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Cadet from Taiwan studying at UNG for 4 years

Cadet Li Hung Chang from Republic of China Military Academy is at UNG for four years. While immersed in the Corps of Cadets, he will also earn a criminal justice degree from UNG.

The Republic of China Military Academy (ROCMA) is the University of North Georgia's (UNG) longest-standing partner for cadet exchanges with a relationship that began in 2012. Ten UNG cadets have spent a semester at ROCMA, while 11 ROCMA cadets have studied at UNG, including three this semester.

This fall marks another step of growth in the partnership, as ROCMA cadet Li Hung Chang began a four-year stint at UNG. He is pursuing a criminal justice degree from UNG as an international student while being fully immersed in the school's Corps of Cadets.

"I am really happy that I can be part of the best senior military college in the U.S. and get the chance to improve my English abilities as well as my knowledge of American culture," Chang said. "Moreover, I can enhance my leadership here and learn from other leaders."

He hopes to learn about why the U.S. military is so strong so he can share those lessons when he returns to ROCMA. Chang is also grateful to experience outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and rock climbing that he rarely gets to experience in Taiwan.

Additionally, eight other international cadets studied for at least a few weeks at UNG's Dahlonega Campus this fall. UNG also has two cadets from Argentina's Colegio Militar de la Nación for a semester exchange for the first time, as well as two other ROCMA cadets and two cadets from Taiwan's Management College, National Defense University (MCNDU), for a semester. Two cadets from Hungary's National University of Public Service spent a few weeks at UNG on an exchange.

Retired Army Sgt. Maj. Terry Baumann, international and military program coordinator at UNG, is grateful for the latest growth in the relationship with ROCMA.

"UNG and ROCMA will each benefit by continuing our partnerships. The U.S. counts on international support all over the world. The bonds our cadets develop here at UNG with their international colleagues may come into play during a training exercise or in a combat scenario," Baumann said. "They may support or serve with one another on a field of battle, and the friendships they gain at UNG will provide a common understanding because they know each other."

international cadets fall 2019

Cadets from Taiwan, Hungary and Argentina are studying at UNG this fall.

Pedro Ramirez, one of the two cadets from Argentina, said UNG's model of cadets learning alongside civilians is different from his school. He appreciates the approach.

"You each have different experience," Ramirez said. "Civilians and cadets can share their knowledge with each other."

Chia-Ying Wu, a cadet from the MCNDU in Taiwan, said the UNG cadets have welcomed the international cadets and been helpful in taking them places.

UNG's Corps of Cadets has nine partnerships with foreign military academies for cadet exchange, with some of those agreements including faculty exchange. A total of 30 international cadets have studied at UNG, while UNG sends 85 cadets abroad annually for study abroad, internships and cadet exchanges.

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