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Textbook Adoptions


This is a list of textbook adoptions from recent semesters. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this list!  Sometimes, an instructor will submit a textbook adoption, and the bookstore will notify him/her that the book is no longer available or that an earlier edition is preferable (because of lower cost, etc.); it is also common for an instructor to note on the adoption form that, if the publisher of a textbook releases a new edition before the course begins, the instructor would prefer to use the new edition; thus, the decision of which textbook(s) to adopt will change. If you use this web page as a basis for purchasing textbooks, we recommend that, regardless of the source from which you obtain any textbooks, you refrain from doing anything that will impair your ability to get a refund until you have gone to class and verified that you have the correct textbook. If you want to minimize your risk, purchase all textbooks from the UNG Campus Connection bookstore and follow the bookstore's instructions (e.g., save your receipt).

POLS 6106, “State and Local Government” -- Spring Session 2014

Harrigan, John J., and Nice, David C.  Politics and Policy in States and Communities.  11th ed.  Upper Saddle River, N. J.:  Pearson Education, Inc., 2013.  (ISBN 978‑0‑205‑74549‑4)

POLS 4111/6111, “The Presidency” -- Summer Session 2008

Cohen, Jeffrey, and Nice, David.  The Presidency.  Boston:  McGraw Hill, 2003.  (ISBN 9780072390407)

Edwards, George C. III, and Wayne, Stephen J.  Presidential Leadership:  Politics and Policy Making.  7th ed.  New York:  Thomson/Wadsworth, 2006.  (ISBN 9780534604028)

Friedman, Barry D.  Regulation in the Reagan-Bush Era:  The Eruption of Presidential Leadership.  Pittsburgh, Penn.:  University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995 (reprinted 2009).  (ISBN 9780822960522)

POLS 6310, “Political Leadership” -- Summer Session 2007

Machiavelli, Niccolo.  The Prince.  New York:  Penguin, 1999.  (ISBN 0140449159)

Greenstein, Fred.  The Presidential Difference:  Leadership Style from FDR to George W. Bush.  2d ed.  Princeton, N. J.:  Princeton University Press, 2004.  (ISBN 0691119090)

Mankiller, Wilma, and Wallis, Michael.  Mankiller:  A Chief and Her People.  St. Martin's Griffin, 1999.  (ISBN 9780312206623)

Shakur, Sanyika.  Monster:  The Autobiography of an L. A. Gang Member.  New York:  Penguin, 1993.  (ISBN 0140232257)

POLS 6380, “Marketing for Nonprofit Institutions” -- Summer Session 2012

Andreasen, Alan R., and Kotler, Philip.  Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations.  7th ed.  Upper Saddle River, N. J.:  Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008.  (ISBN 978-0-13-175372-3)

POLS 7200, “Leadership and Organizational Theory” -- Spring Semester 2013

Rusaw, A. Carol.  Leading Public Organizations:  An Interactive Approach.  Orlando, Fla.:  Harcourt, 2001.
Shafritz, Jay M.; Ott, J. Steven; and Jang, Yong Suk.  Classics of Organization Theory.  Boston:  Wadsworth, 2011.

Supplementary readings:  To be announced.

POLS 7220, “Politics and Bureaucracy” -- Fall Semester 2016

Seidman, Harold.  Politics, Position, and Power:  The Dynamics of Federal Organization.  5th ed.  New York.:  Oxford University Press, 1998.  (ISBN 0195090721)

Van Horn, Carl E.; Baumer, Donald C.; and Gormley, William T. Jr..  Politics and Public Policy.  3d ed.  Washington, D. C.:  CQ Press, 2001.  (ISBN 978-1-56802-483-7)  

POLS 7250, “Government and Business” -- Spring Semester 2011

Lehne, Richard.  Government and Business:  American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective.  2d ed.  Washington, D. C.:  CQ Press, 2006.  (ISBN 1-933116-05-6)

POLS 4390/7290, “Ethics in Public Service” -- Summer Session 2016

Note:  The Gutmann and Thompson book is the required textbook.  The other books are identified as being "recommended" or "optional."  Because, in your case-study written assignments, you will be required to draw on source material, you will need to purchase some of the "recommended" or "optional" books and/or read the content of some of the books that will be on reserve at the UNG-Dahlonega Library Technology Center.  The Svara book is a very useful, compact book.  The Sheeran book is a just-about-brilliant foundation book about ethics in public administration.  The Richter and Burke reader contains articles by scholars and court opinions that may appeal to advanced, sophisticated students.  Students may find the Geuras and Garofalo book to be the most difficult for finding source material that is applicable to your case-study assignments.  Suggestion:  Consider coming to the first class meeting before purchasing any of the "recommended" or "optional" books.

Gutmann, Amy, and Thompson, Dennis, eds.  Ethics & Politics:  Cases and Comments.  4th ed.  Belmont, Calif.:  Wadsworth/Cengage, 2006.  (ISBN 9780534626457)

RECOMMENDED:  Lawton, Alan; Rayner, Julie; and Lasthuizen, Karin.  Ethics and Management in the Public Sector.  Abingdon, Oxfordshire, U. K.:  Routledge, 2013.  (ISBN 978-0-415-57760-1)

RECOMMENDED:  Svara, James.  The Ethics Primer for Public Administrators in Government and Nonprofit Organizations. 2d ed.  Sudbury, Mass.:  Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2014.  (ISBN 978‑1‑4496‑1901‑5)

OPTIONAL:  Sheeran, Patrick J.  Ethics in Public Administration:  A Philosophical Approach.  Westport, Conn.:  Praeger Publishers, 1993.  (ISBN 0-275-94311-9) -- out of print, but available for purchase from Internet dealers (and will be on reserve at the UNG—Dahlonega Library Technology Center)

OPTIONAL:  Richter, William L., and Burke, Frances, eds.  Combating Corruption, Encouraging Ethics:  A Practical Guide to Management Ethics.  2d ed.  Lanham, Md.:  Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2007.  (ISBN 978-0-7425-4451-2)

OPTIONAL:  Geuras, Dean, and Garofalo, Charles, eds.  Practical Ethics in Public Administration.  3d ed.  Vienna, Va.:  Management Concepts, 2010.  (ISBN 978-1-56726-295-7)

POLS 4330/7320, “Public Policy Analysis” -- Spring Semester 2017

Dye, Thomas R.  Understanding Public Policy.  15th ed.  Upper Saddle River, N. J.:  Pearson Education, Inc., 2017.  (ISBN 978‑0‑13‑416997‑2)

Patton, Carl V.; Sawicki, David S.; and Clark, Jennifer J.  Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning.  3d ed.  Upper Saddle River, N. J.:  Pearson Education, Inc., 2013.  (ISBN 978-0-137-49509-2)

POLS 7300, “Public Budgeting” -- Spring Semester 2008

Rubin, Irene S.  The Politics of Public Budgeting:  Getting and Spending, Borrowing and Balancing.  5th ed. Washington, D. C.:  CQ Press, 2006.  (ISBN 1-933116-06-4)

POLS 7380, “Public Personnel Administration” -- Spring Semester 2012

Berman, Evan M.; Bowman, James S.; West, Jonathan P.; and Van Wart, Montgomery S.  Human Resource Management in Public Service:  Paradoxes, Processes, and Problems.  3d ed.  Thousand Oaks, Calif.:  SAGE Publications, Inc., 2010.  (ISBN 978-1-4129-6743-3)

POLS 7460, “Local Government Administration” -- Spring Semester 2006

Watson, Douglas J., and Hassett, Wendy L., eds.  Local Government Management:  Current Issues and Best Practices.  Armonk, N. Y.:  M. E. Sharpe, 2003.

POLS 7600, “Statistics for Public Management” -- Spring Semester 2016

Meier, Kenneth J.; Brudney, Jeffrey L.; and Bohte, John.  Applied Statistics for Public and Nonprofit Administration.  9th ed.  Boston:  Cengage Learning, 2015.  (ISBN 978‑1‑285‑73723‑2)

POLS 7660, “Operations Management for Public Administration” -- Spring Semester 2017

Parker, David W.  Service Operations Management:  The Total Experience.  Cheltenham, U. K.:  Edward Elgar, 2012.  (ISBN 978‑1‑78100‑622‑1)

POLS 7890, “Public Management” -- Spring Semester 2017

Starling, Grover.  Managing the Public Sector.  9th ed.  Boston:  Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2010/2011.  (ISBN 978-0-495-83319-2)  

Swiss, James E.  Public Management Systems:  Monitoring and Managing Government Performance.  Englewood Cliffs, N. J.:  Prentice Hall, 1991.  (ISBN 978-0-137-37545-5)

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