lindsey Julia Wood, Cumming, BS- Middle Grades Education

Lucyna Burandt, Cumming, BA- Human Services Administration

Mark Alan Bready, Gainesville, AS- Middle Grades Education

Melanie Guest, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Melissa White Collis, Cumming, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Michael Taylor Vorick, Cumming, M. Ed. - Middle Grade Education

Michelle Catherine Stromie, Cumming, BA- History/Certification

Morgan Brittni Berkhan, Cumming, BA- Art Emphasis/Art Studio Concentration

Morgan Elizabeth Boling, Cumming, AS- General Studies

Morgan Kalber Mrozik, Cumming, AS- Early Childhood Education/ AA-Psychology

Natalie Lynn Kimbrough, Cumming, BA- History/ Certification

Patrick Douglas Pickens, Cumming, BS- Chemistry

Paula Smith Loyd, Cumming, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

 Peter Anthony Maher, Cumming BBA- Accounting

Peter Francis Bergeron, Cumming, BBA- Management

Princess Diane Soriano Brown, Cumming, AS- Early Childhood Education

Raquel Antoinette Pike, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Rebecca Brooke Pogue, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Richard Curtis Grimshaw, Cumming, BA- Music

Robin Elaine Catchart, Cumming, BS- Middle Grades Education

Ryan Keith Hardeman, Cumming, BBA- Management

Sara Grimaldi, Cumming, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Sara Victoria Hamilton, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Sarah Ann Bryant, Cumming, BS- Biology

Sarah Ewell Holly, BA- History

Shelby Elaine Mooney, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Shelley Parks Michels, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Sibel Leyla Satiroglu, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Starlett Dawn Jenkins, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Susanna Dorough Lloyd, Cumming, ASN- Nursing

Tanner Lyn Thomas, Cumming, BA- English/Certification

Tara Nicole Kierzkowski, Cumming, BBA- Marketing

Taylor Edward Messmer, Cumming, As- Sport Management

Taylor Samuel Bradford, Alpharetta, AA- Business Administration

Tiffany Rose Vorick, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

Timothy Irving Kennell, Cumming, BS- Chemistry

Toni Marie Guest, Cumming, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Trevor Garret Gilliam, Cumming, BBA- Accounting

Trevor James Evans, Cumming, AA- Business Administration

Walter Scott Butler, Cumming, AS- Exercise Science

Whitney Marie Mansfeldt, Cumming, BS- Biology

Whitney Renee Buice, Cumming, AA –General Studies

William Clinton Fielder, Cumming, BBA- Accounting

Yuliya Bogdanovna Kovalova, Cumming, BS- Chemistry

Zachary Leon Williams, Cumming, AS- Pre-Nursing

Franklin County

Alexandria Ashten Cash, Carnesville, ASN- Nursing

Ashley Faye Vaughn, Carnesville, MAIA- International Affairs

Cody L. Fulbright, Carnesville, AA- Foreign Languages

Elizabeth Anne House, Martin, BA- Human Services Administration

Leah Nicole Godfrey, Carnesville, ASN-Nursing

Lindsey Lee Ariail, Carnesville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Rebecca Jean Jones, Canon, BS- Special Education

Fulton County

Aaron Joseph Elrod, Alpharetta, BS- Criminal Justice

Adrien Joseph Adams Saulais- Komosa, Alpharetta, BBA- Marketing

Alina Stephanie Fitzner, Duluth, BA- Modern Languages/French Concentration/ BS- Psychology

Amy Lynne Maguire, Duluth, ASN- Nursing

Ashley Faust Lenox, Alpharetta, ASN- Nursing

Blake Morgan Williams, Sandy Springs, MBA- Business Administration

Brad Christian Wolf, Alpharetta, MBA- Business Administration

Bridget Teague Flynt, Roswell, ASN- Nursing

Cynthia Laura Wagner, Alpharetta, BS- Psychology

Daniel Brandon Candler, Atlanta, AA- Business Administration

Donald John Leonard, Alpharetta, BA- History

Hannah Elizabeth Heath, Roswell, AA- General Studies

Hannah Joy Mason, Alpharetta, ASN- Nursing

Henry Coleman Hollifield, Roswell, BBA- Finance

Jacqueline Denise Hixson, Roswell, BA- Modern Language/French Business Concentration

James Jin Kim, Duluth, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jennine Renee Wilson, Alpharetta, BS- Chemistry

Joanne Marie Wintersgill, Alpharetta, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Jordan Marie Ross, Atlanta, BS- Psychology

Kacia Lee Down, Atlanta, BA- Human Services Administration

Karen Dumire Alpharetta, ASN- Nursing

Katelyn Diane Leonard, Roswell, BS- Psychology

Katherine Frances Martin, Atlanta, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Megan McCormick, Barton, Alpharetta, BS- Special Education

Meredith Leigh Boyd, Alpharetta, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Ololade T. Babarinde, Alpharetta, ASN- Nursing

Paige Nicole Looney, Alpharetta, BBA- Marketing

Patrick Charles Moynihan, Johns Creek, BBA- Finance

Patrick John Hollar, Duluth, ASN- Nursing

Samantha Leanne Abrahart, Duluth, BBA- Marketing

Tara Mullinax, Alpharetta, BS- Special Education

Thomas Aaron Watkins, Sandy Springs, BAS- Technology Management

Timothy Bryson Womack, Alpharetta, BBA- Management

Gilmer County

Cadi Amber Edmondson, Ellijay, BBA- Marketing

Chelsea M. Brookshire, Ellijay, BS- Middle Grades Education

David Lee Snider, Ellijay, BS- Athletic Training

Dylan Edward Scates, Ellijay, AS- Exercise Science

Haley Miriam Reece, Ellijay, BS- Psychology

Jordan Carter Gray, Ellijay, BBA- Management

Lauren Melinda Wells, Ellijay, BS- Special Education

Phillip Thomas Ostby, Ellijay, BS- Computer Science

Greene County

Maggie Sherrer Greene, Greensboro, AS- Early Childhood Education

Gwinnett County

Adrian Marquies Hall, Burod, AA- General Studies/AA- Sociology

Alessandra Maria Scarcia, Lawrenceville, AA- Theatre

Alexander Weldon Smith, Suwanee, BS- Psychology

Alysha Leigh Thomason, Snellville, BS- Athletic Training

Amber Ragland, Lawrenceville, BAS- Technology Management

Amy Frady Reed, Sugar Hill, AS- Pre-Nursing

Ana Laura Branch, Sugar Hill, BA- Human Services Administration

Andrea Lynn Hannah, Buford, BBA- Accounting

Andrea P. Villareal, Buford, AA- Foreign Languages

Andrew David Moore, Braselton, AS- Mathematics/ AA- Mach Tool Tech

Anna Nix Davis, Suwanee, BS- Chemistry

Anne Marie Siegel, Suwanee, BS- Special Education

Ariel Angelina Brusino, Snellville, As- Early Childhood Education

Ashley Marie Gordon, Snellville, BA- English/Literature Concentration

Ashley Marie Jordan, Suwanee, BS- Biology

Ashley Rafizadeh Rocamora, Dacula, BSN- Nursing

Ashton Elizabeth Simpson, Buford, BS- Special Education

Austin Maxwell Smith, Buford, BS- Criminal Justice

Benita Rosalynda Gutierrez, Lawrenceville, AA- Psychology

Benjamin Ryan Clarke, Grayson, BS- Physics

Bianca Leon, Duluth, BS- Political Science

Bryam Pulgarin, Suwanee, AA- General Studies

Callie Joan Fernandez, Lawrenceville, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Cassandra Malisa Lee, Norcross, BSN- Nursing

Catherine Ann Palmer, Lawrenceville, BA- Modern Languages/Spanish Concentration

Catherine Ann Palmer, Lawrenceville, BS- Psychology

Catherine Diane Kelley, Lawrenceville, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

Cheyenne Jean Thornton, Sugar Hill, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Christina Cary Merriman, Lawrenceville, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

Christina Nicole Battaglia, Dacula, BBA- Marketing

Ciel Changa Solwazi, Norcross, AA- Philosophy

Crystal Dixon, Dacula, BFA-Design Tech for Theatre

Cynthia Akinyi Uyoga, Suwanee, ASN- Nursing

Cynthia Dee Anne Luke, Lawrenceville, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Danae Jennings Hall, Suwanee, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

Danille Sheree Hambrick, Lawrenceville, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/ Geographic Info Science Certification

David Harris, Duluth, BAS- Technology Management

Dawn Marie Vickers, Sugar Hill, BS- Early Childhood Education

Dawn Susanne Thomas Buford, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Diane Marie Pinero, Buford, BS- Early Childhood Education

Dijana D. Bubanja, Buford, AA- Foreign Languages

Dijana Tartic, Suwanee, BBA- Management

Elizabeth Ana Turcin, Lawrenceville, AA- Business Administration

Emi Maekawa, Buford, AA- Foreign Languages

Emily Morgan Williams, Lawrenceville, BS- Biology

Gary Andrew Pierce, Buford, AA- Business Administration

George A. Zeidan, Buford, AS- Criminal Justice

George Edward Penrod, Dacula, BBA- Management

Glenn Jeffrey Ray, Suwanee, ASN- Nursing

Guillermo Saldana, Buford, AS- Pre-Medicine

Ha Y Noh, Suwanee, AS- Pre-Nursing

Harry Benjamin Riddling, Hoschton, BAS- Technology Management

Heather Ann Moore, Dacula, AA- Business Administration

Jacob Isaac Kelly, Dacula, Bs- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Janet M. Lipscomb, Buford, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/ Environmental Sciences Certification

Jeffery David Lee, Duluth, AA- General Studies

Jennifer Alexandra Won, Dacula, ASN- Nursing

Jeremiah Kenneth Bell, Dacula, BS- Criminal Justice

Jerry Paul Cram, Lawrenceville, BS- Criminal Justice

Jessica Christine Gilbert, Buford, ASN- Nursing

John Dernar, Suwanee, As- Criminal Justice

Jonathan Adam Biles, Lilburn, BS- Criminal Justice

Jonathan Edward Weber, Lawrenceville, AA- Business Administration

Jordan Robert Erisman, Lawrenceville, BBA- Accounting

Joshua Jemore Schlosser, Lawrenceville, BS- Biology

Juan Camilo Hurtado, Lawrenceville, BBA-Management

Julianna Lynn Ryan, Lawrenceville, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Julie Elizabeth Wyatt, Lawrenceville, MPA- Public Administration

Justin Wayne Pate, Lawrenceville, AS- Criminal Justice

Kailash Purohit, Buford, AA- Business Administration

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Farr, Buford, AS –Early Childhood Education

Kateri M. Pletcher, Suwanee, ASN- Nursing

Katey Lorene Durham, Lilburn, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Katherine Marie Brown, Sugar Hill, AA- Foreign Languages

Kathleen Alexis Pulliam, Lawrenceville, BS- Biology

Katie Amanda Slough, Buford, AA- Business Administration

Kayla Marie Kolb, Dacula, AA- Business Administration

Kelci Nicole Keel, Dacula, AA- Business Administration

Keleigh Elizabeth Porter, Snellville, BS- Psychology

Kelly Marie Holness, Buford, BSN- Nursing

Kelsey M. Hoffman, Sugar Hill, AS- General Studies

Kendal Lynn Robinson, Buford, BS- Mathematics/Certification

Kimmey Rose Battles, Buford, BS- Early Childhood Education

Kori Alyssa Thomas, Dacula, BS- Biology

Kyle Andrew Newman, Snellville, BS- Physics

Lauren Taylor Shank, Buford, DPT-Doctor of Physical Therapy

Leanna Renee Marshall, Lawrenceville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Liliana Colin, Lawrenceville, AA Business Administration/ AS- Criminal Justice

Linda Damaris Albu, Buford, AA- Business Administration

Lindsay Danielle Brown, Grayson, BS- Early Childhood Education

Lindsey Charlotin, Lawrenceville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Litany Lealson Koshy, Buford, BS-Early Childhood Education

Lucile Rebeca Fergile, Lawrenceville, AAS- Paralegal Studies

Lucy Elizabeth Huddleston, Suwanee, BS- Physics

Marcus Riley Stevens, Suwanee, BBA- Finance

Margaret Elizabeth Beifus, Buford, BS- Early Childhood Education

Maria Mikita, Lawrenceville, ASN- Nursing

Marleigh Joy Brooks, Sugar Hill, BA- Human Services Administration

Mary Ann Holloway, Buford, MAT- History

Matthew Craig Tillery, Buford, AA- History

Meagan Pruitt Wall, Lawrenceville, ASN- Nursing

Meaghan Ashley Bay, Lawrenceville, AA- Business Administration

Megan Ashley Edel, Suwanee, MAT- Middle Grades

Melissa Perry Schweiker, Suwanee, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Meredith Laryn Cowden, Suwanee, BS- Special Education

Michael Gevontmakher, Norcross, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Michael James Morgan, Lawrenceville, BAD- Technology Management

Michael Joshua Mansfield, Duluth, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Mitchell Ryan Jenkins, Buford, AA- Business Administration

Neela Ann Stallings, Dacula, BS- Early Childhood Education

Nestor Alonso Campos, Sugar Hill, AA- General Studies

Nhia Vang, Auburn, AA- Business Administration

Nicholas Anthony Bava, Lawrenceville, BS- Mathematics

Nicole Lynn Duke, Lawrenceville, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Nicole Marie Kobler, Sugar Hill, BS- Biology

Olivia Hope Bennett, Duluth, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Olivia Leigh Alligood, Lawrenceville, BS- Special Education

Peter Jun Kim, Baldwin, AS- Mathematics

Peyton Gabrielle Phillips, Buford, AA- Business Administration

Rachel Mccullough Davis, Buford, ASN- Nursing

Ragenia Elaine Hester, Buford, BS- Early Childhood Education

Remedios Esperanza Juarez, Buford, AS- Pre-Nursing

Saida Vazquez Brandle, Lawrenceville, BA- Human Services Administration

Sandra E. Parks, Buford, M. Ed. –Middle Grades/ Mathematics Concentration/Science Concentration

Sara Elizabeth Kendrick, Dacula, M. Ed. –Middle Grade Education

Sarah Marie Leberman, Buford, BBA- Marketing

Savannah Victoria Luebben, Lawrenceville, AA- Business Administration

Scott Christopher Hulme, Duluth, Environmental Spatial Analysis/Geographic Info Science Certification

Scott Stephen Duke, Norcross, MAIA- International Affairs

Scott William Jernigan, Suwanee, BBA- Management

See Elizabeth Yang, Buford, AS- Biological Sciences

Seoyeon Hwang, Duluth, AA- Business Administration

Seth William Adkins, Lawrenceville, BBA- Marketing

Shirley Bear, Dacula, BS- Early Childhood Education

Simona Tacota, Buford, As- General Studies

Stacey Noel Oskam, Suwanee, MAIA- International Affairs

Stephen A. Curry, Lawrenceville, BA- History/Certification

Sydney Elizabeth Bonanno, Suwanee, BBA- Marketing

Tabitha Louise Whiting, Buford, BS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Tabitha Mueni Muli, Suwanee, ASN- Nursing

Taylor L. Parker, Duluth, AA- Business Administration

Tiffany Ginger Grimes, Suwanee, BS- Criminal Justice

Tiffany Koren Houston, Buford, MAT- Middle Grades

Tina D. Garner, Sugar Hill, BAS- Technology Management

Travis Braden McNeill, Lawrenceville, BBA- Accounting

Trista Renee Ramsey, Duluth, ASN- Nursing

Tyler James Akins, Auburn, AA- Journalism

Viktor Dimitrii Cheban, Lawrenceville, As- Pre-Nursing

Whitney Dawn Holman, Buford, ASN- Nursing

Whitney Nicole Johnston, Dacula, AAS- Dental Hygiene

William Jay Barrett, Sugar Hill, AS- Computer Science

Habersham County

Adam Jackson Dyer, Demorest, AA- Business Administration

Amanda Elizabeth Kelly, Clarkesville, BS- Art Marketing

Angela Marie Kerr, Mount Airy, BS- Psychology

Ashley Kristian Echols, Alto, BS- Art Education

Brittany Renee Allen, Clarkesville, AS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Christina Nichole York, Mount Airy, AS- Pre-Nursing

Coty Trent Sugg, Clarkesville, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Courtney Aleia Carter, Mount Airy, AS- General Studies

Cristen Jennifer Rabern, Demorest, BA- History/Certification

Danielle Leigh Wilson, Clarkesville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Elisha Dean Odum, Clarkesville, BA- Modern Languages/ French Concentration

Hannah Nicole Brown, Demorest, BS- Middle Grades Education

Imelda Aguilera, Alto, BA- International Affairs/European Concentration

Jacob Dwain Hicks, Demorest, AS- Early Childhood Education

Jaimie Ann Carboy, Clarkesville, MAIA- International Affairs

James Seth Harvey, Demorest, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Jasmine Marie Smith, Clarkesville, AS- Early Childhood Education

Kara Kay Tanner, Demorest, AS- Pre-Nursing

Karlie Michelle Kennedy, Cornelia, BS- Special Education

Kimberly Tidaphone Lattanaxay, Alto, AS- Engineering

Mark S. Church, Clarkesville, BBA- Finance

Mary Margaret Thomas, Clarkesville, Pre-Nursing

Matthew Corey Bruster, Cornelia, BS- Psychology

Melisa Nava, Cornelia, AS- Early Childhood Education

Monica Raya, Alto, AS- Pre-Nursing

Natalie Erin Hunter, Clarkesville, ASN- Nursing

Paul Joseph Balbuze, Alto, AA- Business Administration

Rhonda Marie Chastain, Mount Airy, AS- Pre-Nursing

Ryan Phillip Williams, Clarkesville, AA- Business Administration

Sindia Yorleny Briceno, Clarkesville, AA- Foreign Languages

Tomy Medrano Torres, Cornelia, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/AS- Physical Geography/Geographic Info Science Certification

Twyla M. Wade, Cornelia, AS- Criminal Justice

Hall County

Abigail Teresa Grindle, Oakwood, BS- Special Education

Adam Tyler Yates, Gainesville, BS- Physical Education/ Leadership Minor

Alberto Padilla, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Alexander Kristian Pierce, Flowery Branch, AAS- Paralegal Studies

Alexandria R. Albanese, Lula, ASN- Nursing

Amanda Leigh Rosi, Flowery Branch, BS- Political Science

Amanda Marie Wilkson, Gainesville, BBA- Accounting

Amanda Smith Cruce, Gainesville, MAT- Art Education

Amber Carman Nichols, Gainesville, BA- Human Services Administration

Amber Rae Rodriguez, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Amy Beth Conger, Flowery Branch, As- Pre-Nursing

Amy Lyn Sprague, BA- English/Literature Concentration

Amy Renee Poole, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Ana Cecilia Guerrero, Gainesville, AA- Foreign Languages

Andrew Larry Peck, Gainesville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Andrew TP. Alexander, Clermont, BS- Political Science

Ann Leigh Komoto, Lula, ASN- Nursing

Anna Melissa Parlas, Gainesville, AA- Art

Anneka Lee Baldwin, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Anthony Leonard Harden, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration/AA- Communication

Ashley Ann Hurst, Flowery Branch, AA- General Studies

Ashley Kristine Smith, Gainesville, BS- Mathematics

Ashley Laine Crain, Flowery Branch, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/Environmental Sciences Certification

Ashley Lynn Campbell, Oakwood, AA- Business Administration

Ashley Noel Clay, Gainesville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Ashton Elaine Zambrowicz, Gainesville, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Barrett Allen Staley, Gainesville, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Brad Fielder Hardman, Gainesville, BS- Political Science

Bradee Caroline Burrell, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Brandon James Grindle, Flowery Branch, AS- Pre-Medicine

Brandon Rad Mangum, Gainesville, BS- Biology

Brandon Ray Sloan, Flowery Branch, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Brenda C. Beaman, Oakwood, AA- Business Administration

Brittany Kara Barrett, Lula, ASN- Nursing

Brittany Renee Morris, Oakwood, BS- Biology

Brooke Nicole Hancock, Gainesville, AS- Criminal Justice

Caitlin Emilie Rodriguez, Flowery Branch, BS- Early Childhood Education

Calvin Michael Waters, Gainesville, AS- Exercise Science

Cara Faith Queen, Flowery Branch, BS- Early Childhood Education

Carly Danielle Preston, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Caroline Ann Kiger, Hoschton, BS- Early Childhood Education

Casey LeAnne Hulsey, Clermont, MS- Physical Education

Catalina Alvarez Alvarez, Flowery Branch, BA- Human Services Administration

Chadwick Lee Lance, Gillsville, AS- Engineering

Chelsea Lauren Britt, Oakwood, AA- Social Work

Cher Marie Singleton, Gainesville, AAS- Paralegal Studies

Cherie Annette Jackson, Gainesville, AS- Early Childhood Education

Cherika Chavela Bailey, Gainesville, AS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Cherokee Summer Poole, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Christina Deras, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Christina Fuentes, Flowery Branch, AA- Business Administration

Christopher David Cornett, Gainesville, BA-History/Certification

Christopher Steven Milton, Flowery Branch, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Cody Austen Kemp, Gainesville, AS-Criminal Justice

Cody Ryan Cash, Flowery Branch, AA- Business Administration

Connie LouAnn Phillip, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing/ Leadership Concentration

Corray Tempbra Boggs, Gainesville, AA- Political Science

Corryn Lee Smith, Oakwood, AS- Computer Science

Corynn Kelly West, Gainesville, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Courtney Marie Fagge, Gainesville, BA- Human Services Administration

Courtney Marie Rogers, Flowery Branch, BS- Middle Grades Education

Courtney R. Ramsey, Gainesville, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Cristina Marie Escochea, Flowery Branch, AA- Psychology

Cristina Michele Langford, Buford, AA-Business Administration

Cynthia Joy Kinsey, Gainesville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Daisy Griselda Ruiz, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Dana LeAnn House, Gainesville, BA- Human Services Administration

Daniel John Staub, Chestnut Mountain, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Danielle Nicole Carver, Murrayville, BS-Special Education

David Brent Smith, Oakwood, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/ Geographic Info Science Certification

David Garrett Cordell, Flowery Branch, AS- Criminal Justice

David John Timms, Gainesville, AA- Psychology

Deanna Gaye Smith, Hoschton, BS- Early Childhood Education

Deneice Marie Prince, Gillsville, ASN- Nursing

Diana Carolina Gil, Flowery Branch, BA- Human Services Administration

Diane Eileen Shackelford, Flowery Branch, BBA- Accounting

Diego Alberto Villacorta, Gainesville, BBA- Management

Donna R. Bressan, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Dylan Bret Shewbert, Clermont, BA- History

Elissa Anne Warren, Gainesville, BBA-Marketing

Elizabeth Martin Wallace, Flowery Branch, BS- Special Education

Erica Michele Cain, Gillsville, AS- General Studies

Erin Danielle Waltz, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Erin Miller Sniatecki, Gainesville, MAT- Middle Grades

Evan Scott Lawalin, Gainesville, BBA- Management

Gerald Felix Gauerke, Gainesville, AA- Social Work

Gilda Patricia Pelaez Sarasti, Oakwood, AS- Pre-Nursing

Grace Ansley Baldwin, Gainesville, ASN-Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Gregory Scott DeGraff, Murrayville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Haley Brooke Dover, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Haley Greer Arnold, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Heather Megan Wilbanks, Flowery Branch, ASN- Nursing

Heather Nicole Hudgins, Gainesville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Hugh Colby Cornelson, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Isabel Annaly Cuevas, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Jacob Francis Smith, Murrayville, BS- Criminal Justice

Jacob Wesley Martin, Gainesville, BBA- Management

Jamieson Leland Allen, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Janice Hewitt Trowers, Flowery Branch, BS- Early Childhood Education

Janine Elizabeth Glenn, Flowery Branch, BA International Affairs/Middle East Concentration

Jared Matthew Crandall, Flowery Branch, BS- Middle Grades Education

Jeffery Brandon Szatkowski, Hoschton, AS- Criminal Justice

Jeffrey Phil Brewer, Oakwood, BA- History/Certification

Jennica Marie Moncada, Flowery Branch, AA- Psychology

Jennifer Lee Thompson, Lula, BS- Special Education

Jennifer Lynn Reed, Flowery Branch, AS- Pre-Nursing

Jennifer Rae Springston, Buford, AA- Social Work

Jessica Danielle Cain, Gainesville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Jessica Lynn Grignon, Lula, AA- Psychology/ AS- Pre-Nursing

Jessica Lynn Tilson, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Jessica Michelle Denny, Gainesville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Jessica Morris Smith, Flowery Branch, BS- Early Childhood Education

Joel Alexander Perez, Gainesville, AS- Criminal Justice

John Calvin White, Braselton, AA- Business Administration

John N. Cochran, Gainesville, BA- History

John Philip Hayes, Gainesville, BS- Chemistry

Johnathan Blake Kytle, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Jordan Douglas Langman, Clermont, BBA- Finance

Jordan Emile Etienne, Flowery Branch, AA- General Studies

Jorge Villalobos, Gainesville, AA- History

Joseph Francisco Carrillo, Gainesville, BA- Human Services Administration

Joshua Shane McIntyre, Gainesville, AA- Political Science

Joyce Taylor Dickerson, Flowery Branch, AS- Early Childhood Education

Juan Bernardo Guerrero-Guerra, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Juliana Flores Medina, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Julie Marie Crouse, Gainesville, BS- Political Science

Julie Richardson Joy, Flowery Branch, AA- Business Administration

Justin J. Ramsey, Gainesville, Certification- Geographic Information Science

Kailey James Holmberg, Flowery Branch, BS- Special Education

Katherine Elizabeth Filchak, Gainesville, BBA- Marketing

Katherine Leigh Williams, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Katherine Marie Peifer, Flowery Branch, BS- Special Education

Kathleen Amis Exley, Oakwood, AA- Business Administration

Katie Collier Richard, Gainesville, BS- Psychology

Katlin Nicole Dills, Flowery Branch, AA- Business Administration

Kayla Faye Cansler, Flowery Branch, BS- Special Education

Kayla Paige Wood, Gainesville, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Kaylin Amanda Walters, Gainesville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Kazumasu Kristopher Takikawa, Gainesville, AS- Criminal Justice

Keith Michael Allison, Gainesville, AS- Early Childhood Education

Kellie Michelle Halford, Flowery Branch, BA- Human Services Administration

Kenneth G. Washington, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Kevin Gregory Davis, Flowery Branch, AA- Political Science

Krista King Joyner, Gainesville, BA- Human Services Administration

Kristen Nicole Iles, Gainesville, BS- General Studies

Kristen Renee Morris, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Kristopher Kyle Vincent, Gainesville, BBA- Accounting

Kyle Nolan Truelove, Murrayville, BA- English/Certification

Laura Carlson, Flowery Branch, BA- Human Services Administration

Lauren Elisabeth Duckworth, Flowery Branch, AS- Pre-Nursing

Lauren Elizabeth Guest, Alto, AA- Psychology

Lauren Mary Bolton, Clermont, BS- Middle Grades Education

Leigh Thompson Wilson, Gainesville, BS- Mathematics/Certification

Leighann Nicole Gilstrap, Gainesville, BBA- Management

Leslie Charlene Pedraza, Gainesville, AS- Middle Grades Education

Lily Ngoc Ho, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Lindsay Dean Ussery, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Lindsey Nichole McLamb, Gainesville, BS- Art Marketing

Linne’ Marie Merck, Lula, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Lisa Clair Logue, Gainesville, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Lyndsey Marie Irvin, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Madalene Grace Wilhelm, Gainesville, AA- Media Studies

Madison Shelbie Ledford, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Mallory August Lee, Gainesville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Margaret Njanji Ashu, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Mariah Alise Johnson, Lula, BA- Music

Marie Danielle Yeary, Flowery Branch, BS- Early Childhood Education

Mark Andre Patterson, Flowery Branch, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis

Marlen E. Reyes, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Mary Caitlin Pethel, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Matthew James Jones, Gainesville, BS- Chemistry

Matthew John Christmas, Gainesville, AA- General Studies

Megan Lynn Abreu, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Megan M’Ledge Elliot, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Mei Shan Wu Spradlin, Oakwood, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

Melissa Lynne Beverly, Flowery Branch, AS- Early Childhood Education

Micah James Mills, Gainesville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Michael Alan Johnson, Gainesville, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Michael Brent Bagwell, Gainesville, BS- Political Science/Pre-Law

Michael Richard Abreu, Gainesville, BS- Music Education/Professional Certification

Michelle Christina Pope, Gainesville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Nadia Lesha Millsap, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Nancy Sandoval, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Orry Westin Doster, Gainesville, AS- Early Childhood Education

Oscar R. Contreras, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Owen Rhys Hinds, Murrayville, BS- Physics

Pamela Kay Corbitt, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Paran Rebekah Fisch, Gainesville, BS- Mathematics

Parker Ray White, Murrayville, BBA- Marketing

Peggy Dawn Eckler, Gainesville, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Penny Anita Carpenter, Gainesville, AAS- Marketing Management

Philip Ashley Davis, Gainesville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Phyllis Tate Birt, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Quanica Dashae Bailey, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Quanta Lashae Bailey, Gainesville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Rebecca E. Doss, Gainesville, As- Early Childhood Education

Rebecca Lynn Thompson, Flowery Branch, BS- Special Education

Renee Denise Smith, Lula, AA- English

Robert Allen Hyde, Flowery Branch, AA- Business Administration

Robert James Keller, Gainesville, BBA- Accounting

Robert Lee Nolan, Gainesville, BA- Human Services Administration

Roger Clayton Woody, Clermont, ASN- Nursing

Roxie Danielle Miller, Lula, BS- Special Education

Ruth Delanoy, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Ruth Garcia, Gainesville, BS- Criminal Justice

Rylee Scott Martin, Gainesville, AS- Agriculture Engineering

Sabine Coley, Gainesville, BA- Human Services Administration

Salli Arlett Jarquin, Gainesville, AA-Art

Samantha Marie Evans, Flowery Branch, BS- Special Education

Samantha Ponce Castillo, Gainesville, BS- Biology

Samuel Alexander Carey, Gainesville, BBA- Marketing

Sara Bright Bagley, Gainesville, BBA- Marketing

Sara Colleen Sisson, Oakwood, ASN- Nursing

Sarah Ann Stinson, Murrayville, BA- Art/Art Studio Concentration

Sarah Danielle Harbison, Gainesville, BS- Mathematics

Sarah Elizabeth Kennedy, Gainesville, AAS-Dental Hygiene

Sarah Elizabeth Milford, Gainesville, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Sarah Elizabeth Nish, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Sarah Kate Jackson, Oakwood, AS- Biological Sciences

Scott Nicholas Delozier, Gainesville, BBA- Management

Sean Donald Devine, Gainesville, BS- Chemistry

Shaun White, Oakwood, AA- Business Administration

Shelley Rae Farley, Flowery Branch, AS- Early Childhood Education

Shelly Nicole Massey, Gainesville, AS- Early Childhood Education

Stefany J. Butterworth, Flowery Branch, BS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Stephanie Genevieve Hungerford, Gainesville MPA- Public Administration

Stephanie Hoshi Nunez, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Stephanie Marie Dixon, Gainesville, AAS- Paralegal Studies

Stephanie Nicole Bayer, Gainesville, BS- Chemistry

Stephanie Nicole Oliaro, Gainesville, BS- Special Education

Steven Lee Thrasher, Gainesville, BS- Chemistry

Sydney Arielle Hunsucker, Flowery Branch, BS- Early Childhood Education

Sydney Wynn Wilson, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Tabitha Kristine Davidson, Murrayville, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Taylor Wayne Clark, Gainesville, BS- Physics/Engineering

Teresa Nicole Dunn, Gainesville, ASN- Nursing

Terri A. Paxton, Flowery Branch, ASN- Nursing

Tiffany LeAnn Marlow, Gainesville, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Tina Marie Morrison, Flowery Branch, BS- Early Childhood Education

Todd Matthew Owens, Gainesville, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Tonya Ann Richardson, Gainesville, AAS-Paralegal Studies

Tranor Laine Valencia, Flowery Branch, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Tyler Alexander Frank, Gainesville, MBA- Business Administration

Veronica Wangui Ndegwa, Flowery Branch, BSN- Nursing

Victoria Jade Hollingsworth, Lula, BBA- Management

Victoria Nicole Keith, Gainesville, BBA- Accounting

Wendy Huong Trinh, Gainesville, BS- Athletic Training

William Davis Wehunt, Gainesville, BBA-Management

Zachary Marcus Wells, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Zachary Nathaniel Wojeck, Gainesville, AA- Business Administration

Zachary Ryan Tithof, Braselton, AA- Business Administration

Zachary Weldon Jones, Murrayville, AA- Business Administration

Hart County

Craig Heath Lewis, Bowersville, AA- Psychology/ AA- History

Dylan Taylor Fields, Hartwell, AA-Business Administration

Jenny Lynn Gurley, Hartwell, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Mac Ryan Freeman, Hartwell, BS- Computer Information Systems


Henry County

Brooke Nicole Wright, Stockbridge, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Catherine Ann Blow, McDonough, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Chandra Maria Cooper-Samuels, Stockbridge, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Kyle Thomas Winsor, McDonough, BA- History

Leigh Ann Epps, McDonough, AA- Business Administration

Melody Renah Boggs, McDonough, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Victoria Marie St. Clair, Hampton, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Houston County

Jenna Renee Barnwell, Warner Robins, ASN- Nursing

Lauren Gayle Franklin, Bonaire, AS –Early Childhood Education

Jackson County

Adora Jade Ortiz, Jefferson, ASN- Nursing

Alana Paige Shumake, Jefferson, AS- Pre-Nursing

Alison Claire Shelton, Commerce, AA- General Studies

Alyssa Michelle Esco, Hoschton, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Amanda Raye West, Commerce, AA- Business Administration/ AS- Early Childhood Education

Amber Lynn Collins, Commerce, BS- Psychology

Angela Stephanie Wiesner, Nicholson, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

April Ann Peden Commerce, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

Ashleigh Paige Ferguson, Jefferson, AA- General Studies

Autumn Ruth McGrath, Braselton, BS- Early Childhood Education

Brittany Jade Barron, Pendergrass, AA- English

Caroline Elizabeth Adams, Jefferson, BS- Middle Grades Education

Cassandra Lynn Frost, Jefferson, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/ Geographic Info Science Certification

Chase Matthew Brown, Jefferson, ASN- Nursing

Chenoa Ann Maples, Braselton, AS- Early Childhood Education

Christopher Chase Armour, Jefferson, As- Early Childhood Education

Cuong Van Vo, Braselton, AS- Engineering/ AS- Physics

Daniel Callis, McLain, Jefferson, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/ Geographic Info Science

Elaina M. Haralson, Commerce, BS- Early Childhood Education

Elizabeth Anne Jackson, Nicholson, BAS- Technology Management

Ellie Carr Hardigree, Jefferson, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Emiley Grace Missler, Maysville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Gregory Omar Patterson, Commerce, AA- Business Administration

Heather Leigh Cannon, Hoschton, BS- Middle Grades Education

Heather Lynette Carolus, Braselton, AS- Pre-Nursing

Heather Sue Gamble, Commerce, AS- Early Childhood Education

Jennifer England Williams, Braselton, DPT-Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jennifer Kim Roberts, Commerce, BS- Early Childhood Education

Jennifer Knight Griffeth, Nicholson, BBA- Management

Jeremy Lee Holt, Hoschton, MBA- Business Administration

Jessica Ruth Frazer, Jefferson, AS- Early Childhood Education

Jillian Marie Evans, Talmo, AS- Pre-Nursing

Jocelyn Michelle Hamel, Hoschton, AA- Psychology

Jodi Melinda Sharpe, Braselton, BBA- Management

Kathryn Allene Elrod, Talmo, ASN- Nursing

Katlin Michelle Wilson, Commerce, BS- Early Childhood Education

Kelly Nicole Webb, Commerce, BS- Early Childhood Education

Kenneth Lee Swilley, Jefferson, As- Pre-Nursing

Lauren K. Howe, Hoschton, AS- Exercise Science

Leigh Anne Nichols, Jefferson, AA- Psychology

Mallory Ann Dell, Jefferson, BS- Special Education

Mariah Dorris Yates, Jefferson, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Matthew Edward Post, Hoschton, BBA- Finance

Melody Ann Trippe, Commerce, ASN- Nursing

Nicole Mobley Adams, Nicholson, AA- Psychology

Phillip James Haberman, Hoschton, BS- Modern Languages/Spanish Concentration

Rachel Elizabeth Weaver, Hoschton, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Rebecca E. Perdue, Braselton, AS- Early Childhood Education

Reece Andrew Evans, Jefferson, MBA- Business Administration

Rosalyn E. Love, Braselton, AA- Business Administration

Sarah Marie Robertson, Commerce, AA- Business Administration

Tiffany Hernandez, Jefferson, AS- Pre-Nursing

Tiffany Layne Ellis, Jefferson, BS- Early Childhood Education

Tiffany Lynn Perrin, Jefferson, AS- General Studies

Timothy Scott Rowell, Nicholson, BFA- Design Tech for Theatre

William Alan Reed, Jefferson, AS- Sport Management

Zachary Hunter Venable, Nicholson, AA- Business Administration

Jefferson County

Daniel Valerian Stechly, Jefferson, AS- Engineering Technology

Jones County

Ashley Katharine Dixon, Gray, BS- Biology

Lamar County

Randy Terral Pless, Barnesville, BA- History

Lincoln County

Hillary Doss McAlister, Lincolnton, ASN- Nursing

Lowndes County

Kevin Micheal Householder, Naylor, ASN- Nursing

Lumpkin County

Alexander Temple Gupton, Dahlonega, BA- Political Science

Alexander Victor Everett, Dahlonega, BBA- Marketing

Allie Lynn Childers, Dahlonega, MPA- Public Administration

Almir Zajmi, Dahlonega, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Amanda Gail Dills, Dahlonega, ASN- Nursing

Amy Louisa Edwards, Dahlonega, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Anastasiya Lakhno, Dahlonega, M. Ed. – Middle Grades Education

Andrew Eric Puchstein, Dahlonega, MAT- Art Education

Andrew Gary MacDonald, Dahlonega, AA- English

Andrew Raymon Prince, Dahlonega, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Anthony Stephen Finch, Dahlonega, BS- Political Science

Benjamin Steven Roof, Dahlonega, BS- General Studies

Brian David Chambers, Dahlonega, BS- Mathematics

Brittany Leigh Chastain, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Brittany Nicole Kaissieh, Dahlonega, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Bruce Alan Johnson, Dahlonega, MAT- History

Charlotte Nichole Flanders, Dahlonega, BS- Middle Grades Education

Christa Hallie Hopkins, Dahlonega, BA- Music

Christina Marie Goodwin, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Christopher Dean Sheridan, Dahlonega, BS- Political Science

Clinton Joseph Harvin, Dahlonega, BA- Political Science

Cory Lee Krackenberger, Dahlonega, BA- International Affairs/ European Concentration

Deborah Joan Thrasher, Dahlonega, BS- Middle Grades Education

Douglas Ray Sherrill, Dahlonega, MPA- Public Administration

Dustin Harold Carpenter, Dahlonega, BS- Physical Education/Certification

Elyse Victoria Guest, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Gabriel Anna Lynch, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Garrett Tyler Smith, Dahlonega, BS- Criminal Justice

Gerti Petraq Bardho, Dahlonega, BS- Engineering/ BS- Mathematics

Gregory Adam Heil, Dahlonega, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Hannah Ruth Stevens Garcia, Dahlonega, BS- Biology

Holly Lauren Maultsby, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Jacob Lee Miller, Dahlonega, AA- Theatre

James Brian Neubauer, Dahlonega, BS- Political Science/American Politics Concentration

James Thomas Burnett, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Jennifer Ann Benton, Dahlonega, ASN- Nursing

Jeremiah Daniel Chapman, Dahlonega, BS- Psychology

Jessica Fontaine Corindia, Dahlonega, BA- Political Science

Jessica Lynn Hanlon, Dahlonega, BA- English/Literature Concentration

Jessica Nicole Dowdle, Dahlonega, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Jodie Dorema Gayton, Dahlonega, ASN- Nursing

Jodie Joanna Borchert, Dahlonega, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Johnathan Andrew Mullins, Dahlonega, BS- Mathematics/ Certification

Jordan Gabrielle Wesley, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Joseph Lee Blake, Dahlonega, BS- Biology

Josephine Heather Le, Dahlonega, BS- Athletic Training

Kayla E. Walden, Dahlonega, AS- Early Childhood Education

Kayla Marie Gridley, Dahlonega, BSN- Nursing

Kelley Jo Spurlock, Dahlonega, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Kelly Lynn Glaze, Dahlonega, BS- Art Marketing

Kelsey Anne Hagler, Dahlonega, BS- Criminal Justice

Kimberly Kay Newsome, Dahlonega, BS- Sociology

Kimberly Kristine Jarrard, Murrayville, AAS- Paralegal Studies

Kristin Elaine Hiler, Dahlonega, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Lauren Elaine Russell, Dahlonega, MPA- Public Administration

Lauren Michelle Stephenson, Dahlonega, M. Ed. –Early Childhood Education

Leigh Ann Romine, Dahlonega, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Leslie Jena Truelove, Dahlonega, BS- Middle Grades Education

Linton Forrest Harvey, Dahlonega, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Madelyn Eddyth Owens, Dahlonega, BS- Middle Grades Education

Mary Austin T. Toney, Dahlonega, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Mary Catherine Bricker, Dahlonega, BS- Art Education

Mary Catherine Manthei, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Melissa Donne Adams, Dahlonega, ASN- Nursing

Michael Christopher Young, Dahlonega, BBA- Management

Morgan Lea Maxwell, Dahlonega, BS- Physical Education/ Leadership Minor

Nicholas Brandon Parker, Dahlonega, BA- International Affairs/ Asian Concentration

Nicholas Evan Rivera, Dahlonega, BA- Modern Languages/Spanish Concentration

Peter Michael West, Dahlonega, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Rebekah Garner Maycock, Dahlonega, BS- Middle Grades Education

Richard Andrew Ross, Dahlonega, BS- Biology

Ryan Christopher Stephens, Dahlonega, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Sally Faye Anderson, Dahlonega, AS- Pre-Nursing

Shannon Elizabeth Cannon, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Shawn Henschen, Dahlonega, BBA- Management

Shelley Lauren Pritchett, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Sonia Maria McGowan, Dahlonega, ASN- Nursing

Tonya Michelle Moretz, Dahlonega, ASN- Nursing

Veronica E. Esters, Dahlonega, BS- Criminal Justice

Zachary Alan Saway, Dahlonega, BS- Physical Education/ Exercise Science Concentration

Madison County

Autumn Rose Triplett, Colbert, AA- Political Science

Bobby Scott Parker, Danielsville, BS- Physics/ BS- Accounting

Chandler Scott Bugg, Colbert, AS- Agriculture

Chelsea Lynn Abbott, Hull, AS-Early Childhood Education

Dylan Joseph Mobley, Colbert, AA- Business Administration

Emily Taylor Burroughs, Hull, AA- Psychology

George Dylan Brooks, Comer, As- Pre-Nursing

Kattariya Smith, Colbert, AA- Foreign Languages

Mallory Paige Miller, Colbert, AS- Early Childhood Education

Sara Elizabeth Brubaker, Comer, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Tyler James Austin, Danielsville, AA- General Studies

Morgan County

Jennifer Rose Jordan, Madison, AA- Psychology

Murray County

Ethan Don Penland, Chatsworth, BA- English/Literature Concentration

Hannah Dawn Parson, Crandall, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Joshua Kyle Hensley, Chatsworth, BA- History/Certification

Mollie Kate Parker, Chatsworth, BS- Criminal Justice

Muscogee County

Jose Abinadi Buenrostro, Columbus, AA- Business Administration

Kelsey Elizabeth McDermott, Columbus, BA- History/Certification

Newton County

Brittany Shadelle Cobb, Oxford, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jason Robert Digby, Covington, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration

Timothy Gerard Collart, Covington, BS- Physics/ BS- Engineering

Oconee County

Alena Nikkole Pumphrey, Watkinsville, AA- Psychology

Amanda Jo Gunter, Bishop, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Amber Michele Painter, Watkinsville, AS- General Studies

Bianca Gedeon, Bogart, AS- Biological Sciences

Daniela Hernandez McLean, Watkinsville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Emily Anne Wilkinson, Watkinsville, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Jeremy Austin Payne, Watkinsville, As- General Studies

Jill Marie Bell, Watkinsville, AA- Social Work

John Scott Blackwell, Bishop, BS- Environmental Spatial Analysis/Geographic Info Science Certification

Lauren Nicole Bernales, Athens, AA- Business Administration

Leslie Kirsten West, Athens, AA- Business Administration

Megan Elizabeth Heusser, Watkinsville, AA- Art

Miranda Rose Morris, Athens, BS- Early Childhood Care and Education

Pilar Macie Harden, Watkinsville, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Precious Tiara Bass, Athens, AS- General Studies

Rebekah Leah Rushing, Watkinsville, AA- Business Administration

Samantha L. Boyd, Athens, AA- Social Work

Stephanie Ann Gonzalez, Bogart, AA- General Studies

Oglethorpe County

Kimberly Winsett Nelms, Athens, BS- Early Childhood Education

Michael W. Winsett, Maxeys, AS- Early Childhood Education

Nicholas Lee Buchanan, Stephens, AA- Political Science

Quincy Ahmad West, Athens, AA- Psychology

Rachel Ann Bridges, Arnoldsville, AS- General Studies

Paulding County

Andrew Paul Fisher, Hiram, BA- History

Brandon Chase Newman, Dallas, BBA- Finance

Janet LeAnn West, Hiram, BS- Athletic Training

Pickens County

Amanda H. Duncan, Jasper, ASN- Nursing

Courtney Higgins Segers, Talking Rock, BS- Special Education

James Wesley Conner, Jasper, BSN- Nursing

Kelly Allen Fendley, Talking Rock, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Laura Elizabeth Sadler, Jasper, ASN- Nursing

Lindsey Nicole Sheppard, Jasper, BA- English/Literature Concentration

Roy Lee Fowler, Ball Ground, AA- History

Sierra Faith Gerald, Jasper, ASN- Nursing

Polk County

Sallie Jane Kimbro, Aragon, BS- Criminal Science/Forensics Concentration

Putnam County

Kirsten Lekenna Dennis, Eatonton, BBA- Management

Rabun County

Candace Lynn Mathis, Mountain City, M. Ed. –Middle Grades Education

Hannah James Dean, Clayton, MS- Physical Education

Ilse Lizbeth Lopez, Clayton, AA- Business Administration

Jenna Brooke Tucker, Tiger, BA- English/Literature Concentration

Sasha Leigh Fleming, Rabun Gap, AS- General Studies

Thomas Knight Calvert, Rabun Gap, MAT- Mathematics Education

Richmond County

Emily Morgan Price, Martinez, AA- Business Administration

Rockdale County

Stevi Denise Wheeler, Conyers, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Spalding County

Keith Derek Fontenot, Griffin, BS- Criminal Justice

Stephens County

Alexis Ellen Van Minos, Toccoa, BS- Athletic Training

Ashley Danielle Simpson, Toccoa, ASN- Nursing

Bertram Chase Fulbright, Toccoa, BBA- Accounting

Bethany Michelle Waites, Lavonia, AA- Psychology

Grant Mark Watson, Toccoa, BS- Criminal Justice

Hillary Holland Bentley, Martin, BSN- Nursing

Jessica Michelle Howard, Toccoa, BS- Physical Education/Leadership Minor

Jessica Nicole Massey, Toccoa, BA- Art/Art Studio Concentration

Joshua Mark Ivester, Toccoa, BS- Mathematics

Krysten Brooke Vanderhoef, Toccoa, ASN- Nursing

Kyle Daniel McSherry, Toccoa, BS- Special Education

Malory Beth Allen, Toccoa, ASN- Nursing

Martha Greer Runyan, Toccoa, BS- Special Education

Michael Andrew Zoffmann, Toccoa, AA- Business Administration

Morgan Haley Bolick, Toccoa, BS- Psychology

Quintina Dee Owens, Toccoa, ASN- Nursing

Sidney James Hopkins, BBA- Marketing

Whitney Lynn Moore, Toccoa, BS- Special Education

Tift County

Brittany Nicole Sikes, Ty Ty, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Towns County

Kayla Brittany Osborn, Hiawassee, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Kyla Marie Walker, Young Harris, BS- Special Education

Troup County

Carrie Houston Matthews, West Point, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Susanna Marie Cipolla, Lagrange, BS- Special Education

Union County

Brittany Therese Balsamo, Blairsville, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Cody Fisher Hutchison, Suches, AS- Criminal Justice

Emily Caroline Hicks, Blairsville, BS- Middle Grades Education

Jared Dean Kelley, Blairsville, BS- Physics

Jared Kyle Arrant, Blairsville, BBA- Management

Jessica Ann Farner, Blairsville, BS- Special Education

Karen Miranda Barrett, Suches, BA- History/ Certification

Kimberly Dawn Allen, Blairsville, BAS- Technology Management

Kristian Jillian Burks, Blairsville, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Sarah Leeanne Fulghum, Blairsville, BS- Mathematics

Walker County

Ginger Marie Pence, La Fayette, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Michael Thomas Glass, Chickamauga, BA- History

Tyler Blake Johnson, La Fayette, BA- International Affairs/Asian Concentration

Walton County

Anastasia Sofia Roberts, Monroe, AA- Business Administration

April Hewell Mills, Monroe, ASN- Nursing

Ariel Christian Mitchell, Monroe, AS- Pre-Nursing

Crichton Anne Hollingsworth, Monroe, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Isatou Jallow, Loganville, AA- Political Science

Jana Dye Heyman, Loganville, AA- Business Administration

Jessica Nicole Martin, Loganville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Jordan Cara Townsend, Loganville, AS- Pre-Nursing

Lindsay Joyce White, Loganville, BAS- Technology Management

Magan Marie Katnis, Loganville, BBA- Management

Mary Elizabeth Cook, Loganville, AA- Psychology

Mary Katherine Bryant, Loganville, BA- English/Certification

Melynda Samantha Ramroop, Loganville, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Natalie Louann Brooks, Monroe, ASN- Nursing

Sara Kathryn McCance, Loganville, As- Pre-Medicine

Sarah Magaret Manthei, Monroe, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Troy Dean Rivers, Loganville, BS- Early Childhood Education

Yonique Anakay Henry, Loganville, AA- Business Administration

White County

Adriane C. Dorsey, Cleveland, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Amber Nicole George, Cleveland, BS- Special Education

Andrea Allen Orr, Cleveland, ASN- Nursing/Leadership Concentration

BreeLee Michael Mead Garrett, Cleveland, ASN-Nursing/Leadership Concentration

Brooke Nicole Sutton, Cleveland, BBA- Management

Carol Elizabeth Pardue, Cleveland, ASN- Nursing

Colleen Nicole Edwards, Cleveland, BBA- Accounting

Corin Andrew McDonald, Cleveland, BA- English/Writing & Publication Concentration

Cresta R. Turner, Cleveland, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Erin Elizabeth Skelton, Cleveland, BS- Biology

Jennifer Joan Whitaker, Cleveland, BBA- Finance

Jesse Jacob Ledford, AA- History

Joshua R. Ingram, Cleveland, BS- Physical Education/ Leadership Minor

Kacey Brooke Wilbanks, Cleveland, BS- Special Education

Katherine Rachael Beccue, Sautee Nacoochee, BA- International Affairs/Asian Concentration

Kayla Marie Cantrell, Sautee Nacoochee, BS- Special Education

Kayla Marie Swenson, Cleveland, BS- Physics

Kelsey Marie Welch Thompson, Cleveland, BS- Special Education

Kristin Renee’ Jarrard, Sautee Nacoochee, BS- Criminal Justice

Lauren Elizabeth Jankowski, Cleveland, AAS- Dental Hygiene

Megan Elizabeth Brown, Sautee Nacoochee, AS- Pre-Nursing

Mitchell Scott Bardenwerper, Helen, BBA- Management

Patricia Lori Jill Hirschi, Cleveland, AAS- Medical Assisting

Rebecca Ann Milhollin, Cleveland, BS- Special Education

Sharon Rebekah Keane, Cleveland, BA- Music

Shelby Mariah Goins, Sautee Nacoochee, BBA- Management

Stephanie Gilstrap Hulsey, Cleveland, MPA- Public Administration

Suzanne Dawn Harris, Cleveland, ASN- Nursing

Whitfield County

Brandon Mark Wykoff, Dalton, BS- Physics/ BS- Engineering

Brittney Nicole Spence, Dalton, BS- Mathematics/Certification

Courtney Shea Camp, Dalton, BBA- Accounting

Jacob Lee Rector, Dalton, BS- Middle Grades Education

Jared Lane Fowler, Dalton, M. Ed. –Middles Grades Education


Wilkes County

Lindsey Carlisle Guin, Washington, BS- Mathematics/Certification

Worth County

Kevin Eric Glenn Jackson, Sylvester, ASN- Nursing

Out of State


Catalina Olarte, Birmingham, Jefferson County, BBA- Marketing


Kimberly M. Kincaid, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy


Dana Allison Sanders, Fernandina Beach, Nassau County, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Gregory Alan Rader, Punta Gorda, Charlotte County, BA- Political Science

Gregory Nathan Garton, Merritt Island, Brevard County, ASN- Nursing

Jennifer Elese Gillett, Ormond Beach, Volusia County, BS- Physical Education/Exercise Science Concentration

Karin Allaine David, Tarpon Springs, Pinellas County, M. Ed. – Middle Grades/ Mathematics Concentration/Science Concentration

Neville Richard Williams, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, BA- Music

Robert Samuel Goldsmith, Melbourne, Brevard County, BBA- Management

Sean Michael Lynch, Satellite Beach, Brevard County, MAIA- International Affairs


Vincent Zabala, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, BS- Criminal Justice/Forensics Concentration


Allison Leigh Bradley, Junction City, Geary County, MS- Physical Education

North Carolina

Daniel R. Martin, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, BBA- Finance

Faith Elizabeth Calvert, Fayetteville, Cumberland County, BA- History

Jessica Anne Elledge, Sanford, Lee County, BA- Modern Languages/Chinese Concentration

Theron Alan Hollar, Crossnore, Avery County, BA- Modern Languages/Chinese Concentration

Tyler David Ledford, Hayesville, Clay County, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy

Zachary Thomas Hippe, Raleigh, Wake County, BS- Political Science


Cassie L. Maley, Kent, Portage County, MS- Physical Education


Lindsey Christine Riddle, Lawton, Comanche County, BBA- Marketing

South Carolina

Jorge Antonio Aponte-Rivera, Bluffton, Beaufort County, BBA- Accounting

Kati Nicole Bellamy, Loris, Horry County, DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy


Emily Clare Bowen, Brentwood, Williamson County, BBA- Management


Casey Lee Niemeier, Allen, Collin County, BS- Mathematics

Sarah R. Ewing, Waco, McLenna County, BA- Music


Bradley Ray Alford, Manassas, Prince William County, BA- International Affairs/Middle East Concentration

Leslie Marie Schulte, Wise, BS- Early Childhood Care & Education

Timothy Emanuel Corey, Reston, Fairfax County, BA- History

Out of Country

Diana Olivia Rosales, Guana Caste, BS- Biology

Laura Margarita Navarro, South America, BBA- Marketing

Maria Carolina Porras, Barranquilla, BS- Psychology


Edie Rogers
Social Media Manager

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