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Cascade Interface

cascade interface page template

Site Selection Dropdown

The dropdown is a listing of all the websites on Some editors maintain several websites and this is how they would access them while logged in to Cascade.

Top Menu Bar

On this bar you will be working primarily with the New menu option. The New menu provides the tools that an editor will need to create new pages, blocks, and folders; as well as uploading files (images and documents).


Located on the dashboard, the workflow section displays all the user's active workflows

Locked Assets

All content in a workflow process becomes a locked asset. You may edit content that is locked and save a draft, but you won't be able to send to workflow. It is best to wait for the workflow to be approved before making further edits.


The drafts section on the dashboard, displays a list of all drafts created by the editor. Only you can see your drafts.

Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin holds deleted content, it is permanently deleted from the recycle bin every thirty days; and permanently from the live server every four months.


Base Folder - is located to the left of the Dashboard content area. The Base Folder contains all the content of your website. Typically organized into folders containing web pages, files/images and blocks. A little about the folders you'll see in your website:

  • _blocks folder - I think of these as 'building' blocks. As editors you could build a web page w/content blocks. The non-flex sites have reusable blocks, expand/tab blocks and RSS blocks. 
    • automatic – currently used for automatic slideshows, I believe this folder will be phased out
    • manual – every time a new block is created, it will be automatically be put in this folder.
    • Important: Blocks don’t publish. Blocks are inserted into web pages. Edits made to a block won't display until the webpage is published.
  • _links - used to store external links that are used on several pages
  • _NOTES
    • index - site customization information. This is a page that the webteam and web editors may used to share information about the customization of the website.
    • quick-help - 'how-to' created by the webteam. This may be phased out now that we have the web-toolbox and styleguide.
  • _uploads folder
    • files – PDFs preferable, but word and excel are permitted. 20 MB file size limit, filenames should be short, descriptive w/no spaces or special characters  (i.e. no-space-in-filename.pdf)
    • images - Either PNG or JPG, 1 MB file size limit, max width of original 970 pixels, 72ppi resolution, filenames should be short, descriptive w/no spaces or special characters  (i.e. no-space-in-filename.pdf)

Index Page

The index page is your websites Home Page. Don't delete or change the filename, if you do, you will break your website. 


Located at the top,right of the page, you should log out when finished working. Users are automatically logged out after two hours of inactivity.

UNG follows Section 508 Standards and WCAG 2.0 for web accessibility. If you require the content on this web page in another format, please contact the ADA Coordinator.

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