Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry builds on the liberal arts mission of the University of North Georgia, offering numerous opportunities to grow and develop while pursuing higher education in this American Chemical Society approved program. Students can participate in undergraduate research, engage in chemistry outreach, and become involved in service opportunities.  There are numerous opportunities on all campuses for students to contribute and connect to the community and profession and students are encouraged to participate in various clubs and organizations on campus.

The ACS certified Bachelor’s degree provides concentrations in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical physics, secondary education certification or pre-engineering.  Alternatively students can pursue an Associate’s degree in chemistry or geology.  The chemistry major is ideal for those who wish to continue with a graduate degree in chemistry, education, engineering or other related field.  Many students also matriculate to professional schools in areas such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physician assistant, and others.  Having a chemistry degree is also an excellent starting point for entering industry or government service.  Chemistry majors take the initial courses in general chemistry and continue with the foundational courses in organic, inorganic, analytical, physical and biochemistry.  Upper level advanced courses and research opportunities are available to complete degrees to fit specific goals.  Graduates are ACS certified and the rate of successful placement in industry, graduate and professional schools has been outstanding. 

With a low faculty to student ratio students can obtain personal attention from instructors and develop lifelong relationships with both faculty and staff.  While the instruction and program is rigorous, faculty are committed to giving the students every opportunity for success.  The department maintains well equipped labs with modern instrumentation.  Because of the small size, students get early training and opportunities to use a variety of instruments.  Many UNG students participate in research students frequently present their research at regional and national conferences.  

Take the opportunity to explore the Department’s website and consider chemistry as an area of study.  Visit the campuses and see the opportunities that are available.  The faculty and staff are friendly, accessible, and willing to answer questions. 


Tim Howell Ph.D. 

Professor and Acting Department Head 

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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