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Oconee Campus Testing Center

Accommodated Testing

Students with disabilities, who have registered with Student Disability Services at University of North Georgia (UNG), will be provided an Accommodations Notification. They will provide you with a copy of their signed Accommodations Notification agreement at the beginning of the semester.

If a student claims to be eligible for accommodations, but has not given the instructor a copy of the UNG Student Disability Services Accommodations Notification, please refer the student to Student Disability Services in the Administration Building, Room 112. An appointment will be set up for the student with ShaRonda Cooper, Assistant Director. She may also be contacted by phone (706-310-6204) or email .

When the student provides you a copy of their notification, please set an appointment to meet with them outside of class, so both of you can discuss the memo in depth. This will enable both parties to clearly understand what is needed to accommodate the student’s special needs. It is up to the student to choose whether or not to use any or all of their accommodations.

Below is a list of testing accommodations typically used by students. This list is not all inclusive and there may be additional accommodations on a student’s AN. If you have questions regarding any of their accommodations, please call ShaRonda Cooper, Assistant Director of Disability Services, at 706-310-6204 or .

  • Take tests in a quiet setting – Quiet rooms are located in the Testing Center, Room 201. Quiet rooms are for students who need a quiet area with few distractions and DO NOT need a reader, proofreader, a computer or special technology. To schedule these rooms, students should email the Coordinator of Testing, Judy Taylor, at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Take tests in a private room – A private room is located in the Testing Center, Room 201. This room is for students who have the accommodations for a private room and/or students who need a reader, proofreader, computer or special technology. Students MUST schedule these rooms as soon as they know their test dates but at least 48 hours in advance of tests. To schedule these rooms, student should email .

    The instructor must send the test to Testing Center, Room 201, 48 hours prior to the test date. The instructor must attach a blue Testing Referral Form with appropriate information completed. Tests can be dropped off in room 201, the Testing Center or in Judy Taylor’s mailbox in the Faculty/Staff Workroom. Testing Referral Forms are located in the Testing Center and in Judy Taylor’s mailbox. Completed tests will be put in the instructors’ mailbox in the Faculty/Staff Workroom.  
  • Extended time on tests: If the student is allowed extended time on tests, the memo will state the amount of eligibility for extended time. The most common times are 1.5X (the student will have 1 and ½ hours for a one hour test) or 2.0X (the student will have 2 hours for a one hour test).
  • Use of non-programmable calculator on tests: Some students are allowed to use calculators on tests.
  • Allowed to use a word processor with spell/grammar check for tests: These students must use a private room if they will be using a computer for tests.
  • Use of a formula sheet or word bank: Formula sheets or word banks must be created and approved by the instructor and should be attached to the test. To preserve the integrity of the test, when a formula sheet or word bank is required, please include more formulas or word choices than are necessary for the test.
  • Written instructions for the test: When students take tests in either a quiet or private room, the instructor will not be present. Therefore, written instructions for the test may be appropriate. Students must understand that while taking their test outside of the classroom, they are giving up the privilege to ask the instructor questions.
  • Write directly on the test: This accommodation allows the student to write the answers directly on the test.
  • Reader or Proofreader: A student must use a private room when using a reader or proofreader. Also, the reader/proofreader must be scheduled at the same time when student is scheduling the private room.
  • Compass Exit Tests: Students who have the accommodations of either quiet or private rooms, and want to use these for the Compass Exit Test, must schedule a private room with Judy L. Taylor, Test Facilitator ( ) approximately one month prior to the test date periods.

If you have any questions, you may contact:
Judy Taylor, Test Facilitator,  , 706-310-6308
ShaRonda Cooper, Assistant Director,  , 706-310-6204

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