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Anna Trombetti

What is your major/minor?


What year in school are you?

Fifth year senior!

Interesting fact?

Every year for my birthday I get a gift for myself that usually ends up being a new piercing, tattoo, or vacation!

What do you do outside of being a busy student?

I like to be outside, hiking, camping, playing in water. I love trashy reality TV like the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I travel a lot and love to go to new places, but I've never been out of the US (besides Canada). I love sports, watching and playing, especially Ohio State football. I love puzzles, card games, and board games!

How many semesters have you been facilitating?

I was a facilitator for 5 semesters and I have been a mentor for 3.

Which courses do you facilitate for now, or have in the past?

BIOL 1107K & 1108K

What are your short-term and long-term goals, and how does SI (Supplemental Instruction) relate to those?

Short term: I plan on graduating in the fall. One of my goals is being able to readjust back into the "real world" outside of college. SI has helped me with this because it has taught me how to succeed academically so I can finish college strong. It has also taught me to be independent and be a leader in whatever role I am in. This will help me face adversity when I graduate, move home, get a job, etc. 
Long term: I want to get into PA school and become a physician assistant. If I don't get into to PA school, I'd like to go to seminary school to get my master’s degree in Christian Leadership. This aligns with SI because he has given me the ability to think critically and have the opportunity for a higher level of learning. I also thing the relationships I've created in SI will help me accomplish my goals.

What is your favorite SI moment?

Finding out that I got the mentor position. I wasn't supposed to know yet, but my boss was too excited to tell me that they had budgeted in room for another mentor. I was in my bathroom, getting ready to go to a friend’s house and I got the text. I did a happy dance by myself in my apartment!

What have you gained from being an SI facilitator?

Oh man, where do I even start? The relationships, the knowledge, the study skills, the leadership habits. All of it! I am now confident I can not only accomplish a goal with a huge group of people, but I can do this effectively and have an influence on them. I can study well and have great relationships with faculty and staff.

What study tips/techniques do you have for students?

Write and read at the same time! And don't listen to music that you know the words to while you're studying because you'll get distracted.

What do you like/what excites you about the material you SI for?

In my role, I focus a lot on leadership, study skills, effectiveness, and encouragement. So with this material, I'm excited and passionate about it because it's so applicable to everything I will do outside of SI.

What has been your favorite collaborative learning technique (CLT) that you have done in your sessions?

I always liked the Jigsaw technique-the students are broken up into a few groups depending on how many topics you have. Each group becomes an expert on their assigned topic and teach the rest of the group about it. It’s CLT-inception!

What is your favorite aspect of the mentor role?

I think my favorite aspect of the mentor role is being able to have an influence on the facilitators in their development as students and SI facilitators. As a mentor, you are put in a position that allows you to really dig down deep in these people. You learn who they are, who they see themselves as, and what made them that way. It's actually really beautiful to understand the diversity of so many of your peers in such an intimate and personal way. Then being able to accept these diversities and use those to encourage and guide the facilitators’ development and leadership skills has been such a cool experience! 

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