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Meeting Minutes

Quarterly Meetings

September 2018

18 September 2018

Guest speaker: Dr. Gene Van Sickle, Assistant VP of Strategic Student Success

Purpose statement: UNG will coordinate its student success programs and strategies to promote a community of learning. Like mindset matters in orientation.

Inclusive academic excellence, student engagement, inquiry, innovation and application of learning to complex problems.

Discussion of Complete College Georgia, QEP, Momentum Year, Gateways to Completion and Persistence Committees.

Take-always: we are trying to create a supportive community of learning, transparent teaching, clear pathways to successful first year to graduate to career, intentional support

Staff Council Quarterly Meeting

  • Welcome Committee-Receiving emails from HR on Fridays with list of new hires, and pushing that out to campuses where they are hired. So far, since new fiscal year started, 39 full time and 30 part-time employees hired.
    • Elizabeth King mentioned new employees having a mentor, consider that.
  • Staff Development- Matt- Received $9000 in applications, approved $7000, have $16000 available.
    • Have worked out a relationship with continuing education, will give 10% off on classes
    • Staff Council had a great quarterly meeting with Dr. McConnell, he opened door for 25-30 thousand more dollars, need to follow through to request. And USG may match funds UNG is willing to put forward for staff development. So continue to push agenda.

December meeting: Oconee to host (week of Dec. 10).

March Meeting: Cumming to host (week of March 11)

June meeting: Blue Ridge to host

July 2018

July 25, 2018

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mac McConnell, Senior VP for Business and Finance

  • Next year – the rates for E-rate bachelor courses will need to match the in person bachelor courses at $182/credit hour. This will decrease revenue.
  • 1,581 employees serve 20,000+ students
  • Merit raises – usually the state of Georgia supplies partial funding for merit raises. However, no funds were allotted this fiscal year across the state.
  • State only gave approximately 3.8 million of the total 11.8 million in raises over the last 6 years.
  • The Georgia Constitution does not allow for Cost of Living Raises.
  • With 1,581 employees – a 1% salary raise costs the university approximately $1 million.
  • Equity raises
    • At the time of consolidation, the Dahlonega faculty earned more than the Gainesville faculty. In addition, Dahlonega Staff received less income than the Gainesville staff.  Over three years equity raises were issued to correct this shortage.  Tried to keep salaries at approximately 80% of the market median.
  • Question – Who is in control of distribution of merit raise funds?
    • Salary guidelines from the Board of Regents
    • Distribution is a typical bell distribution (some will receive more than the average and some less)
    • Percent of increase is recommended by supervisor or department head and ultimately carried to the president for approval.
  • Question concerning Reclassifications of jobs.
    • According to Beth Arbuthnot, any job vacancies are automatically reviewed for reclassification.
    • Market conditions can cause the need to increase compensation for some positions, such as the high demand for nursing and PT faculty and Information Technology staffing and the campus police.
    • Other reclassifications – Human Resources only looks at these request twice per year (start of fiscal year and beginning of calendar year).
    • Request for reclassification are submitted to Beth and Human Resources. If HR agrees, then this is presented by the Vice President over the position to the cabinet.  The request are then prioritized and decisions made.  Ultimately the UNG President will be the final approval.
    • Minimum Job Requirements are being changed on vacant positions to address the new complexity of the consolidated institution.
    • As jobs are evaluated for reclassification, HR uses benchmarks through survey data and compensation and job duty information from other colleges and universities to help assess current positions.
    • There is a faculty equity study being conducted now. The university is considering adding a staff equity study.
  • Question – At consolidation, the salaries were at 80% of the market median. Where are we now?
    • We were at 85% of the market median, but due to cost of living increasing, we are now at 83% of the market median.
    • New normal may be that the state does not provide money for merit raises.
    • Difficult to add new faculty and staff positions if we are using budget for merit raises.
  • CAR Assessment Review
    • Not enough communication across the university.
    • Question – Staff Development funds are set at $25,000. Is there any way this could be increased to provide more opportunities to staff?
      • Mac advises that we submit a request now. There is a plan to release some development funds in September.

Staff Council Meeting

  • Elect Executive Vice Chair
    • This election will be held online due to the length of the presentation
  • Committee members and chairs
    • Matt will undertake the role of chair for the Staff Development Committee, as long as he is unopposed by the other campuses.
  • Treasurer’s report: Kate Turner
    • Foundation funds - $5,500
    • Staff Development - $25,000
    • Email Vice Chairs regarding budget request
    • Scholarship funds – Will send account balance to Vice Chairs
  • Other business
    • Staff Council’s focus is on Staff. Need to boost reputation to show that we are not a party planning committee.

For more information about the budget handouts please contact Kasi Ives.

April 2018

Staff Council Quarterly meeting- April 16, 2018

Staff Council held a quarterly meeting on the Cumming Campus on April 16, 2018. Meeting was called to order at 2:04pm. Members present included:

Carrie Wills, Christy Morrison, Ronda Dowell, Debbie Krewson, Candace Lovell, Cayse Wilson, Brandi Daniell, Lori Bramlett, Caleb Rogers, Beth Collins, Amanda Smith, Stephanie Hulsey, Katherine Brown, Sherry Boatfield , Rosie Johnson, Matt Brown, Derek Leonard, Nick Kastner, Kasi Ives, Kate Jordan

The minutes for the February quarterly meeting were approved.

Steven Kronenberg, Director of the Mike Cottrell College of Business Graduate programs gave an update on the graduate programs offered through the MCCB at UNG. The MBA is in its 9th years. The MBA is offered on the Gainesville campus and in Cumming City Hall. Three new certificate programs were approved, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Cumming), Cyber Security (Cumming) and Technology Leadership (Gainesville). The MBA has 81 students enrolled. The Master of Accountancy (MACc) has been approved for the fall 2018 semester on the Gainesville campus. The MACc will be offered full-time (1 year) or part-time (2 year) and is TAP funded. There are talks of online graduate programs being offered but no definite news yet.

Amanda Smith gave an update for the Cumming campus. Caleb Rogers is replacing Alicia Smith. Cumming hosted Staff Appreciation the week of April 12th. Cumming also hosted a Penny War and made $388.40 to be used for Staff Scholarship.

Lori Bramlett gave an update for the Blue Ridge campus. Blue Ridge has a new Office Administrator, Melanie Cantrell, Anna took a position with Upward Bound. Blue Ridge Staff Appreciation will be held May 18th.

Kasi Ives gave an update for the Oconee campus. Nigels Nest (food pantry) held an event to raise funds. Oconee raised $220. School supplies and canned goods are needed.

Dahlonega gave an update. Staff Appreciation day will be held finals weeks. Sherry and Rosie will move from Alternates to voting members.

Carrie gave an update for the Gainesville campus. Gateway kit collection until the end of April. Staff Appreciation breakfast will be held Wednesday, May 16 from 830am to 10am.

Cayse Wilson gave an update on staff development funds. All funds have been allocated. There are several application waiting to be reimbursed.

Katherine Brown gave an update on the Welcome Committee. Katherine found a new source for a new employee list. A new list will be sent to Katherine by the end of the week. The Welcome Committee has welcomed all new staff through mid-February.

Staff Awards gave an update. Martha Bower was awarded Staff Member of the Quarter.

Ethan Penland was not present during the quarterly meeting. No update on Public Relations was given.

Justin Turner (JET) was not present during the quarterly meeting but gave Stephanie a written out Proposal for Nominations and Elections. By close of business April 20th, all V.Chairs should notify Jet of how many voting members and alternates will need to be filled. Open Nominations April 16 and will close May 4th. All nominees must be contacted by May 7; open election May 14-June 1. Notify winners by June 4th so they can prepare to attend June campus meetings.

Kristie Kiser was not present during the quarterly meeting. All funds have been allocated.

Nick Kastner gave an update on the Bylaws. Committee is formed by Nick Kastner, Debbie Krewson, Kasi Ives and Lori Bramlett. Bylaws will be emailed out for review April 16-20th and a vote will be held April 23-27. The Bylaws committee proposed a change for the term the Chair can hold. The terms for the Chair will be changed from 2 years to 1 year no more than 2 years.

Stephanie Hulsey asked committee chairs to send procedures for their committee be sent to her so it can be uploaded to the Staff Council 365 page. Stephanie asked the committee to keep in mind that policy is what we will do vs. procedure is how we will do it. Stephanie will clean up Microsoft 365.

Matt Brown made a few suggestions for the Staff Development Committee. Matt suggested the recipients of Staff Development funds be advertised on the Staff Council page. Staff development funds should be advertised adequately. Staff Council should be advertising the availability of the funds adequately. The Staff Development Committee and Public Relations committee could work together to advertise SDF. The Chair for Staff Development should let the committee know the majority vote for the applications in a timely manner. Matt also suggested there be a 90 day open enrollment period granted for staff members who have not received funds previously. Each department should be limited to 10% of the funds ($2500)

JET made a few suggestions for the Elections and Nominations Committee in a written statement read by Stephanie Hulsey. By close of business April 20th, all V.Chairs should notify Jet of how many voting members and alternates will need to be filled. Open Nominations April 16 and will close May 4th. All nominees must be contacted by May 7; open election May 14-June 1. Notify winners by June 4th so they can prepare to attend June campus meetings

Cumming Meetings

September 2018

UNG Cumming Staff Council Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2018

Monthly meeting Meeting Facilitator: Amanda Smith Invitees: Beth Collins, Caleb Rogers

  • Call to order: 8:26
  • In Attendance: Caleb Rogers, Amanda Smith
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Caleb moved to approve, Amanda second

  • Open issues
    • Staff breakfast
      • Date is set for October 24, 8-10 a.m., Rm 246
      • Station House to provide breakfast/Amanda to pick-up
    • 50/50 raffle ticket stubs
  • October 1- 23 :: October 24 is drawing
    • Amanda will buy ticket stubs
  • Future fundraising ideas?
    • Possible dinner: Amanda going to attend Gainesville fall dinner to get ideas
    • Chili cook-off
  • Food Pantry
    • Each month continue to promote for collections :: place on info-to-go
  • New business
    • Caleb is leaving us for Dahlonega
    • Christy Peavey possibly new alternate

March 2018

In Attendance: Amanda Smith, Beth Collins

  • Penny Wars
    • Faculty currently in the lead
    • Great participation from campus
  • Updates regarding possible changes for by-laws committee
  • Staff lunch on April 12
    • Baby picture game
    • Random fun fact game

January 2018

In Attendance: Amanda Smith, Beth Collins

  •  Food drive in November was a success, we donated a full shopping cart to The Place
  • Continuing previous discussion for a Bake Sale in partnership with SGA:
    • We will not have bake sale due to timing
    • Library is hosting a Valentine’s Day event
    • Possible replacement event: Spring Break Basket Raffle
  • Spring Break Basket Raffle
    • Solicit donations for items to go in basket
      • Gift cards, sunscreen, towels, etc.
    • Everyone donating items will receive a raffle ticket. If you do not donate, you can purchase a raffle ticket.
    • Amanda to follow up with Lyne re feasibility/dates
  • Cumming Campus Staff Luncheon
    • Week of April 9
    • BBQ meal from Aramark
  • Quarterly meeting date for the Cumming campus to host?
  • Heart for the Hungry food drive
    • Month of February
    • Proceeds to The Place

October 2017

In Attendance: Amanda Smith, Beth Collins

  1. Donation box for food drive will be in lobby tonight
    • Drive starts tomorrow, Wednesday, October 25
  2. All toys are needed and accepted for toy drive after Thanksgiving; including gift cards
  3. No other new business
Dahlonega Meetings

April 2018

Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2018

I.      Call to order

Meeting was called to order at 2:03 p.m. by Benny Wyrick (Chief) on April 10, 2018 in the MLC Conference Room.

II.      Roll call

The following members and alternates were present: Benny Wyrick (Chief), Nick Kastner, Katherine Brown, Matthew Brown, Sherry Boatfield, Rosie Johnson, Derek Leonard, Ethan Penland, and Justin Turner (JET).

Stephanie Hulsey, Chair of UNG Staff Council and non-voting member, was also in attendance.

III.      Approval of minutes from last meeting

Last meeting’s minutes were approved by Katherine Brown and seconded by Ethan Penland.

IV.      Treasurer’s Report

No treasurer’s report was available. However, funding was provided for staff appreciation breakfast at no more than $350.

V.      Old Business

Chief asked committees to report.

Nominations and elections committee report – Jet stated that he wasn’t sure when to do nominations so it was tabled until new business. Elections are taking place now and there was a need to discuss next year’s process. Chief stated that this should probably be handed to next year’s committees in July and there needed to be a smooth transition.

Awards committee report – Nothing to report.

Staff Development committee report – Staff development funds had been paid out but recommended a change for AY 2018/2019. Things have improved but we need to have more applicants as applicants from only 3 different departments applied. Jet stated that engagement was difficult.

Matt asked if we had advertised who had received funding and we had not, however Ethan stated we should be more transparent. Chief asked if this should be for just Dahlonega or all campuses and Matt stated all so it was more equitable. Ethan stated that we had advertised that staff development funds were available, however, some departments aren’t as large as others (admissions, IT, etc.) and that PR was an issue. There was discussion about how this should be changed (no more than 10% - Now it’s currently $1,500 per event), etc.

Stephanie stated that we would have to change the by laws regarding committee deadlines. Jet agreed on staff development committee membership and that voting should happen after X number of days or you lose voting privileges. 32% of all approved applications were not seen by all members of the staff development committee.

Nick stated that this could become an ethics issue. Sherry stated she did not receive all of them and was on the committee. Further discussion was had regarding.

Chief led a brief discussion on professional development training by HR and how timing had been typically bad for him. Others concurred. Stephanie stated a proposal on a solution may be a good idea. Further discussion was had about meeting times and brown bag lunch trainings. Nick and Matt agreed that this should be brought up to the full staff council. Ethan and Nick briefly discussed PR issues with these trainings and Nick stated that email cannot be a continuous solution because of the volume of emails received. Nick and Jet suggested that the PR committee discuss this and further discussion took place on the topic.

Scholarships committee report – No updates from the committee.

Welcome committee report – Katherine sent an email to Karen in HR and that the committee was caught up through mid-February. She also stated that now that OneUSG has been implemented, maybe now things would happen faster. Chief asked that Katherine keep him up to date on what’s happening. Katherine stated that an EoY committee report from each committee would be good for the transition into next hear.

PR committee report – Ethan had no updates

Additional Old Business – The Bylaws sub-committee was submitting additional changes to the executive council to send to all staff council members for a vote.

VI.      New Business

A discussion was had about Staff Appreciation Day on how things should be delivered and whether it should be food or ice cream. It was agreed that it should be breakfast. Ethan agreed to design the cards and we all agreed the event would take place on Wednesday, May 2 from 7:30 AM – 9 AM

A brief discussion was had on members who have not been attending meetings and their current position on staff council. There was no conclusion other than our 2 alternates are now members and the roles of those who have not been attendance probably need further discussion.

A brief discussion was had regarding nominations for AY 2018 / 2019. A date and time were to be set and further discussion was had.

Chief mentioned that we still need to settle on direction for staff council and brief discussion was had on the topic.

It was agreed that any remaining scholarship funding should be held to after rotation of Staff Council.

Also, Katherine asked about election committee and it was agreed that Chief would pitch the ideas regarding prospective changes.

VII.      Adjournment

Meeting was closed at roughly 3:49 P.M. The motion was made by Jet and seconded by Matt Brown
Minutes submitted by:  Nick Kastner


Gainesville Meetings

April 2017

University of North Georgia Staff Council
April Meeting
April 12, 2017

A regular monthly meeting was held on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, and was called to order by Vice Chair Tuwanda Wilson at 3:15 p.m. Members present:

  • Tuwanda Wilson
  • Kay Barfield
  • Robin Bright
  • Marianne Leidy
  • Larry Jones
  • Brandi Daniell
  • Kristie Kiser
  • Carrie Wills
  • Debbie Krewson

February meeting minutes were approved.

Staff Development Funds: Robin reported the budget was $0, but that there were a few people who were unable to use their funds, so the current balance is $281 and Elizabeth will disperse to those on the waitlist.

Staff Council Budget: Robin reported the Gainesville Budget is $5858.32 and the Foundation Budget is $1448. Tuwanda stated the books for new hires were ordered and Robin confirmed she had paid for them. Marianne noted that the remaining funds will need to be spent and reminded SC that there will be a staff appreciation event to recognize the staff members of the month. Tuwanda will check on dates in May for the event. Robin indicated the Aramark balance is $2609.26, but Dahlonega and Cumming have upcoming staff appreciation events that will be deducted from that account.

UNG Master Plan: Marianne attended the Executive Council meeting held last week. At the meeting, the UNG Master Plan was announced and she presented the brochure to SC. The plan contains what UNG officials would like to see happen on each campus, pending approval from BOR and funding. Included for the Gainesville campus are the inclusion of the existing Lanier Tech buildings, potential dorms, a rerouting of traffic to the perimeter of campus, and more parking decks by the year 2025.

Student Carpooling Initiative: Tuwanda highlighted potential benefits for students who carpool. Brandi agreed that the goal was to have less cars on campus and that those students who carpool may have a designated lot, beginning in the fall, that would be patrolled from 7:30am-10:00am and only permit cars with multiple students to park in that lot. Brandi also stated that there will be more parking spaces added for the fall semester, and the shuttle will continue to run until 6pm.

Health Trails: Tuwanda noted that she had seen many staff members taking part in the health initiative by the USG. Eight of the nine attendees at the meeting were taking part and walking more. Everyone agreed it seems to be a great initiative.

Gateway Gala: Marianne noted it was a great event and that everyone in attendance enjoyed it. Robin stated the gala earned over $100,000 to be used toward a new facility. Robin reported that she will not be able to help with the Helpful Harvest next fall, but has materials to help whoever leads the event. Marianne stated that SC will need to form a committee for the harvest in July once the new members are elected.

Spring Bake Sale: It was decided that the bake sale will be held during finals week on May 1 in the Nesbitt building and May 2 in the Student Center from 11-1 p.m. on both days. Robin agreed to send out a schedule for volunteers to work, and each member of SC was asked to donate 24 homemade or store bought items (cupcakes, large cookies (2/bag), brownies, cake, etc.). Each item will be $1.

Committee Reports

Welcome: Joslyn was unable to attend the meeting, but emailed her report: “The list of hires and the appropriate number of gift notebooks were sent to the campus representatives for their personal, local handling on 04/04/2017. I placed notes on UNG folded notecards with the gift notebooks and sent via campus mail to each new person on the Gainesville campus. I will continue to get the monthly hiring report from HR and the notebooks from Tuwanda, dispersing them to the appropriate campus representatives and to welcome the new staff on the Gainesville campus.”

There were 19 total new hires for February & March.

Staff Awards: Kay reported there are a couple of nominees from February that will be awarded next week, and Maureen will pull the nominees for March next week.

Staff Development: Robin reported the budget for Staff Development funds earlier in the meeting. No formal update given.

Public Relations: Kristie stated there was no update to give at this time.

Nominations: Marianne stated there will be an election held at the end of May and that the nominations committee will need to send out a notice board in the next few weeks to call for nominations for SC as well as for the position of treasurer.


Tuwanda reminded everyone about the Campus Picnic to be held Thursday, April 13 from 11:30-1:00 p.m. Kristie reminded SC the Relay for Life will be held on May 12 at 7 p.m. and asked for all SC members to attend since SC is the host of the event. She reminded everyone to wear UNG colors and to walk the opening lap of the event.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carrie Wills

February 2017

University of North Georgia Staff Council
February Meeting
February 15, 2017

A regular monthly meeting was held on Wednesday, February 15, 2017, and was called to order by Vice Chair Tuwanda Wilson at 3:05 p.m.

Members present:

Tuwanda Wilson
Kay Barfield
Robin Bright
Marianne Leidy
Larry Jones
Phil Patterson
Michael McCaffrey
Carrie Wills
Debbie Krewson

January meeting minutes were approved.

Staff Development Funds:
Robin reported a zero balance available for the Staff Development account. $9400 has been promised, but not yet paid out. Robin asked SC if it was appropriate to approve funds for licenses or exams since these are not related to the development of the staff member like classes or conferences. Marianne stated that the guidelines set forth at the beginning of the year would be a deciding factor for how the funds are dispersed. Should SC decide to exclude exams and license fees, it would need to be discussed at the beginning of the year and added to the guidelines as well as the application.

Staff Council Budget: Robin reported the Gainesville Budget is $5858.32 and the Foundation Budget is $2131.16.

Staff Appraisals:
Tuwanda reminded SC that the appraisals are due by March 1st.

Student Center Valentine’s Day Breakfast:
Tuwanda stated the breakfast was for staff members in the Student Center building and suggested that SC could use the idea as a future fundraising endeavor. Robin recommended Easter as a possible holiday tie-in.

Spring Job Fair – April 4, 2017:
Tuwanda announced that Career Services will hold the Spring Job Fair on April 4, 2017.

Spring Bake Sale: Robin announced there was no information on when the cookie truck will have cookies for sale.

Committee Reports:

Welcome: Joslyn reported there were 15 total new hires in January and that she sent the required notebooks with UNG notecards to other campus representatives for their personal, local handling on 2/6/17. She also noted that she sent via campus mail the notebooks to the 7 new hires in Gainesville. Tuwanda suggested SC order more notebooks as there are 10 left. Joslyn stated that the Dahlonega campus might have more notebooks available.

Staff Awards: Kay reported that the January recipients will have their awards by the first of next week, and that there have been more recommendations since the email nomination form was completed.

Staff Development: No members present. There was no update given.

Public Relations: No members present. There was no update given.

Nominations: Tuwanda stated that Brandy had emailed her and did not have anything new to report. Michael noted that several SC members will be rolling off and SC will need to replace them. Marianne stated that there have been many interested applicants in the past and that SC has a good alternate base.


Robin reported that one person had applied for the book scholarships and there have been some complaints about the length of time it takes to disburse the scholarship. It was stated that the guidelines should be updated to notify applicants of the lengthy process due to the fact that the funds have to be disbursed through financial aid.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carrie Wills

January 2017

UNG-Gainesville Staff Council Meeting
January 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes
A regular monthly meeting was held on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, and was called to order by Vice Chair Tuwanda Wilson at 3:13 pm.  

  • Members present: Tuwanda Wilson, Kay Barfield, Robin Bright, Marianne Leidy, Larry Jones, Phil Patterson, Michael McCaffrey, Carrie Wills, Maureen Martin, Debbie Krewson, Kristie Kiser.
  • November meeting minutes were approved. There was no monthly meeting in December.
  • Senior Vice Chair elect for 2017: Stephanie Hulsey

    Tuwanda reported the election results from the Quarterly meeting.  Stephanie Hulsey will serve as the Senior Vice Chair beginning in Fall 2017.  

  • Quarterly Meeting, December 7, 2016, Oconee

    Tuwanda recounted the Professional Development opportunities Ron Graves discussed at the meeting: many new courses, name change from skillsoft to skillport, onboarding new employees, leadership development, and student workers may use skillport for training purposes.

  • Staff Development Funds & Staff Council Budget

    Robin stated that the balance for Staff Development Funds is $2829.02 before the assessment fees from Alyson Paul. 

  • Staff Council Budget
    • Robin stated that the Foundation has currently $2509.67 left in the budget and the Staff Council Budget for each campus is: Dahlonega $938.21, Oconee $1416.14.
    • The Gainesville Budget of $5858.32 is after the gateway donation and after the first book scholarship. Robin noted this ($5858.32) is the final total after paying for the Helpful Harvest luncheon.
  • Spring Bake Sale

    Robin noted we would purchase cookie dough from the cookie truck to be used for the bake sale, but do not have a concrete date for the purchase of the cookie dough or the bake sale.  The bake sale will be held in the courtyard once a date has been determined.  Robin also stated that she has prepared notes for the next Helpful Harvest to aid the person in charge of the event.

  • Committee Reports
    • Welcome

      Joslyn was absent, but Tuwanda met with her before the meeting and indicated that Joslyn would collect the new hire list from HR and would distribute each campus’s list & number of required books to the welcome committee on that campus.  It was decided that the committee would personally deliver the books to the new hires and more books will need to be ordered. 

    • Staff Awards

      Maureen reported that she and Kay are up to date, all awards have been sent out, and since the creation of the email she has received over 30 nominations.  

    • Staff Development

      There was no update given.

    • Public Relations

      Kristie stated that Haley updated the website and is looking for feedback, glitches, or other problems with it.  

    • Nomination

      Marianne indicated that SC will need to begin looking for more members and the Treasurer and Secretary positions will open for vote.  Kristie Kiser noted she would be interested in the Treasurer position but will need to be nominated for it. 

    • Other

      Marianne suggested a notice board be created to get staff to apply for book scholarships and stated that reimbursement goes through Jill Rayner, the Director of Financial Aid, and is paid out when scholarships are paid out.
      Kristie asked the council if it would be possible for the Gainesville Staff Council to serve as the sponsor for the Relay for Life so it could be sanctioned. Maureen suggested contacting Melissa Walton to see how the Dahlonega campus handles this while Robin stated that as long as the monetary donations do not have to go through the staff council or foundation accounts, it should be ok. The motion was made to have the Gainesville Staff Council serve as the sponsor for Relay for Life, seconded and carried with the knowledge that we will revisit this if problems arise.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 3:56 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Wills

November 2016

UNG-Gainesville Staff Council Meeting
November 9, 2016 Meeting Minutes
A regular monthly meeting was held on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, and was called to order by Vice Chair Tuwanda Wilson at 3:08pm.  

  • Members present: Tuwanda Wilson, Kay Barfield, Robin Bright, Brandi Daniell, Larry Jones, Phil Patterson, Joslyn Hilliard, Carrie Wills, Maureen Martin, Debbie Krewson
  • October meeting minutes were approved. 
  • Questions/Concerns about FLSA Changes

    Zeneth Carter, the Payroll Director, joined our meeting to discuss and answer questions about the FLSA changes that many are going through.  She explained that, as of now, Wednesday, December 21st will be a regular day and open to the public and Staff are expected to work or take Comp/Annual leave if they choose not to work.  On Thursday & Friday, December 22nd -23rd, the University will be open for all Staff to work, but it will NOT be open to the public.  This is so that Staff affected by the FLSA changes have an opportunity to work instead of taking Comp/Leave time as they might not have enough to cover the Winter Break.  If staff want to take Comp time for December 22nd-23rd, Bi-Weekly employees will need to use 10 hours and Salaried employees will need to use 14.5 hours to cover those two days.  She also stated that, for now, Staff can earn up to a max of 60 hours of Comp time and that it is available for up to 20 weeks from date earned.  Comp time should be used before Vacation or Sick time.  

  • Staff Development Funds & Staff Council Budget
    • Robin stated that the balance for Staff Development Funds is $12,846.18 and that $5902.35 has been committed.
    • She also indicated that the Staff Council Budget for books scholarships is $1786.
    • The Foundations budget is currently $2760 (down from $3500) because of the purchase of plaques for Staff Awards.
  • Helpful Harvest

    Robin reported that there have been 101/125 tickets sold and that the Blues Brothers (Ben Wynne and Dr. Oates) will be performing & Ben will be the Auctioneer.  Staff Council members are to wear their Staff Council shirts and bring black sunglasses.  Robin stated that there are over 400 items to auction and that once ticket sales are over, Marianne and/or Kristie will need to meet with David to finalize food costs and to request the tablecloths to be set up on Thursday. 

    Robin also called for volunteers to help set up the room on Thursday, November 17th after 12:00pm.

  • Committee Reports
    • Welcome

      Joslyn stated there was nothing to report at this time. 

    • Staff Awards

      Maureen reported that she and Kay presented the Staff Member of the Year award to Shannon Shockley (Gainesville Campus) at the Faculty & Staff Awards Ceremony on November 7, 2016 and they have presented the August & September awards to the winners and have chosen the winner for October, but have not had a chance to meet with the winner.  Maureen and Kay both stated that it is difficult to get people to nominate staff for the award.  Suggestions for making this easier included creating an email address specifically for nominations, printing posters to put up around campus, and creating digital signage to run on the tvs across campus.  

    • Staff Development

      Tuwanda opened the discussion as Elizabeth is not on the Gainesville campus. Robin stated that Elizabeth is busy collecting applications and outlined the application process: Elizabeth collects the applications and supporting documentation and then forwards the completed applications out to the committee members and it’s the committee’s responsibility to approve/decline the applications.

    • Public Relations

      Kristie was absent; no report at this time. 

    • Nomination

      Brandi stated there was nothing to report at this time.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 4:09 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Wills

October 2016

UNG-Gainesville Staff Council Meeting
October 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes
A regular monthly meeting was held on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, and was called to order by Vice Chair Tuwanda Wilson at 3:00pm.

  • Members present: Tuwanda Wilson, Marianne Leidy, Maureen Martin, Brandi Daniell, Kristie Kiser, Debbie Krewson, Joslyn Hilliard, Carrie Wills, Kay Barfield, Robin Bright, Larry Jones, Phil Patterson.
  • Previous meeting minutes were approved by two members. 
  • USGSC Conference 2016

    Tuwanda gave a recap of the quarterly meeting which included a breakout motivational speaker and a HR representative who discussed the upcoming FLSA changes for the affected staff.  At the meeting, an HR representative also reviewed the hours/pay needed for the upcoming holiday.  Also, a question of whether or not the University will begin charging a $100/month fee for insurance coverage for an employee’s spouse is a possibility for the future.

  • Staff Development Funds & Staff Council Budget

    Robin reported no change to the budget; it’s the same as last month.  There have been 35 submissions for Staff Development Funds sent out to the committees, though Robin stated she’s only had about 6 completed & approved submissions thus far.

  • Secretary Nominee

    Carrie Wills was nominated by Tuwanda, and voted in by Robin, Kristie, & Marianne. 

  • Faculty & Staff Awards Ceremony

    Maureen & Kay will be presenting the awards, which are to be held 11/7/16 in the CE Auditorium at 12pm.  The plaques have been ordered and winners (with photos) will be put on the notice board for recognition.  The question, “How do we get people to nominate others?” was raised and Kristie will work on publicizing our awards.  

  • Helpful Harvest

    Robin reported that she has had many donations and needs help making calls, and collecting the donations from local vendors.  She and Debbie have been busy organizing & inventorying donations, making bid sheets & basket tags but could use more help.  She also reminded the council that the 125 tickets went on sale today (10/12).  Christy Morrison will be helping with decorations.  Robin asked for donations for the event as well as vases for decoration. 

    *Robin also requested another meeting before the Harvest which is scheduled for

    October 21st @ 10am, location tbd.

  • Committee Reports
    • Welcome

      Joslyn Hilliard stated she had received the list of August & September 2016 staff hires: 24 at Dahlonega, 8 at Gainesville, 2 at Oconee, and 1 at Blue Ridge for a total of 35 for 2 months.  She sent handwritten notes on the UNG folded notecards attached to the gift notebooks via campus mail to each new staff member.  She was short 18 notebooks and will send more after she gets more from Tuwanda.  Also, she will continue to get the monthly hiring report and send notes/gifts to each person.  

    • Staff Awards

      Maureen reported they have had their first meeting and now have a process for Staff Awards, Included the list of August & September nominees.  It was discussed that the goal would be to award the staff member by the end of the following month.  

    • Public Relations

      Kristie stated that a Staff Council facebook page could be difficult to maintain and recommended a basic website for SC needs.  Office 365 was brought up as a possible solution for SC members to collaborate and post information for staff.  

    • Nomination

      Brandi stated there was nothing to report.  Marianne said a nomination poll would be sent out to vote on Senior Staff Council.  Tuwanda and Stephanie are in the running for this position.

    • Other

      Marianne asked for feedback with regard to the proposed changes to approved class times beginning Fall 2017.  Some suggestions specifically related to staff were how would this change affect the budgets, working hours for staff, and would the summer schedule be affected by this change. 

  • Tuwanda noted that the Benefits Fair will be held on October 18th in the Robinson Ballroom and asked for volunteers to work the Staff Council table from 9am-3pm and she will send out the volunteer schedule.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 4:13pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Wills


April 2016

UNG-Gainesville Staff Council Meeting
April 13, 2016

  • Approve minutes from March Meeting- Approved
  • Staff Development funds- All funds have been dispersed or promised
  • Fundraiser for the spring- Robin has not yet heard from the Cookie Truck
  • Update on Diversity council- Diversity council put together a list of suggestions for the Dr. Jacobs
  • Staff award ceremony- look for dates in May to hold it
  • Committee reports:
    • Welcome: Will start with Jan 2016 new hires
    • Staff Awards: Will meet in a few weeks to pick winner
    • Staff Development: All money has been allocated
    • Nominations: We need 8 new members. Please send nominations to Marianne or Robin
    • Public Relations:
  • *Other:

March 2016

UNG-Gainesville Staff Council Meeting
March 9, 2016 Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Attending:
Robin Bright, Regina Bryant, Tuwanda Wilson, Marianne Leidy, Cayse Wilson, Allie Bradley, Michael McCaffrey, Phil Patterson, Larry Jones
Absent: Jessica Bohannon

  • Approved February Meeting minutes
  • Executive Council Update:
    • Discussed SCAC
    • Discussed budget & facilities
    • 3% Merit raises is expected-not everyone will get it
    • Dah needs 15-20 new office spaces
    • Lanier Tech to open Spring 2018/2019
    • Talking of expanding Strickland Bldg
    • Oconee looking to add another new bldg. and a parking deck
  • Alternate: Notified the 3 highest, but no response from two and 1 don’t want to
    • Brenda Bishop is interested
  • Staff Development Funds: $1,709 left
  • Fundraiser for the spring: Cookie Sale???
  • Quarterly meeting in Cumming, Thursday, March 17th
  • Committee Reports:
    • Welcome: Will discuss giveaway at Quarterly meeting
      • Tuwanda will check on prices for giveaways
    • Staff Awards: will meet soon
    • Staff Development: $2118

February 2016

UNG-Gainesville Staff Council Meeting
February 10, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Attending:
Robin Bright, Regina Bryant, Tuwanda Wilson, Marianne Leidy, Cayse Wilson, Allie Bradley, Michael McCaffrey, Phil Patterson, Larry Jones
Absent: Jessica Bohannon, Joslyn Hilliard

  • Approved November Meeting minutes
  • Executive Council Update:
    • Discussed presentation on Branding
    • Discussed facilities master plan for Lanier Tech
    • Expected enrollment growth of 10,000 students by 2025
    • Also discussed putting a road behind Lanier Tech to relieve traffic congestion
  • Diversity Council
    • Safe Space Training: 2/18/16 12:30pm-1:30pm
    • OURS video: students working on
  • Beth Bellamy Left UNG: Allie is now voting member
  • Alternate: need alternates in G’vlle and Cumming
  • Staff Development Funds: $2800 left
  • Committee for Fac/staff scholarship fund/setting up guidelines: Cayse, Tuwanda, Michael & Robin
  • Fundraiser for the spring: Taste of Gainesville?????
  • Committee Reports:
    • Welcome: Jessica Bohannon is Chair
      • Tuwanda Wilson is Co-Chair
    • Staff Awards: 2 new committee members for Cumming
    • Staff Development: $2800
Oconee Meetings

January 2019


  • Money to Dahlonega
    • Sarah sent cash from the Chili Cook-off and Bake Sale to Kate Turner through Greg Williams on 1/9/2019- total of $304.17
  • Who wants to be the Secretary?
    • Sarah Gilbert volunteered to be Secretary.
  • Event for February
    • Valentine’s Day breakfast
      • Breakfast items: eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes (heart-shaped), juice, coffee and water. Butter & syrup
        • Sams Club – eggs, bacon and sausage
        • Kroger/Walmart – pancake mix, juice, butter, syrup, coffee
        • Coffee – try to find 2 coffee pots to make it in.
      • Sarah check on availability of Room 522, first date wanted February 14th, if not February 12th. 8-10 am
      • Have people serve out the breakfast instead of buffet.
      • Will need 2 or 3 griddles and 2 or 3 crockpots. Will cook the pancakes on the griddle and cook the eggs, bacon and sausage back in plants ops but keep in crockpots to keep warm.
      • Need serving utensils.
      • Adan – ask Steve Smith if we would be willing to donate some blueberries.
      • Supplies needed: plates, napkins, knives and forks. Around 50. If need to purchase go to Dollar Store or Walmart.
        • Check supply box in Building 700.
      • Charge $5 a person, can sell tickets in advance or at door.
      • Décor – tablecloths and some valentines items.
      • Sarah will make the invite.
      • Set up for room – 4 rectangular tables: 1 for pancakes, 1 for drinks, 1 for proteins and 1 for check-in/pay. 5 round tables for people to eat at.


Next meeting will be on Thursday, February 7th at 10:30 am in Room 108.

August 2017

UNG Staff Council Meeting Summary, August 11, 2017, 10:00 a.m., Room 581

  • Meeting called by: Kasi Ives
  • Type of meeting: Campus Staff Council Meeting
  • Notetaker: Kate Jordan
  • Attendees: Kasi Ives, Emily Mcilvain, Adan Diaz, Kayla Heider, Kate Jordan 

Committee Discussion

  • Discussion: Discussed the website to show the various committees staff council members can join.  The importance of each committee as well as the requirements of each one. 
  • Conclusions: Each member chose their committees- Public Relations: Emily M & Kate J; Welcome Committee: Kayla H., Adan D.; Staff Awards: Kayla H., Kasi I.; Elections/Nominations: Emily M.; Staff Development: Kasi I., Adan D.; Scholarship: Kate J., Adan D.; Kasi I., Kayla H., and Emily M. The website is where members can upload photos of events, meeting minutes, and where nominations forms are located.  

Staff Council Scholarship

  • Discussion: Discussed who is eligible for the scholarship, where the funds are located, how to expand the scholarship to all USG schools, and when to award the scholarship. Members also discussed how to advertise the scholarship to increase applicants
  • Conclusions: Kasi will email Stephanie Hulsey for clarification regarding the criteria for the scholarship. Decided on a deadline for applicants: the fall semester is October 1st and the deadline for spring semester is March 1st both at the close of business day.  October’s deadline is to only include UNG applications with the hope that March’s deadline can include USG. Emily M’s student worker will make a flyer to advertise around the campus.
  • Action Items: October 6th- Application Review for the fall semester
    • Person Responsible: Emily M. - book room

Fall Events

  • Discussion: Members discussed what events do we want to host for fall as well as the deadline to request our budget. Kayla proposed listing committees and members so UNG faculty and staff can contact the appropriate member if necessary.  Kasi also noted, members will be reimbursed for products purchased for events. Emily M. assigned times and delegated food or coffee to members.
    Kasi, Kate, & Emily will work 8-9, Adan & Kayla will work 9-10.  
  • Action Items: 
    • 2 boxes of coffee, Make Flyer
      • Person Responsible: Kate J. 
    • Donuts and muffins from Sam's Club
      • Person Responsible: Kayla H. 

Resource Persons: Stephanie Hulsey to be contacted for further information and clarification.

January 2017

UNG Staff Council Committee Meeting Summary
January 23, 2017

  • In Attendance: Lakeshia Jordan, Kasi Mize, Kayla Heider, Emily McIlvain, Jonathan Barefield
  • Instead of a Valentine’s Day breakfast, the Council elected to do a Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Social on Feb. 14 from 9AM-11AM in the breakroom.
  • Supplies needed for the social were discussed: spoons or stirring straws, hot chocolate, mini muffins, and candy will be needed.
  • Kayla will do the shopping; Emily will do setup and decorating.
  • Emily will reserve the breakroom for that day.
  • Kasi will check with campus catering services to see if they can provide hot water in thermoses. 
  • Oconee Staff Council Members will take turns staffing the table for the Hot Chocolate Social.
  • The Council decided to put Valentine’s Day candy in the mailboxes of faculty and staff to promote the Hot Chocolate Social.
  • Emily will be in charge of making posters and tags for the candy.
  • The Oconee Staff Scholarship was also discussed:
    • Lakeshia will verify with Marianne that the application has been posted online.
    • Need to open the scholarship up to USG students instead of just UNG.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 11:30AM.

Submitted by Kasi Mize, Oconee Staff Council Secretary 

August 2016

UNG Staff Council Executive Committee Meeting Summary
August 3, 2016

  1. Date, time and location for 1st Quarterly Meeting: Thursday, September  15th on the Gainesville campus from 1:30-3:00. Marianne will see if Dr. Tom Walters, UNG’s ombudsman, can speak to the group.  Oconee campus will  host the December Quarterly Meeting, Cumming will host in March and Dahlonega in June.
  2. Each campus will submit a budget request for fundraisers or other sponsored activities that come from Foundation funds (received $3500).
  3. Committee chairs: Staff Awards:  Maureen Martin(G), Staff Development:  Stephanie Hulsey(D),PR:  Lyne Hitt(C),Welcome:  Joslyn Hilliard(G), Elections/Nominations:  TBD, Vice Chairs will send Marianne a list of which committee their members have agreed to serve on.
  4. USGSC Conference at Kennesaw State on Oct. 6-7.  Cost of registration is $75 and Staff Development funds can be used for this and travel expenses.  Marianne will send out information to all Staff Council members to see who will attend.  Annual dues for USGSC of $25 will be paid by Robin.
  5. Campus News/Ideas/Suggestions/Questions:

Cumming:  Planning for first ever Convocation on campus.  Still looking into fundraisers for beginning a scholarship fund, but will self-fund.

Oconee:  Would like to sponsor a campus social (meet & greet) and hold a possible raffle as fundraiser for scholarship.  Looking into finding a local gym to give discount for students, faculty and staff to have their own gym.  Asked about finding something the campuses who do not receive free meals can receive.  Scholarship guidelines are ready and they will be distributing soon.

Dahlonega:  New dorm is now ready.  Scholarship fundraisers are being planned and committee members selected soon.

Gainesville:  Members volunteered for committees at the last meeting.  The 2nd Annual Helpful Harvest Auction fundraiser date is set for Friday, November 18th.  The first planning meeting for the auction is next Tuesday.

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