Sociology & Human Services

Department of Sociology & Human Services

As part of the University of North Georgia (UNG) College of Arts and Letters, we offer students a solid liberal arts curriculum. The Department offers Associate of Arts degrees in Sociology and Social Work, a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services Delivery and Administration. We also offer a minor in Sociology.

In our majors, students develop an appreciation of themselves and the world around them, as well as the knowledge and skills to serve diverse populations locally and globally. Students develop strong critical thinking skills and demonstrate knowledge of scientific methodology and theory and an understanding of interpersonal and societal dynamics.

Each major will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist in the development of academic and career goals and strategies. Field Experience courses in an applied setting are required of all Human Services Delivery and Administration majors, and Bachelors of Sociology majors are encouraged to have an internship where they will demonstrate competency and skills in their major in addition to critical thinking, oral and written abilities.

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