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Creating a New Profile Page


Profile pages allow you to display information on a specific person and is an easy way for prospective students and the community to see a person's qualifications. For styling, we've made it easy for you with a fill-in-the-blank form.

Double Identity!

Does one of your faculty or staff already have profile in another department that is their main department? Then do not create another one!


Learn how to create a new profile page in your web site for a staff or faculty member.


Text Instructions

Select Location and Create New Page

  1. In the left panel click on the entitled "faculty-staff-bio."
  2. Choose from the menu bar (blue bar at top):  New -> Pages -> Faculty-Staff Bio.
  3. In the right panel you will see “New Page” at the top.
Page location and new page menu

Fill in the Metadata Section

Inline Metadata: Fill in the title, keywords, description, breadcrumbs, and email address.

Inline Metadata information in Cascade

  1. Title – First time it also becomes the filename, all lowercase, with hyphens (no spaces).
  2. Title – Is displayed in your browser’s tab and in search listings.
  3. Title – Is displayed in the breadcrumbs if “Breadcrumb Display” is left empty.
  4. Description – Is displayed in search listings and in Facebook shares. If left blank, search engines and Facebook shares use part of your content. Warning: It may pick up the contact information on the left if this is left blank.
  5. UNG Email Address:  Connects the page with the image and the directory information.

Fill in General Information

  1. Prefix: (Optional) Type in a common prefix or military title that will display before the name.
  2. Suffix: (Optional) Enter a common suffix or acronym for their degree. (i.e., Jr., Sr., Ph.D., etc.)
  3. Classification: Choose the main role or classification. This is used if you choose to sort your department listing by classification.
  4. Secondary Title: (Optional) Enter an additional title, such as being the director of a program in addition to to their "official" title.
  5. Website URL: (Optional) Enter the URL of a personal web site that is used in support of academics or programs they are involved with.

Sorting Keywords (optional)

If you need to sort your faculty and staff by specific keywords, you can add those here. One keyword per box. Click the plus sign to get an additional box.

General Information section

Faculty Information

Areas of Expertise (optional)

  1. Add a single area of expertise per box.
  2. Click the plus sign to get an additional box.

Areas of Expertise Section

Educational Background (optional)

Complete the following for each degree/certificate (Click plus sign for an additional section):

  • Year Completed
  • Degree Acronym
  • Program of Study
  • Conferring Organization

Educational Background section

Bio Information

The following areas are optional. Those that are not completed simply don't display. This can change from individual to individual, or your department may have decided on areas that are required for all your faculty and/or staff.

  • Overview
  • Courses Taught
  • Research/Special Interests
  • Publications
  • Work Experience
  • Personal Information

Biographical Information sections

Submit to Workflow:

  1. Click “Send to Workflow.”
  2. At the Spell Check screen, click “Submit.”
  3. At the “Start Workflow” screen, tell us what you did in the “Comments” box. This helps us tremendously in the approval process.
  4. Click “Submit.”
Filling in the comments box in the workflow in Cascade

Change the title for search engines and browser tab:

After your page has gone through workflow approval, you should adjust the title to display properly for search engines and the browser tab.

  1. In the left panel, click on the page.
  2. In the right panel, click on the “Edit” tab just below the page name.
  3. Adjust the title to make it more reader friendly (upper and lowercase) and Firstname Lastname (spaces allowed this time!).
    NOTE: This does not affect the URL or the filename from when you first saved the page.
  4. Click “Send to Workflow.”
You will need
  • Access to either the training web site or as a web editor to your site.
  • Cascade: Basic I training
  • The profile information of the faculty or staff member.

Keep in Mind

  • Page file names are reflected in the URL.
  • Pages publish to the web.
  • If a page is in a folder, the folder name will also be in the URL.
Quick Reference

Naming Convention

  • Keep it short (few words). It becomes part of the URL.
  • No special characters, no spaces (use hyphens between words).
  • Cannot start with a number.

Character Limits

  • Title: There are no character limits, but keep it as short as possible while still descriptive.

What Can I Add?

  • Blocks (reusable content, tabs, expandables, video embed, slideshows, etc.)



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UNG follows Section 508 Standards and WCAG 2.0 for web accessibility. If you require the content on this web page in another format, please contact the ADA Coordinator.

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