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Student Mail Guidelines and FAQs

Student Mailboxes
UNG Post Office boxes are given to resident students currently enrolled at UNG by request on a first-come-first-served basis.

Resident students retain their P.O. box unless the student is not checking their mail. You should check your physical mailbox once per week, and take out any fliers as the fliers will be used to determine if you are checking your mailbox.

Resident students must without exception, surrender their box upon converting to commuter status. Upon graduation or other egress, the student must return their key or pay the current key replacement cost.

Physical Mailboxes: 

  • Check your box regularly, as a full box with more than a month or two of mail will indicate that you do not check your box; and therefore probably do not need a physical mail box. Take out all junk mail and fliers, as we will use those to determine when you checked your mailbox last.
  • You will not receive an email for letters or any other items that do not have a tracking number. If you are expecting something without a tracking number, check your mailbox before asking at the front window.
  • If you lose your key or fail to turn it in, there is a $10 fee.
  • Turn in your key once you become a Commuter (example: moving off campus/graduating). Otherwise, you can keep your key (even over summer breaks) this way you can continue using the same box the following school year.
  • Our FAQ page can answer most of your questions.

Parcel Only Box Numbers

  • Parcel Only Box Numbers are for students who intend on receiving parcels only.
  • No key is associated with the number.
  • No letters can be received because the box number is only a reference number and there is no physical location for letters to be stored.
  • Keep in mind that if you get letters you will be required to get a physical mailbox.
  • Because this is considered parcel only, once a letter is received and has been here for one week we will forward it or return it to sender. 
  • Notify us when your status changes to being a commuter. 
  • Our FAQ page can answer most of your questions.
Mailing Address

This is a sample of the format for your address:

First, M, Last [box #]
82 College Circle 
Dahlonega, GA 30597

***Do not use your Dorm Address***
Using your dorm address will delay any mail delivery, or cause it to be returned to sender.

Student Mail
  • You must have your key with you when you come to pick up your letter mail at the Central Post Office.
  • To assure delivery of mail and packages, always include full name and box number in your address.
  • Advise all correspondents that your mail should be addressed as follows:
    • First Name Last Name Box #
    • 82 College Circle
    • Dahlonega, GA 30597
  • Storage space in the Post Office is limited. Mail should be checked weekly. If not, the mail is subject to being returned to sender or forwarded. (Ex: newspapers, packages) 

Things to know about picking up parcels:  

  • You will receive an email from UNG Postal Services for items that have a tracking number. Please read the email, as it will instruct you to show us the email (screenshots are okay) and your ID. You cannot pick up anyone else’s parcels unless special arrangements are made with Postal Services.
  • USPS Mail arrives in the morning, and during standard volume is processed by 11 a.m..   
  • UPS, FedEx and DHL arrives on campus at the Logistics Warehouse before 2 p.m., and is transferred to the Post Office between 2:30 and 4 depending on volume.
  • If you have a tracking number from USPS, FedEx, DHL or UPS (not amazon) that says your item has been delivered and it has been more than 1 business day, but you still have not received an email from us, please bring your tracking number to the front window for us to assist you with tracking your item.

Packages sent using UPS, FedEx, or DHL

Your Address

  • Street Address: 82 College Circle
  • Zip Code: 30597
  • Be sure to include your box number on the same line as either your name or 82 College Circle

Sending a UPS or FedEx package to campus?

  • DO NOT include the terms “P.O. Box” or “Box #”
  • Simply add the four numbers of your box after your name

Receiving a UPS or FedEx package?

  • The best time to check is after 2:30 p.m. (11:30 a.m. summer Fridays)
  • Come prepared with your tracking number

My tracking my number says my package has been delivered, but I haven’t received an email from the Post Office. Is my package here?

All UPS and FedEx packages are delivered daily to logistical services between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Your package may have been delivered to campus, but will not arrive at the post office until around 2:30 p.m. As soon as your package has arrived at the post office and has been processed, you will be sent an email confirmation.

Can I still pick up my package if I don’t have my email?

Emails will be sent to you immediately after we have received your package alerting you of your parcel's arrival. If you have not received an email, it is likely that your package has not yet arrived to the campus post office.

Students are always welcome to bring their tracking number to the front window, where a clerk will be happy to assist them with any questions that they may have.

I forgot my key. Can I still pick up my letters?

Unfortunately, if you have a physical mailbox, you cannot pick up letters or fliers without your key. If you come to the front window, all of our postal clerks will be glad to confirm if you do have an item in your box, but they won’t be able to give it to you.

I haven’t gotten an email, but I know my package is here. Will you go get it for me?

Emails will be sent to you soon after we have received your package alerting you of your parcel's arrival. If you have not received an email, it is likely that your package has not yet arrived to the campus post office, or we are still processing your parcel.

I called in, will you check to see if I have mail?

Due to the time it takes for us to check your mail, we no longer check your mail for you if you call over the phone. If your item has a tracking number, you should have gotten an email about it.

I just became a Resident. Will my Post Office Box be assigned to me automatically?

No, you will have to request a mailbox using the Mailbox Request Form.

I am going to study abroad/be transient for one semester. Can I keep my key?

We recommend you turn your key in, as every spring and fall semester we check every student's status and email all the commuters before placing holds on their accounts. The only way to avoid these emails and possible holds is to turn your mail key in if you will be gone for a semester.

Does the UNG Post Office sell stamps, envelopes, etc.?

Yes. We sell stamps, pre-stamped envelopes and various forms of postage.

Do you have packing supplies for mail I need to send?

We have packing tape, labels and markers. We also have an assortment of flat rate USPS boxes. However, we have a limited supply of used boxes that we try to recycle by offering them to customers.

Do you take campus cash/credit/debit cards?

Unfortunately, we do not take accept campus cash or cards at this time. You may pay for postage/fees with cash or check only.

What mail can I drop off at the UNG Post Office?

We take all prepaid parcels from USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Any letters with a stamp can be dropped off in the mail slots next to the front window. We also sell postage if you need it, but we take cash or check only.

How long will it take the letter I dropped off to get to its destination?

This depends on where it is going and how it was sent. Please contact us and we will be happy to estimate its arrival time.

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