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University of North Georgia Military Scholarship (UNGMS)


The application for the North Georgia Military Scholarship is open now for the 2017-2018 award year.  High school seniors who will graduate in 2017 may apply for the scholarship now.

This scholarship is worth $70,000 over four years.

The state of Georgia offers forty-two scholarships per year to Georgia high school seniors who attend the University of North Georgia and commission as officers in the Georgia Army National Guard after graduating with bachelor's degrees. The scholarship pays for your room, meals, tuition, books, uniforms, and fees. In addition, you receive National Guard weekend drill pay, GI Bill, pay for attending Army basic and advanced training, and Army ROTC contract pay (beginning of sophomore or junior year, if offered a contract to commission as a lieutenant). You may also be eligible for an enlistment bonus and monthly GI Bill kicker.

Effective 15 August 2005, UNGMS Scholarship recipients are non-deployable as long as they are enrolled and remain in good standing with the University of North Georgia and the Georgia Army National Guard.


  1. Be a legal resident of Georgia.
  2. Receive a nomination from a Georgia general assemblyman.
  3. Meet the academic requirements for, and gain regular admission, to UNG.
  4. Meet Army National Guard medical and physical standards which include height and weight; good medical and emotional health; and physical fitness.
  5. Agree to serve as an enlisted member in the Georgia Army National Guard while a Cadet at UNG.
  6. If offered, and upon direction of the professor of military science, agree to accept a commission upon graduation from UNG and serve four years as an officer in the Georgia Army National Guard.  See FAQs for more details.
To get more information, read the program regulations, or contact the chairman of the UNGMS Selection Committee, Mr Keith Antonia at 706-867-2712, email:


What is the deadline?

  • Parts A and B are due on or before 1 February each year. 
  • You must be accepted for admission to UNG in a “regular admit” status and submit all other required documents for the UNGMS on or before 1 March. The documents include your photo, Georgia general assemblyman recommendation, and school official recommendation.

Where can I get an application and how do I apply?

What are the minimum qualifications needed to be considered for the scholarship?

  • 3.0 cumulative high school GPA on a 4.0 scale. Electives are factored into the GPA calculation.
  • 480 critical reading and 440 math score on the SAT, or 20 English and 18 math on the ACT.
  • Gain regular admission to UNG as a Cadet.
  • Demonstrated leadership potential.
  • Be physically qualified to join the Georgia Army National Guard. This includes good medical and emotional health, and physical fitness.
  • You must also meet the Army's height and weight requirements.

If I am a UNGMS recipient, what do I have to pay?

UNGMS recipients are required to pay a room deposit ($250), and purchase some items for their rooms in their Cadet residence hall (approximately $260).

The room deposit will not be refunded until you permanently withdraw from the institution for graduation.

You will also pay to attend New Student Orientation.

How do I apply for the uniform deposit and book reimbursement?

The uniform deposit and book allowance are automatic. Funds will be available in your UNG bookstore account on the first day of Cadet basic training (FROG Week). Any funds left over after you purchase your uniforms and books will be credited to your UNG account (HIREONE Card). You will receive $600 per semester for books, and the full uniform fee for the semester in which you first enroll.

How are my bills for tuition, room and board paid?

You will not receive a bill for tuition, or room and board. Your UNG account will automatically be credited to cover these costs.

The meal plan provided to you through the scholarship is for 21 meals a week.

Can I use the Hope Scholarship for the Summer Language Institute or summer courses?

Paperwork for UNGMS says that no other state funds can be used in conjunction with UNGMS. Does this mean that I cannot use the Hope Scholarship for the Summer Language Institute and UNGMS for the fall? 

GMS recipients can use the Hope Scholarship to pay for summer classes or other programs such as the Summer Language Institute. Utilization of Hope benefits does not invalidate UNGMS for the fall semester.

How long is my obligation to the National Guard?

If you are selected to commission as a lieutenant in the Georgia Army National Guard, you will receive an honorable discharge as an enlisted soldier in the Guard on the day you graduate from UNG and commission as a lieutenant. After you commission, you must serve at least four years as an officer in the Guard to re-pay your scholarship. However, any commission, whether it be active duty Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Air Force, carries an 8-year service obligation. So, you can serve 4 years as an officer in the Guard, then transition to the Individual Ready Reserve, or serve all 8 years in the Guard. You can also stay in the Guard or Army for longer than 8 years.

In addition to your service as a commissioned officer, you must also remain enlisted as a soldier in the Guard while you are a Cadet at UNG.

When do I have to join the National Guard?

Contact your Guard recruiter immediately after notification that you are awarded the scholarship. You must inprocess through the Military Enlisted Processing Station prior to 1 August to receive scholarship benefits.

What can I do in the Georgia Army National Guard?

There are more than 200 jobs available for soldiers enlisting in the Georgia Army National Guard. These jobs range from infantry to armor to medics to supply clerks, and everything in between. Contact your area National Guard recruiter to find out which job would be the best for you. Your military occupational specialty does not matter.

If I am an UNGMS recipient, when do I attend basic training/AIT?

You can either attend UNG in the fall following high school graduation, and then start basic training/AIT in the spring in lieu of spring semester classes. Or, you can attend basic and AIT immediately after high school graduation and start classes in the spring (January). Note that you must start school in the fall or spring of your award year, or your award may be rescinded.

Can I be deployed while attending school as a UNGMS recipient?

No. Effective 15 August 2005, under directive from Major General Poythress, the Adjutant General of the State of Georgia, Georgia Military Scholarship recipients are non-deployable as long as they remain enrolled and in good standing with UNG and the Georgia Army National Guard.

What is the college GPA required in order to keep UNGMS?

Minimum GPA:  2.5

As a UNGMS scholarship recipient, am I guaranteed a commission as a lieutenant in the Georgia Army National Guard?

No. Commissioning is competitive. You must have good grades at UNG, be in good physical condition, and demonstrate an appropriate level of leadership skill. It is ultimately the decision of the Professor of Military Science (a full regular Army Colonel at UNG) as to whether you will commission or not. If you are selected by the Professor of Military Science, then he/she will ask you to sign a contract where you agree to commission as a lieutenant when you graduate from UNG. If this happens, you will start receiving a monthly Army ROTC stipend. 

If you are not offered a contract to commission, you will still retain your scholarship as long as you are in good standing with the Corps of Cadets and maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at UNG. In this case, you will serve out your 6 year enlistment contract. That means, you'll remain in the Guard after you graduate from UNG until your initial six year enlistment ends.

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