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Faculty & Staff

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Modern & Classical Languages

Name Title Phone Email Office
Juman Al Bukhari, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Arabic 706-864-1772
Laura Alevy Part Time Faculty 678-717-3524
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Irina Avkhimovich Lecturer in Russian
Awad Awad Lecturer 706-864-1864
Dunlap 112, Dahlonega
Denise Bandini PT Faculty 678-717-3524
Nesbitt 2717, Gainesville
Haider Bhuiyan, Ph.D. Part Time Faculty 706-310-6253
Administration Bldg 202, Oconee
Christopher Cantrell SLI Chinese Tutor
Jessica Cappellini Lecturer in Italian
Ms. Chi-Hsuan Catterson Senior Lecturer - Chinese 706-864-1823
Dunlap Hall 306A, Dahlonega
Ran Chen Limited Term Faculty
Jaime Claymore Part Time Faculty 678-717-3697
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Steven Crawford Lecturer, French 678-717-3637
Nesbitt 4252, Gainesville
Qi Cui, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 706-864-1849
Dunlap Hall 112, Dahlonega
Jiyoung Daniel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Korean 706-867-4553
Dunlap Hall 314-C, Dahlonega
Ana Bonfante Lecturer 678-717-3524
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Lara DeBlois Program Specialist 706-864-1683
Dunlap 322, Dahlonega
Shane Emplaincourt, Ph.D. Limited Term Faculty-French 706-864-1774
Dunlap 312, Dahlonega
Dakota Fidram Part Time Faculty
Ksenia Gordeeva Temporary Part Time Faculty
Valerie Hastings Assistant Professor 706-867-2726
Dunlap Hall 301A, Dahlonega
Yunjuan He Associate Professor - Chinese 706-867-4554
Dunlap Hall 112, Dahlonega
Yizhe Huang ROTC Flagship Tutoring Coordinator 706-864-1399
Barnes Hall 128, Dahlonega
Hassan Hussain Limited Term Faculty, Arabic
Kasi Ives Language Lab Coordinator 706-310-6296
SRC 573, Oconee
Chase Johnson SLI Russian Resident Tutor
Matthew Johnston SLI Russian Tutor
Jace Jordan SLI Arabic Resident Tutor
Jinny Kim Part Time Faculty
Dilara Kipcakli Part Time Faculty 678-717-3524
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Tatiana Kozhanova Russian Online Tutor
Ms. Anastasiya Lakhno Limited Term Faculty
Olivier Le Blond, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 678-717-3473
Nesbitt 4238, Gainesville
D. Brian Mann, Ph.D. Dept Chair/Head AC 706-864-1773
Dunlap Hall 322C, Dahlonega
Peijie Mao Assistant Professor 706-864-1841
Dunlap Hall 305B, Dahlonega
Ms. Tatiana Maslova Lecturer 706-864-1774
Dunlap Hall 312, Dahlonega
Leah McGowan Part Time Faculty
Tomoe Nishio, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Emile Phommavongsy Part Time Language Lab Assistant
Ms. Barbara Smith Senior Lecturer - German 706-864-1965
Dunlap Hall 311, Dahlonega
Sawako Tsutsumi Temporary Faculty
Thomas Vang Part Time Language Lab Assistant
Yandan Wang SLI Faculty - Chinese
Charles Wooten Part Time Faculty 678-717-3524
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Noelle Wynne Language Lab Coordinator 678-717-3982
Nesbitt 4209, Gainesville
Lian Xia PT Faculty 678-717-3524
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville

Department of Spanish


Dorina Apahidean
Dorina Apahidean, Lecturer
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Derek Beaudry
Derek Beaudry, Lecturer of Spanish
Jessica Bennington
Jessica Bennington, Office Administrator
Dunlap Hall 303B, Dahlonega
Katherine Bundy
Katherine Bundy, Lecturer
Dunlap Hall 310, Dahlonega
Student Resource Center 543, Oconee
Maria Calatayud
Maria Calatayud, Ph.D., Assoc Professor, Spanish
Dunlap Hall, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise:Contemporary Latin American Women Artist
Elizabeth Combier
Elizabeth Combier, Ph.D., Dept Chair/Head AC
Dunlap Hall 303A, Dahlonega
Nesbitt 4254, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise:Spanish & French
Keri Douglas
Keri Douglas, Part Time Faculty
Classroom Bldg. 202
Gael Guzman Medrano
Gael Guzman Medrano, Lecturer
Nesbitt 2136, Gainesville
David Hair
David Hair, Lecturer of Spanish
Tiffany Haymore
Mrs. Tiffany Haymore, Instructor
Classroom Building 202, Oconee
Area(s) of Expertise:Spanish Education
Amy Hernandez
Amy Hernandez, MA, Lecturer
Administration 202, Oconee
Area(s) of Expertise:Spanish, Linguistics
Kristi Hislope
Kristi Hislope, Ph.D., Associate Department Head and Professor
Dunlap Hall 322A, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise:Spanish Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
Yihsin (Nicolas) Hu
Yihsin (Nicolas) Hu, Language Lab Coordinator
Dunlap Hall 317, Dahlonega
Joseph Lavalle
Mr. Joseph Lavalle, M.A., Assistant Professor, Spanish
Faculty Center 707, Oconee
Ary Malaver Copara
Ary Malaver Copara, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spanish
Dunlap Hall, Dahlonega
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Dunlap Hall 322 A, Dahlonega
Kenneth Martin
Kenneth Martin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spanish
Student Resource Center 540, Oconee
Leah McGowan
Leah McGowan, Part Time Faculty
Gordon McNeer
Gordon McNeer, Ph.D., Professor, Spanish
Dunlap Hall 319B, Dahlonega
Rosaria Meek
Rosaria Meek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spanish
Student Resource Ctr 590, Oconee
Garry Merritt
Garry Merritt, M.A., Assistant Professor, Spanish
Nesbitt 4250, Gainesville
Luis Miletti
Luis Miletti, Part Time Faculty
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Joseph Pecorelli
Joseph Pecorelli, Assistant Professor of Portuguese
Andrea Perez Mukdsi
Andrea Perez Mukdsi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spanish
Matias Perez-Minambres
Matias Perez-Minambres, Ph.D., Professor, Spanish
Nesbitt 4246, Gainesville
Alfredo Poggi
Alfredo Poggi, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Diana Pulido
Diana Pulido, Lecturer - Spanish
Laura Ramiro Moreno
Laura Ramiro Moreno, Limited Term Faculty Spanish
Erica Schwartz
Erica Schwartz, Part-Time Faculty
Sandra Stacy
Sandra Stacy, Part Time Faculty
Dunlap Hall 322, Dahlonega
Mariana Stone
Mariana Stone, Director of Language Labs
Dunlap Hall 319A, Dahlonega
Brian Tesoriero
Brian Tesoriero, Part Time Faculty
Alvaro Torres-Calderon
Alvaro Torres-Calderon, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Spanish
Dunlap Hall 319A, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise:Spanish and Latin American Literature
Ami Vonesh
Ms Ami Vonesh, MA, PT Faculty
Nesbitt 2217, Gainesville
Catherine Webb
Catherine Webb, Part Time Faculty of Spanish
Anne Wesserling
Anne Wesserling, Lecturer
AJ Whiten
AJ Whiten, Part Time Faculty

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