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Right Way to Go Video Transcript

UNG: University of North Georgia
Confused about the right way to go to college and graduate?
Stay tuned to find out five ways you can succeed.
Hi! I'm Sheila Caldwell, a director of Complete College Georgia. Do you want to
know the right way to obtaining a college degree? Watch this.
I'm Wakeitha and I'm gonna talk to you about the right way to pay. Let's visit the financial aid office.
Hey, Julie. Thanks for meeting with me today.
Sure. How can I help you?
So what's FAFSA?
FAFSA is a free
application for federal student aid and it's actually gonna serve as your
application for Pell Grant, federal work-study, student loans and other state aid.
So when should we apply for it?
you need to apply for it every academic year
and you can actually go ahead and do it the fall semester for the upcoming
academic year.
Thanks Julie! Now we're going to visit the student money
management center.
Thanks for talking with me today Eric.
Nice to meet you Wakeitha.
So what's the right way to pay for school and save money?
Well there's a couple of tips every student should follow.
One is to apply for scholarships and grants and get
as much free money as possible. But if you do need to take out
a loan borrow only what you need.
The best way to know that is to prepare a
budget and to stick to it.
So can you help with that budgeting part?
At the Student Money Management Center students can meet with us one-on-one for
individual consultations or they can attend one of our workshops.
That sounds great.
Thanks Eric.
Know that we know the right way to pay, let's hear from Nikki.
Hi I'm Nikki and I'm gonna talk to you
about the right way to get advised. What's advising anyways?
Let's go to an academic advising center to find out .
Hi Miss Angie. Thank you so much for talking with me today.
What are some of the most important things to do as a new student?
First make sure that you get familiar with the advising lingo. Know what a CRN
is, know what your course syllabus is, know what your Tranguid is and prerequisites.
Also get in the habit of checking your UNG email. Your advisors
and other important people from the university will send you notifications
and you don't want to miss them.
So when should I meet with my advisor?
Within a month of coming to campus go see your advisor. They'll help you come up with an
educational plan, refer you to campus resources, and help you select courses
for the next semester. Also make sure you ask questions so we can help you stay on
track and stay on target.
Is there anything else a new student should know?
Make sure you get familiar with and use the advising tools on the academic
advising website.
Thanks Miss Angie on those great tips on the right way to be advised.
Now let's hear from Jacob.
Thanks Nikki. I'm Jacob and I'll be talking
about the right way to 15 credits.
Thank you for meeting with me today Sheila.
I'm glad to help you out Jacob.
So exactly how do I finish on time?
You finish on time by enrolling in 15
credit hours every semester. This will lower your college expenses and boost your
workforce earnings because you will enter into the workforce sooner.
Okay so how exactly do I get to 15?
You get to15 by combining AP credit, CLEP credit, you can
take classes online as well as in the summer to make sure you graduate on time.
Awesome. So I mean I know I'm gonna have to take classes. So which ones should I take?
You should meet with the academic advisor. They will help you create a plan
of study and also update it regularly to make sure you graduate on time.
Awesome. Thank you so much for talking with me today. It really does make sense.
So now you know the right way to 15. Now let's hear from Isaiah.
Hey I'm Isaiah and I'm gonna tell you the right way to engage, everything from
academics to extracurricular activities.
Take advantage of student facilities.
Libraries have computers as well as group and individual study areas.
Get to know people in your class and engage in study groups. If you need more help or
have questions note your professor's office hours and make an appointment.
But don't wait until the end of the semester to ask for help.
Join a club or organization to connect with others who will support you and provide friendships
that last a lifetime. Meeting faculty and classmates and
getting involved in school with academics and activities is a right way to engage.
Now, let's hear from Hannah.
Thanks Isaiah. Hi I'm Hannah and I'm gonna talk to you about
the right way to a promising career. Let's stop by the Career Services Office
to find out how they can help.
Hi Katie. I'm Hannah. Thanks for meeting with me.
I'm happy to.
So when should students start thinking about their career goals?
Don't wait until your senior year. Be sure to stop in to your Career Center
within the first three months of college so that you can jump-start your career
exploration and preparation.
So what if I'm unsure?
We have self assessments
that you can take where you can learn about different majors and careers that
you might find meaningful.
Should I do an internship?
We recommend that all
students do internships and job shadowing experiences and we can help
you with finding those.
What other help can you give?
Well all employers are
actually looking for certain skills from our college graduates and we can help
you with developing those and we also do mock interviews.
Thanks Katie for those great tips on the right way to a promising career.
At this point in the video you've heard a lot of information.
But what's next? What do you do now now?
Now you know the right way to go and graduate. This is Sheila Caldwell,
director of Complete College Georgia. Thanks for watching.
UNG: University of North Georgia
Find more info online at

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