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Our UNG ID Card is an all in one card that can be used for refunds, campus building access, meal plans, Campus Cash accounts and more.

Use the Activate link below to select your refund preference and activate your  Discover enabled student I.D. card

Activate your UNG Nighthawks Card

For students who have never had a Nighthawks card and are only enrolled in online classes please the MoneyNetwork website to enroll in ACH Transfer


 Front of UNG ID card 


Back of UNG ID Card with Labels

Check out your UNG Card's various uses and locations accepted at our different campuses at our Campus Cash page

Prevent fraud and misuse on your UNG Nighthawks Card

Check your Money Network Account

To check your account, go to the MoneyNetwork website or download the mobile app to monitor transactions on your account.

If you find unauthorized charges on your account:

  1. Call Money Network Customer Service at 800-822-4283 to report your card as stolen. You will not be held liable for any fraudulent charges, if you report these charges in a timely manner.
  2. Visit your UNG Card Services location to be re-carded.
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Make a Deposit
We Accept
visa, discover, mastercard
Manage your account,
or Deactivate* your card
*If you reactivate please call card services to regain building access
  • SUMMER HOURS are in effect please our hours of operation
  • NOW you can Save 5% on purchases using Campus Cash at select locations. Stop by Card Services on your campus for more details.
  • Mobile application available for Apple and Android devices for your Campus Cash account.
If you encounter issues accessing content or using the Card Office website, contact the Card Office.