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Submit Your Edits

Manage your web presence with the webteam's ServiceNow form! 

Now you can keep your website up-to-date without manually making edits in Cascade. You create and submit content via a simple form. The webteam does the rest! 

BESS Program Overview

Who can submit basic edits?

Only web coordinators and web editors who have been approved by the content owner. BESS submissions from anyone other than the content owner or the approved editors and/or coordinators will not be processed and the web content owner will be notified.

How to Join BESS

Step 1: A site's web content owner must email the webteam to be placed on the waitlist. 
Step 2: When space becomes available, the content owner will be contacted by the University Relations Web Editor. 
Step 3: The web content owner must formally appoint their site's web coordinator. 
Step 4: Once the UR Web Editor receives the web coordinator's information, the site will be added to the BESS participants drop-down menu on the BESS form. 
Step 5: The web coordinator(s) can begin submitting through ServiceNow!

What is a basic edit?

What is a basic edit?

A basic edit is any update to your existing content, such as the following: 

What is not a basic edit?

  • Page redesigns
  • Site reorganization
  • Adding new pages

Please review all of the options on the Web Communications form (login required) to find the best submission option for your needs.

Four Reasons to Join BESS

1. Anyone on your team can do it. No web or content management experience required. Any full-time employee appointed by his or her department's web content owner can submit via BESS.

2. One form, multiple basic edits. Submit a single ticket with multiple basic web edits and leave the rest to the webteam. 

3. Say goodbye to Cascade. Web coordinators do not need to attend any Cascade training and do not have to worry about new Cascade versions or the new flex functionalities.

4. Spend more time creating great content. Spend less time worrying about how to transfer your information into Cascade. The webteam will do that!

The BESS Form

See how simple and easy the BESS form is for yourself! 

sample of bess form


Auto-populates your information. 

Participating Sites

This drop-down menu includes all approved units participating in the service.

Full Page URL

The easiest method is to copy and paste the URL/web address of the exact page you need edits for from your browser's address bar. If you don't copy and paste, please double check to make sure there are no typos! 


On average, you can expect the following turnaround time based on your selection:
Low: Three business days 
Medium: Two business days
High: One business day
Critical: Same day (within normal operating hours)

Short Description

Summarize the details of your project. 

Add Attachment

Attachments will appear at the top of the page. It is recommended to include an annotated screenshot to further explain where you would like something moved to or added. 


This area allows you to input short or lengthy content. Please be as specific as possible.

Web Editors vs. Web Coordinators

Below is a comparison of the responsibilities of a web editor vs. the responsibilities of a web coordinator. An "X" in either column denotes that the responsibility is required for that role.

ResponsibilitiesWeb EditorWeb Coordinator
Makes edits and submits workflows through Cascade X
Submits basic edits through ServiceNow1 X X
Must attend Cascade training X
Ensures content is accurate and free of misspellings and grammatical errors X X
Ensures content and images adhere to copyright and permissions requirements X X
Ensures all documents have the required accessibility statement X X
Ensures all videos have full, ADA compliant transcripts and are closed captioned X X
Responsible for ensuring all graphics conform with style and accessibility guidelines (alt text, no collages, etc.)2

1: As of Spring 2017, approved web editors have the option to either submit edits via ServiceNow, or continue implementing their edits in Cascade CMS.
2: If the image or graphic adheres to the university's style guidelines, the University Relations Web Editor will work with the web coordinator to ensure the accessibility of the image or graphic.


How can I join BESS?

Email the webteam to be added to the waitlist.

Can I still make edits in Cascade?

If you are already an approved web editor that has attended Cascade training, you may continue to submit workflows through Cascade.

BESS is a great option if you need to make a more complex edit, or are busy with other tasks and do not have time to make manual edits. 

Will time-sensitive content automatically be removed?

No. If you submit a ticket to add time-sensitive content such as an event or weather-related notices, you must also submit a ticket when you need the content to be removed. 

The Web Editor will not add, remove or replace content without a ServiceNow ticket.

What is the average turnaround time?

Based on the urgency level you choose, you can expect on average the following turnaround times:

Low: Three business days
Medium: Two business days
High: One business day
Critical: Same day

While a participant can submit an edit 24/7, all BESS edits will be implemented within the university's normal operating hours. 

What is a basic edit?

A basic edit is any update to your existing content, such as the following: 

What is not a basic edit?

  • Page redesigns
  • Site reorganization
  • Adding new pages

Please review all of the options on the Web Communications form (login required) to find the best submission option for your needs.

Who is making the BESS edits for me?

The University Relations Web Editor is responsible for all edits submitted to the BESS program. 

Contact the UR Web Editor if you would like to set up an in-person or phone meeting to further discuss BESS.

Is submitting multiple edits considered "extensive changes?"

If you submit multiple basic edits, then you can still submit through the BESS form on the Web Communications form. 

Multiple basic edits may be submitted in a single ticket!

Who should I contact if I still need help?

If you have questions about how to submit edits via ServiceNow, or about a ticket you submitted, please contact the University Relations Web Editor

If you would like to provide any feedback or suggestions regarding BESS, please contact the Web Communications Manager.

If you have other questions, comments or concerns, please contact the webteam.

Submission Tips & Resources

Submission Tips

  1. Use the "Short Description" field on the BESS form to explain your edit. Paste your edits/content into the form's large text box.
  2. Be as specific as possible. Avoid generic phrases such as, "Add to this page." Instead, explain specifically where you would like your content added.
  3. Utilize screenshots. Annotated screenshots are a great way to show where you would like something added, moved or removed. 

Suggested Web Annotators

Web annotators are browser extensions that allow you to take a screenshot, add text or symbols (such as arrows) and save the screenshot as an easily attachable file.

Another option is to use Windows' Snipping Tool.

UNG follows Section 508 Standards and WCAG 2.0 for web accessibility. If you require the content on this web page in another format, please contact the ADA Coordinator.

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