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Fall 2017 Course Syllabi

Faculty Syllabus Links Sorted by Campus
(If there is no course link, check the faculty web site or email them)

Blue Ridge Campus

Price, Nathan [web] [email] POLS 1101-B1, POLS 1101-BRS, POLS 2301-B1

Cumming Campus

Armstrong-Williams, Dlynn [web] [email]
HauserMegan [web] [email] POLS 1101-C4, POLS 2401-C1, POLS 2401-C2
Meachum, Scott [web] [email] POLS 1101-C5, POLS 1101-C6, POLS 1101-C7
Northam, Stephen [web] [email] POLS 1101-C1, POLS 1101-C2, POLS 1101-C3


Dahlonega Campus

Armstrong-Williams, Dlynn [web] [email] POLS 4204-D1, POLS 4320-D1
Albo, Maria J. [web] [email] POLS 2101-D1, POLS 2601-D1
Cavalli, Carl D. [web] [email] POLS 1101-D2, POLS 3123-D1, POLS 4113-D1
Diaz-Kope, Luisa [web] [email]

POLS 1101-D6, POLS 4104-D1

Friedman, Barry D. [web] [email] POLS 1101-D3, POLS 3302-D1
Greathouse, Craig [web] [email] POLS 3201-D1, POLS 4460-D1
Harris, Cristian [web] [email] POLS 2401-D1, POLS 4210-D1, POLS 4210-Honors
Hauser, Megan [web] [email] POLS 2401-D5
Kellogg, Leander [web] [email] POLS 1101-D5, POLS 1101-D8, POLS 3600-D1
Meachum, Scott [web] [email] POLS 1101-D7
Mienie, Edward [web] [email] POLS 4590-D2
Miner, Jonathan [web] [email] POLS 2401-D3, POLS 3505-D1
Morton, Larry [web] [email] POLS 2301-D1
Northam, Stephen [web] [email] POLS 1101-D1
Rohrer, Sam [web] [email] POLS 2401-D2, POLS 3204-D1
Serri, S. Hamid [web] [email]    
POLS 2401-D4, POLS 4202-D1, POLS 4590-D1
SuttonDerek [web] [email]
Viman-Miller, Raluca A. [web] [email] POLS 4201-D1
Wilson, Charles "Trey" [web] [email] POLS 1101-D4, POLS 4470-D1

Gainesville Campus

Burchfield, Charles [web] [email] POLS 1101-G14
Ealey, Douglas [web] [email] POLS 1101-G8, POLS 1101-G13
Hudson, Charlene [web] [email] POLS 1101-G2, POLS 1101-G5, POLS 1101-G6, POLS 1101-G12, POLS 1101-G17
Kroh, Christopher [web] [email] POLS 2301-G1, POLS 2401-G1, POLS 2401-G2
Lindamood, Holly [web] [email] POLS 1101-G3, POLS 1101-G18, POLS 1101-G20, POLS 1101-G21
O'Callaghan, Elizabeth [web] [email] POLS 2401-G4, POLS 2401-G5, POLS 2401-G6, POLS 2401-G7
Smith, Glen [web] [email] POLS 1101-G9, POLS 1101-G11, POLS 3125-G1, POLS 3600-G1
Stewart, Kerry [web] [email] POLS 1101-G4, POLS 2315-G1
Turk, Felicia [web] [email] POLS 1101-G12
Wilson, Dwight [web] [email] POLS 2401-G2, POLS 2401H-G1
Young, Douglas [web] [email] POLS 1101-G1, POLS 1101-G10, POLS 1101-G15, POLS 3105-G1


Oconee Campus

Bardsley, Lance [web] [email] POLS 1101-O6, POLS 1101-O9, POLS 2401-O1, POLS 2401-O3
Branyon, Philip [web] [email] POLS 1101-O3, POLS 1101-O5, POLS 1101-O7, POLS 1101-O8
Woodward, Kathleen [web] [email] POLS 1101-O1, POLS 1101-O2, POLS 2301-O2, POLS 2301-O3

North Georgia Online Classes

Albo, Maria J. [web] [email] POLS 1101-OLA, POLS 1101-OLB
Diaz-Kope, Luisa [web] [email] POLS 7202-OLA
Friedman, Barry D. [web] [email] POLS 7680-OLA
Greathouse, Craig [web] [email] POLS 7011-OLA
Harris, Cristian [web] [email] POLS 7012-OLA
Kroh, Christopher [web] [email] POLS 2301-OLB, POLS 4590-OLA
Menefee, Stephanie [web] [email] POLS 7380-OLA
Miner, Jonathan [web] [email] POLS 7014-OLA
Rohrer, Sam [web] [email] POLS 7244-OLA
Viman-Miller, Raluca A. [web] [email] POLS 2401-OLA, POLS 2401-OLB, POLS 7100-OLA
Wilson, Charles "Trey" [web] [email] POLS 4150-OLA
WilsonDwight [web] [email] POLS 2301-OLA, POLS 4590-OLB

Note: Older syllabi are kept on file and can be requested through the department's office administrator.

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