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Kayla Allen

What is your major/minor?


What year in school are you?


Interesting fact?

I enjoy doing powerlifting style training! I also enjoy a good pond excursion; the more salamanders caught the better!

What do you do outside of being a busy student?

Hiking, hanging out with friends, powerlifting training, reading either fantasy/sci-fi novels or biology based books.

How many semesters have you been facilitating?

1 semester

Which courses do you facilitate for now, or have in the past?

BIOL 1107K

What are your short-term and long-term goals, and how does SI (Supplemental Instruction) relate to those?

Short term goal is to get my bachelors in Biology, which will take me about 3 more semesters. SI helps me with this because it allows me to network with the new students and show them it's possible to do well in your bachelors for Biology, and it also allows me to make connections with other fellow biology and chemistry majors I've yet to meet!

Long term goal is to get a job in ecology and conservation doing field work. SI helps me with this because it's something incredible I can put on my resume. It also helps with my public speaking skills and allows me to feel comfortable in a group of people who are all interested in my field. I'm also in a position to network with professors that I might not otherwise meet who have studied the same field that I’m interested in, which may help get a push in the right direction.

What is your favorite SI moment?

My favorite moment was my very first SI session. My session was being held in the same room I attended SI the previous semester for Biology 1108K. When I walked in, there were almost 20 kids in the room all waiting for me. My fellow SI facilitator was with me at the time and he wished me good luck as I walked in. It felt like the torch was being passed on to me, and that I could be a great facilitator for my students because I believed in them just as much as they were believing in me enough to attend my very first session.

What have you gained from being an SI facilitator?

I have gained so many friendships already with being a part of the SI team. From my fellow facilitators, to the students I'm facilitating; I am beyond thankful to have each and every one of them in my life. I've also gained confidence in myself. I don't know if I'll ever feel "comfortable" speaking in front of a crowd, but SI has allowed me to embrace who I am as a person, quirky in all, and run with it, and students appreciate me more for it.

What study tips/techniques do you have for students?

I encourage breaking up the material and learning it one step at a time. I also encourage working together because one thing you might not be understanding, someone else knows extensively, and vice versa.

What do you like/what excites you about the material you SI for?

EVERYTHING. Seriously, I can't pick. Going through 1107K again is just as exciting as the first time for me. It's amazing how something as small as one element, or one enzyme, or even one carbon compound keeps everything working in our bodies or in the universe in general. Biology is just too cool of a subject.

What has been your favorite collaborative learning technique (CLT) that you have done in your sessions?

I was able to successfully perform a Jigsaw in one of my sessions with a larger group, and I loved it because no one had to speak up in front of the whole class, they just had to explain it to a small group which takes a lot of the pressure off so everyone is actually learning the material.

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