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Troubleshooting Profile Pages


Getting everything to display properly on a profile page and your department listing can be quite complicated. There are many things that, if not set up right, can mean a missing profile image, or a missing link to their profile.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot profile pages and listings.

Why Do I Have Three Images?

When you upload a profile image to Cascade, the plugin uploads your original image and creates two additional images:

  • firstname-lastname.png
  • firstname-lastname-125x168.png
  • firstname-lastname-62x83.png


Troubleshooting Steps

Profile Image Not Displaying

Profile Page (preview)

  1. Is image uploaded?
    1. No - upload image via "New -> Images -> Profile" menu.
    2. Yes - go to next.
  2. Is email address correct in images metadata and profile page? (Make sure there are no spaces after the email address. The email address should be in the format of
    1. No - correct emails in images and profile page.
    2. Yes - go to next.

Profile Page (live)

  1. Do images show up in preview?
    1. No - go to section above.
    2. Yes - go to next.
  2. Have images been published?
    1. No - publish images. (Images will publish overnight.)
    2. Yes - resubmit page through workflow so it can be republished.

Department Listing (live)

  1. Is there a profile page?
    1. No - create a profile page and submit it.
    2. Yes - go to next.
  2. Profile image showing up in profile page?
    1. No - do both sections above.
    2. Yes - let listings publish overnight.

Image is Not Updating to New Image

  1. Have the old versions of the image been deleted in Cascade?
    1. No - delete the old images (should be 3 of them) and let the pages republish overnight.(The code goes through the list of images and whichever it finds first that matches the email address is the one it uses.)
    2. Yes - go to next.
  2. Have the new versions of the image been published?
    1. No - publish images. (Images will publish overnight.)
    2. Yes - resubmit the page so it can be republished.

Profile Image is Distorted

Profile Page (live)

  1. Did you upload an image to replace an existing one?
    1. No - contact
    2. Yes - go to next.
  2. Was the original image you were replacing still in Cascade when you uploaded the new one?
    1. No - contact
    2. Yes - delete the original version and both of its generated sizes, and go to next.
  3. Do the new generated image names have an extra "1" at the end of the name?
    (i.e., firstname-lastname-62x831, firstname-lastname-125x1681)
    1. No - contact
    2. Yes - rename the files, removing the "1" at the end.(When using the Upload Profile Image plugin, if Cascade detects there is already an image with the same name as the one you are uploading, it will add a "1" on the end of the filename. Our code reads the number after the "x" as the height of the photo.)

Name Not Linking to Profile

Department Listing (live)

  1. Is the email address correct on the profile page?
    1. No - correct email address on page. (Be sure there are no spaces after email address.)
    2. yes - files to create the link will publish overnight.
You will need
  • Access to either the training web site or as a web editor to your site.
  • Cascade: Basic I training
Quick Reference

Steps to create new profile with image:

  1. Upload profile images via "New -> Images -> Profile" menu.
  2. Create new profile page via "New -> Pages -> Faculty-Staff Bio" menu.
  3. Add to department listing:
    1. Manual - add their email address.
    2. Auto - do nothing. Will update overnight.
  4. Images, pages, and department listings will update overnight.

Publish order for everything to display properly:

  • Dept: Image
  • Dept: Page
  • Dept: Department listing
  • Site: facstaff page

Campus directory listing:

  • Publishes overnight.


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