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Scholarships, Internships, and Jobs (MPA)

Scholarships and Other Financial Aid Programs

Georgia Government Finance Officers Association

The Georgia Government Finance Officers Association awards two $3000 scholarships annually to students who are enrolled in Georgia universities and who wish to pursue a career in public finance, accounting, or a related field.

If you would like to apply for such a scholarship, please visit the association's Web site at this URL address:

The deadline for applying for a scholarship this year is June 30.  (E-mail message of 4/30/03)

Georgia City-County Management Association

The Georgia City-County Management Association (GCCMA) has established and sponsors the Harold F. Holtz Jr. M.P.A. Scholarship Program.  The program awards up to three scholarships to qualified students interested in pursuing a career in local government in Georgia.  The maximum amount of each scholarship is $1500 for two academic semesters (i.e., $572.50 per semester) plus $355 for a summer session or to be applied to the next semester.  The student must attend a university within the University System of Georgia.  "Persons who do not wish to consider a career in local government, who cannot articulate what appeals to them about local government service, or whose graduate course preparation will not include instruction on the forms, function and policy processes of local government, should not consider applying for a GCCMA scholarship."

Obtain application forms and information from Dr. Friedman.  Questions may be referred to Ty Ross, city administrator of Dalton, at (706) 278-9500 or Janice Eidson at (678) 686-6256 or .  The deadline for applications is October 1, 2012.  (Source of information:  letter dated August 6, 2012.)


Presidential Management Fellows Program

Note:  The Presidential Management Intern program was renamed (Executive Order 13318, November 21, 2003).  In 2005, students are eligible to apply between September 1 and October 14; they must be scheduled to graduate between September 1, 2005, and August 31, 2006.

Brief description of the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program.

The PMF Program is a leadership development program that provides opportunities to work with and impact public policy, to serve one's country, and to receive competitive pay, benefits, and career advancement.  America is looking for outstanding master's, law, or doctoral-level students to work in the Federal service.  Created in 1977 as the Presidential Management Intern (PMI) program, and reorganized in 2003 and redesignated as the PMF program, the PMF is a rigorous two-year paid program includes 80-hours of training each year, challenging rotations, accelerated promotions, and opportunities to network between agencies.  Fellows are hired by agencies to work on domestic and international issues in public administration, technology, science, criminal justice, health, financial management, national security, and many other fields.

 The PMI Program seeks the best and the brightest Americans who want to make a difference in the public service. Students are eligible to apply for the PMI Class of 2004 if they meet the degree requirements for a master’s or doctoral degree from a regionally accredited school between September 1, 2003 , and August 31, 2004 . Although any eligible student may apply, only those nominated by their school are eligible to participate in an assessment process to determine PMI Finalists, and ideally hired by federal agencies as PMIs. Under the auspices of the Office of Personnel Management, the PMI Program is an integral component of succession planning strategies to meet the federal government’s urgent human capital needs.

New guidance for deans, academic chairs and program directors and career service staff to recruit and nominate students.

  • The PMI Program is launching a new online process that will require new procedures for both student applicants and school nomination officials. All students will now be able to apply online, although not all will be nominated by their schools. The following outline briefly summarizes the new process, and more details will be posted to the PMI website at as soon as they are finalized. This process represents our best collective efforts in a limited timeframe, and the PMI program staff is committed to continuing to improve the process in future years.
  • The dean, chairperson or program director of each degree-granting school, college or university designates a PMI Nomination Coordinator that oversees the recruitment, application and nomination process for a specific school or for multiple colleges within a university. Together they will determine the specific nomination requirements, competitive process and deadlines for that school. They are responsible for publicizing the PMI Program to students, and taking steps to specifically recruit minority candidates and people with disabilities. Information given to students about the PMI Program should contain: a) the Nomination Coordinator’s name, title (dean, chairperson, program director or career professional) and email address, b) the school’s nomination criteria and any applicable deadlines, and c) the PMI website and application deadlines.
  • Students can submit PMI Applications online between September 1 and Midnight, October 15, 2003 EST. Students will be required to provide contact information about their school’s Nomination Coordinator as part of their application. They will also submit resume information including education and work experience, and an Accomplishment Record that will later be used in an assessment process to determine PMI Finalists. Students will receive email confirmation that their Application has been received. Based on the email contacts provided by the student, the Nomination Coordinators will receive emails from the PMI Program office on September 12 and 26, and October 10, listing the names of the applicants from their school with the ability to view each student Applicant’s education, work experience, and other resume information. To avoid duplicating the criteria used to evaluate Applicants, the Accomplishment Record will not be shared with the Nomination Coordinators.

  • Nomination Coordinators will receive an alphabetical summary of all of the PMI Applicants from their school on October 16th and will have until Midnight on October 31st EST to nominate students. Applications that receive no action from the Nomination Coordinator by that deadline will not be nominated. That email will contain a website link that can be shared with others on the school’s nomination team. Each school must conduct a competitive nomination process to select their highest quality candidates. Schools are allowed to nominate up to 10% of the total of each degree-granting school or college (such as the Wagner School at NYU) or a total of five candidates, whichever is greater. Criteria for school nominations must include breadth and quality of accomplishments, capacity for leadership, and demonstrated commitment to a career in the analysis and management of public policies and programs. Each school can develop additional criteria for nominations, keeping in mind that grade point averages are not effective predictors of future performance and may have adverse impacts on low income or minority students.
  • Veterans who meet eligibility for the PMI Program and qualification for the school’s specific nomination criteria must be nominated (schools may require proof of status). Schools are encouraged to nominate women, minorities and people with disabilities to the program. Schools may start their own nomination process before the above dates if they provide advance information to students. Nomination Coordinators will need to submit the Federal School Code for each Applicant, as well as the specific Department or School within the College or University the student attends. They will be given the opportunity to nominate, decline or take no action on each applicant, and will receive email confirmation of their decisions.
  • Nominees will then participate in an assessment process by the Office of Personnel Management to determine PMI Finalists. Accomplishment Records will be pre-screened based on the three competencies of analytical thinking, demonstrated leadership, and interpersonal and team skills. Assessment panels will enter numerical ratings for each competency with cumulatively averaged scores.  Selected Nominees will be asked to participate in a day-long Assessment Center process that will include a proctored written exercise with randomly selected questions, as well as an oral presentation and group exercises. Nominees and Nomination Coordinators will be notified by the end of March about those who have been chosen as Finalists.

  • Finalists participate in a process to be hired by a specific Federal agency as a Presidential Management Intern. Most Finalists participate in the Job Fair held in Washington , DC , in mid-April. Others utilize the online Projected Position System to find, apply and interview with the agencies, and at locations, of their choice. Once a Finalist is hired, and completed a security background check if required for that position, by December 31, 2004 , they become a PMI. Applicants not nominated, Nominees not selected as Finalists, and Finalists not hired by the end of the year will receive information about other federal service opportunities throughout the process. Nomination Coordinators will receive information confirming the new PMI’s from their school.

Sample campus recruitment language.

  • Seeking Applicants to the Presidential Management Intern Program.  Exceptional students interested in public service and meeting master’s or doctoral-level degree requirements between September 1, 2003 , and August 31, 2004 , are eligible to apply to this prestigious two-year paid internship program working with Federal agencies. This leadership development program includes 80-hours of training each year, challenging rotations, accelerated promotions, and opportunities to network between agencies. Apply online at between September 1 and Midnight , EST, on October 15, 2003 . Applicants must consult with their school’s Nomination Coordinator, insert name, title and email address here, to compete for the school’s nomination into the program.

Join PMIcampus Listserv for information and updates.

  • This new listserv will post approximately four messages each year to college and university staff interested in the PMI program. It will provide brief guidance for recruitment, applications and nominations; PMI Finalist and hiring updates; and assessment and job fair information. Simply email using plain text formatting (without signature or attachments) -- in the body of the email enter: SUBSCRIBE PMIcampus Your School, First name Last name, Title. You will receive confirmation as a subscriber, and can unsubscribe using the same procedure. Please encourage others at your school who are interested in the PMI program to subscribe.

Attend the PMI academic stakeholders meeting on Monday, August 11, 2003.

  • All deans, academic chairs, program directors, career professionals and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend the meeting scheduled for 9:30am to 4:00pm on Monday, August 11, 2003 , at American University’s School of Public Affairs in Washington, D. C. (registration begins at 9 a.m.). The agenda for the meeting will include information about the new online application process, guidance for school nomination processes, updates on the revised assessment process, proposed Executive Order and Regulation changes to the program, and a discussion about various components of the PMI Program from the Job Fair to the Graduation.
  • Please RSVP your attendance to with the subject as “Academic RSVP.” The meeting will be held at the Ward Circle Building , Room 1 on the Terrace level, located at the intersection of Nebraska and Massachusetts Avenues in NW Washington. Free parking is available in the Nebraska Avenue parking lot across from the Ward Circle Building . The red line, Tenley Town metro stop, is a 12-15 minute walk to AU, or a free AU shuttle leaves from the metro stop in front of the Hollywood Video store every 10 minutes – just tell the driver you’re attending a meeting at AU. AU recommends the Embassy Suites Hotel at 4300 Military Road NW DC , 202-362-9300, for out of town participants. If you are unable to attend in person, but are interested in virtual attendance, please email the same address with the subject as “Virtual Academic RSVP” and if we have been able to arrange something we will instruct you about how to participate. We hope to see you there.

Website and contact information:

  • Please review the above website for more detailed information about the PMI Program, and consider a link to our website from your own. The website contains information about eligibility, applications, nominations, participating federal agencies, program guidance, training opportunities and much more. It is our intention to create a campus contact page on our website in the near future. Please check the “Program News” from the “General Information” page under “Program Policy” for up-to-date information. Additional questions about issues not covered in the website can be emailed to or contacting us below. Thank you for your participation in this important program.

Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program
Office of Personnel Management
1900 E Street NW, Washington , DC 20415-9820
Phone: 202-606-1040, Fax: 202-606-5049
James Wilson, Deputy Director
Kim Bauhs, Senior Program Analyst
Rob Timmins, Resource Manager
Kye Briesath , Policy Analyst, PMI

(E-mail message on 7/18/03, with some revision on 9/28/05)

U.S. Department of State Internship Program

NOTE:  While the Department of State has a limited number of paid internship that are available to students who can demonstrate financial need, most of these internships are unpaid.

About half of the Department of State Internships are located in Washington, D. C.  A limited number are located at department offices in other large U. S. cities.  The remaining internships are at U. S. embassies and consulates abroad.  Interns serve for one semester or summer session during the academic year for a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks.  Interns work a 40-hour week.  Only U. S. citizens are eligible.

"Internships are excellent preparation for future careers in both the Civil Service and the Foreign Service. . . .  Intern duties and responsibilities may vary according to the post or office of assignment.  For instance, interns may write reports on human rights issues, assist with trade negotiations, assist with citizen's services or visa work, help Americans in distress abroad, or organize conferences or visits of high-level officials.  Others may research economic or environmental issues, write news stories, work on web pages or help produce electronic journals. . . .  Those interested in management may use their expertise working on projects involving budgets, human resources, information systems, or general logistical support to posts abroad.  Some may be involved in educational and cultural exchange activities."

"Applications for the U. S. Department of State's intern program must be submitted online, using the 'Gateway to State' system.  To access 'Gateway to State,' visit our website at and click on Student Programs.  Then click the 'Gateway to State' button.  If you are a new user, follow the instructions to create a new user account.  Please remember to write down and save your user ID and password.

The application deadlines are as follows:  for a summer internship, November 1; for a fall internship, March 1; for a spring internship, July 1.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management "Scholarship for Service" Program

The Office of Personnel Management's website for the "Scholarship For Service" program, designed to increase and strengthen the cadre of federal information assurance professionals, is now available.

The goal of the Scholarship For Service program is to help provide a high-quality workforce to better protect the government's critical information infrastructure. The program provides scholarships that fully fund the typical costs that students pay for books, tuition, and room and board while attending an approved institution of higher learning. Additionally, participants receive stipends of up to $8,000 for undergraduates and $12,000 for graduate students.

While still in school, students funded for more than a year will also serve a paid internship at a federal agency. The agency may offer students other paid employment while they are on scholarship if it does not interfere with their studies. In exchange for the scholarship and stipend, students agree to work for the federal government for a period equivalent to the length of the scholarship or one year, whichever is longer.

Kay Coles James, the director of OPM, said federal agencies that participate by providing internship and long-term placement opportunities for these students accomplish several objectives. "Besides responding to Congress' concern that their lines of defense are inadequate, they take a step forward in pursuing a central goal of this Administration: the protection of our country and its citizens," she stated.

Information on the SFS program is available at .  (E-mail, 4/3/03)

Georgia Legislative Intern Program

Annually, the Georgia General Assembly seeks college and university students to serve as interns. Information is located on the program's Web site, the URL address of which is . For information, please contact our campus coordinator, Dr. Carl D.Cavalli, professor of political science.

The program's circulars state that the program is open to juniors and seniors. From past discussions with program coordinators, it is believed that a graduate student will be considered (there just isn't much precedent for it).

Georgia Department of Labor
Georgia Department of Labor offers college student internships
     The Georgia Department of Labor's 2011-2012 Internship Program will offer internships to college juniors and seniors and technical college students in their final semester.  The year-round internship program will provide college students with practical work experience, an opportunity to earn school credit, and a chance to make up to $2,400 during the course of a semester.  Interns will be assigned to state labor offices based on student interest and office needs.

     Students who complete internships while in college gain real-life work experience that will open doors with potential employers following graduation, said State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler.  Interns gain job skills, and learn the importance of teamwork, establishing good work ethics, and setting and meeting goals.  These are lessons that will prepare them to succeed in the well-educated and highly-skilled workforce Georgia must develop to rebuild a strong economy.

Interns may work 25 hours per week for a semester based on their respective institutions' academic calendars.  The program is open to all eligible college students, who have not previously interned with the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL).

School credits may be earned, but interns will be responsible for making arrangements with their respective institutions.  Interns will be selected on the following criteria: student interests, whether such interests align with possible job duties at the GDOL, and student access to the department's career centers, vocational rehabilitation offices, and other offices throughout the state.  Whenever possible, selected interns will be allowed to choose the office where they will work.
Currently, applications are being accepted for the summer and fall semesters of 2011 and the winter and springs semesters of 2012.
City of Long Beach, CA, Managment Assistance Program

The City of Long Beach is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the 2007-2008 Management Assistance Program.  The program, which is in its 26th year, provides a structured one-year learning opportunity, through which Management Assistants gain broad professional experience in local government.  After a thorough orientation to City operations, Management Assistants rotate through four diverse departmental assignments.  During these rotational assignments, they gain in-depth insight into City management.

This year, the City will hire up to four individuals who will have completed Master's Degrees in Public Administration, Public Policy, or related fields by the start date of the program (July 2007).  The Long Beach program is widely recognized as one of the best apprenticeships in the nation. . . .

The salary for the one-year program is $46,000.  Management Assistants are considered full-time employees and receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and life insurance for employees and dependents; membership in the State of California Public Employees Retirement System (PERS); personal holiday leave, sick leave, management executive leave and vacation (accumulated after one year of service).

Applicants are requested to submit four copies of their resume, names and phone numbers of three academic or professional references, copies of transcripts, and answers to three questions. . . .  All application materials must be postmarked by January 26, 2007.

Please contact the Department of Human Resources at (562) 570-6915 for brochures.  Students may obtain more information about the Management Assistant Program at: .  Interested candidates may also speak directly with program alumni if they have questions regarding the program.

Management Assistant Program
City of Long Beach
333 West Ocean Boulevard, 13th Floor
Long Beach, CA   90802
(562) 570-6915

State of Maryland, Governor's Policy Fellows Program

The Governor's Policy Fellows Program is a two-year professional experience that brings the nation's most talented graduates of public management and policy programs to Maryland State Government.  Successful candidates apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of real-world challenges.  Fellows work with high-level public officials and are encouraged to challenge current thinking as they develop creative responses to policy problems.  They are able to draw upon the experiences that the program provides to cultivate and refine their own career goals and to identify future employment opportunities.  In return, the State of Maryland benefits from the Fellows' ideas and energy.

The program is small; up to four new fellows are selected to participate each year.  It is also responsive.  We work hard to match Fellows' interests with current needs.  The result is a unique professional opportunity to explore various agencies and programs by serving in three distinct placements over a two-year period.  Typically, Fellows are assigned to the immediate office of a cabinet secretary or to a state agency's research or analysis unit.  Specially arranged activities--such as discussions with state leaders and tours of state facilities--complement the fellowship experience.

The Governor's Policy Fellows Program is open to recent graduates of master's and doctoral programs.  Successful applicants are employed on a contractual basis for two years at a salary of $38,542 per year (50 weeks).  Fellows have the same state employee benefits, such as health benefits, that other new state employees receive.  Fellows earn one day of paid leave on a biweekly basis.  Fellowships begin on or about September 1 of each year.

Qualifications:  Both Maryland residents and out-of-state applicants are welcome.  Candidates must have earned a master's degree or have completed required coursework for a doctoral degree in public policy, administration, management, or business between March 1, 2005, and September 1, 2006.  Decisions regarding candidates with related degrees will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Original copies of the application form and required supporting materials must be received no later than February 24, 2006.

Selection process:  Application materials are screened by a selection panel; the most qualified candidates are invited for a personal interview.  Decisions are based on academic record, recommendations, and experience (internships and professional and community involvement).  Demonstrated problem-solving and decision-making abilities, written- and oral-communication skills and leadership potential will also be evaluated.  Recommendations of the selection panel are submitted to the governor for approval, and Fellows are notified of acceptance in late April.

Questions concerning the program should be addressed to Paula Fitzwater, director of the Governor's Policy Fellows Program, at (410) 260-4504 or .

Paula Fitzwater, Director
Governor's Policy Fellows Program
Maryland Higher Education Commission
839 Bestgate Road, Suite 400
Annapolis, Maryland   21401

Governor's Intern Program - Georgia

The Governor’s Intern Program is looking for bright, hard-working and enthusiastic young people to intern at the State Capitol* this summer. Our interns range in age from college juniors to recent college graduates to graduate or law school students. Governor’s Interns work in a fast-paced environment and gain a wide-range of experience in politics and government.

Each intern is assigned to a supervisor in a state agency or Governor’s Office department. Each intern will gain specific experience based on his/her internship assignment; in addition, many interns are given the opportunity to cross-intern in different shops to gain a variety of experiences.

All majors are encouraged to apply. The Governor’s Intern Program staff will place you with a supervisor based on your resume and application. Internships vary by semester according to department needs. Each semester offers different opportunities with different supervising agencies.

Interns will learn from their supervisors as well as from other interns. The Governor’s Intern Program organizes and encourages all interns to attend monthly luncheons. Past luncheon programs have featured guest speakers including department heads, corporate executives, and former interns now working in state government. These luncheons provide our interns time to get to know each other and compare internship experiences, as well as an opportunity to learn more about a particular area of government.

Interns are provided with a stipend. The amount will depend on the number of hours worked by and the education level of each intern.

To apply, please visit

Early application is encouraged; applications will be accepted no later than September 23, 2005, for the spring semester of 2006. For further information, please contact Emily Maffett at 404-656-3804 or . *Most of our thirteen-week internships are based in Atlanta. A limited number of internships may be available in other Georgia cities.

Governor's Office of Planning and Budget - Georgia

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget has several internships still available for the fall [2006] term.  The Physical and Economic Development division, the Information Technology division and the Human Resources office in the Administration Division each have internships available.  Funding for the internships will be provided through the Governor's Intern Program, which requires a minimum overall GPA of 2.75.  The physical location of these internships will be in offices located around the Capitol Square in downtown Atlanta.  Interns must be available for a minimum of 20 hours per week.  30-40 hours are preferred.

The Information Technology office is especially interested in having an intern to assist with the development and implementation of database programs for the new BudgetNet program as well as the Georgia Legislative databases.

The deadline to apply is fast approaching.  Interested students should [send] a current resume as a Word attachment by E-mail to .

To check out this state agency you may go to .  Further information may be provided by Ms. Pat Jarrett, SPHR, Human Resources Generalist, Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, (404) 656-7910.

Source:  Career Services, 7/13/2006.


U.S. Federal Government

There is at least one new and exciting program with the Department of Health and Human Services that some folks might be interested in. It is called the Emerging Leaders Program. Started last year, this program is ideal for M.P.A. graduates. The attached link provides additional information.

For those who are interested in taking the traditional route to employment with the Federal government, the attached may be helpful. It is about writing KSAs.

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