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Megan Kleinert

What is your major?


What year in school are you?


Interesting fact?

I have 3 mules and 2 horses, as well as 3 little dachshunds! We have a dachshund named “Leo” after Leonardo Dicaprio. My sister named him during the Oscars, and a year later when Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar, we had to get our Leo his own “Oscar”. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Also another fun fact, I am named after Amelia Earhart. My dad has an affinity for the sky, thus came the name Megan Amelia. I absolutely love Full House and ice cream; they make my heart so happy.

What do you do outside of being a busy student?

I love all things crafty such as photography and art projects. I enjoy horseback riding as well as riding my bike. In my free time at school I like to write letters and send cards to my friends and family. I have a passion for helping others and singing in choir. When it’s warm outside, you will always find me with the top down (sometimes even when it’s cold)! My favorite place is Disney World; if it were acceptable I would live there. During the summer you can find me on the lake or at camp.

How many semesters have you been facilitating?


Which courses do you facilitate for now, or have in the past?

CHEM 1212

What are your short-term and long-term goals, and how does SI (Supplemental Instruction) relate to those?

My short-term goals are to do the best I can in achieving a higher level of knowledge while building relationships and serving others. Long-term goals are to find a career that I enjoy that allows me to serve my future community as well as my family using my skills and gained knowledge. Through SI, I’m able to strengthen my knowledge of chemistry while helping other students. This allows me to build relationships within the UNG community between students, other SIs, as well as SI leaders!

What is your favorite SI moment?

I love seeing students actively pursuing course material. They are driven and dedicated to their work and I’m delighted to aid in their success! All moments working with these students are glorious.

What have you gained from being an SI facilitator?

I have gained more awareness of leadership as well as gained a supportive community that seeks to attain the utmost quality in everything they do.

What study tips/techniques do you have for students?

One word: Whiteboards! As a visual/kinesthetic learner, whiteboards help me practice problems and test my knowledge on topics that are crucial to know for an exam. Colored markers make learning fun while helping you remember certain words through writing them over and over, or practicing problems while saving paper/flash cards! Also, condensing material into a simple study sheet/notecard helps you process information while giving you an easy sheet to look over in between classes!

What do you like/what excites you about the material you SI for?

I enjoy working out problems to real-life examples. Discovering the unique properties of water and other substances is thrilling! Chemistry gives you a perspective on life that is not visible to the naked eye. I’ve always had an interest on why things work the way they do and chemistry, along with physics, explains some of the greatest phenomenon.

What has been your favorite collaborative learning technique (CLT) that you have done in your sessions?

My favorite activity to do as a group in session is to write important aspects of a topic on the white board (go figure) based on our notes to make a chart or study sheet. This exposes everyone to multiple perspectives on material while reviewing the material. Through discussion during this process everyone can correct misconceptions or questions over material and find a new way to remember information. This technique also allows individuals to dig deeper and think of questions they have on material or acknowledge material they need to review further.

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