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SLI Experience Video Transcript

Teacher: (Chinese) What do we do in class?

Student: (Chinese) In all class we all speak

Title Card: How is Studying Chinese in SLI?

Student A: (Chinese) I really like studying Chinese.

[Scene Transition]

Student B: (Chinese) I want to work to in China.

Student C: (Chinese) I want to [continue to] study Chinese next year.

Student B: (Chinese) Me too.

[Scene Transition]

Student D: (Chinese) Because the Chinese teachers are good, I feel like it’s not hard to study Chinese there.

[Scene Transition]

Student E: (Chinese) I think Chinese is really fun!

[Scene Transition]

Student F: (Chinese) Because, the University of North Georgia is great!

[Start Musical, Studying Chinese Montage]

[End Musical, Studying Chinese Montage]

Teacher asking the class a question: (Chinese) What do you often spend time doing?

[Scene Transition]

Teacher giving a presentation: (Chinese) We chatted with an old Chinese man.

[Scene Transition]

The class sings

[Scene Transition]

Teacher giving a presentation: (Chinese) Because he like me, he gave me a Choco Pie.

Teaching Assistant hands the Teacher something.

Teacher giving a presentation: (Chinese) Thank you!

Teaching Assistant: (Chinese) It’s nothing

[Scene Transition to students acting out a dialogue]

Student E: (Chinese) Hello good sir! Would you like me to help you?

Student G: (Chinese) Hello, please help me find a shirt.

[Scene Transition]

Student H: (Chinese) The color is very nice, but this one is way too big. Can we switch it out for another?

Student I: (Chinese) No problem!

[Scene Transition]

Student J: (Chinese) What is this?!

[Student drops item]

Student K: (Chinese) It’s a burger king gift card.

Student J: Ugh. Give me 20 Yuan.

[Scene Transition]

[Student hold up a sign that says “that man was the not the (in Chinese) Shopkeeper”.]

[Scene Transition]

Student L: Great!

[Scene transition to another musical, studying Chinese montage]

[Student in unison cheer “you can do it!” in Chinese]

[Roll credits]

Chinese Summer Language Institute 2017

University of North Georgia

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Special thanks to:

  • Department Chair, Dr. Brian Mann
  • Chinese Flagship Program
  • Daniela Martinez :D
  • Katie Beccue :D
  • Center for Global Engagement
  • JJ
  • SLI Team
    • Professor Chi-Hsuan Catterson
    • Professor Yizhe Huang
    • Professor Yidong LI
    • Teaching Assistant Alexandra Bennett
    • Resident Tutor Taylor Burgess
    • Tutor Dianne Starkey

(Chinese) “You can do it!”


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