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Saving Money Through Alternative Shopping Sources

The key to spending smart includes prioritizing what matters to you as a spender. Personally, I am able to achieve smart spending by utilizing alternative shopping sources so I can put more money towards necessities such as education, savings, and bills. Shopping second hand is not necessarily just thrift shopping, but that is included. Buying second hand is any form of purchasing used goods at a discounted price. “Savers® 2018 Thrift Shopping Survey surrounding North Americans' shopping behaviors include: Thrifters are hunting for bargains: Half report their love of thrifting came from a desire to save money, with "savings" and "economic" being the most-associated words with shopping secondhand (41 percent and 30 percent).” 

Second-Hand Shopping Sources 

Stores: Goodwill, Value Village, Plato’s closet, local consignment stores (vary on area), Park Avenue Thrift, Buffalo exchange, Savers, Talize

Sites/Apps: Facebook Market Place, Poshmark, Depop, ThredUp, eBay, Etsy, Amazon (turn on USED filter), thriftbooks,

Other: Garage/Estate/Moving sales (popular in warmer months)

Deals Within Deals

Value Village has half off Wednesday on the last Wednesday of every month (only for clothing). Park Avenue Thrift starts the week with $0.50 Mondays, increases by $0.50 each day and restarts each week.  Another option on how to stack savings is though ThredUp. ThredUp offers sponsorships to Youtubers that then gives their followers a discount code. I suggest googling “ThredUp Youtuber Discount Code” to best utilize these savings. Some thrift stores also offer student discounts to college students if you show them your UNG ID at checkout!

Watch: Second Hand Shopping


Hi UNG students.

My name is Julia Edwards, and I'm here with student money management to talk about how you can save money through alternative shopping sources, which includes secondhand shopping.

So the first question is, Where should I go to thrift shop?

So I'm going to give you a second hand shop.

I'm going to give you some store options first, and then we'll talk about some sites as well.

So some store options include, but are not limited to goodwill Value.

Village Plato's Closet Local consignment stores, which vary on the area, Park Avenue, thrift, Buffalo exchange sabers and tallies.

Some sites and apps include Facebook Marketplace, Posh Mark D pop Threat up eBay at Sea and Amazon and through books is a good source to buy used books for college students.

Um, in some other options include garage estate, flash moving sales, which are more popular in the warming months with warmer months which are upcoming, and some of the benefits of secondhand shopping include one of a kind purchases, which are occasionally vintage or valuable brands at a low price, you can test out trends and styles before actually investing in them.

So, like for under $5 an item.

You can be a little bit adventurous.

You can buy already laundered clothes so it's going to fit in the thrift store in the way that it's going to fit you at home.

You can even start a side hustle reselling, which is a resource that I personally use.

And you can sell items that are expensive on eBay and some of the sights I listed above.

You can reduce your waste shop, eco friendly, support your community.

But more importantly, it's an affordable way to purchase high quality items.

So make sure if you have any questions and you want to contact us, you can visit us in the Stewart Center in Gela *** or the Student center in Gainesville.

You can make an appointment online with one of our mentors and get some help saving money.

Second-Hand Shopping Benefits

You can fine one-of-a-kind purchases, occasionally vintage/valuable brands. It also gives you a chance to test out trends/styles before investing in them, sometimes even under $5 an item can allow you to be adventurous with your new style! These clothes you pick out will also already be laundered. Even though this seems like a concept that is generally unsanitary, the clothes will already be the exact size when you wash it. We also recommend washing these clothes at least once in order to wash away any germs and bacteria.

Another way to actually make money with second had shopping is learning how to resell. There is an Instagram page by @reezyresells that gives out some amazing tips on how to start your own reselling business. Secondhand shopping is a way to reduce the waste in the landfills. These are eco-friendly ways to recycle clothes and benefit the environment. Secondhand clothing stores are also a way to support your community. Most thrift stores are non-profit and creates jobs for people to have. It supports many low-income communities by allowing for a place to receive clothing for a lower price.

Students can benefit from this shopping as well. There are ways to purchase gently used textbooks as well as study materials. It really helps to have these prices cut as textbooks are generally astronomically high. Graduates are always in need of new interview clothes as you are trying to move into the business world. When thrift shopping, we have seen ties as low as 25 cents! There are many dresses and business suits as well for much lower prices.


Get Help with Your Money

UNG's SMMC is here to help you with all things money management. Schedule a personal consultation today to get started on your path toward finacial success!

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