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What You Can Expect on Campus

Social Distancing and Face Coverings

To promote social distancing, reduce the need to touch objects and reduce instances of close contact between individuals, you will see the following around campus:

  • Additional signage
  • Marked floors
  • Adjusted furniture layouts
  • Limited bathroom and elevator occupancy
  • Reliance on touch-free card swipe devices

Effective July 15, 2020, the use of face coverings is required by students, faculty, staff, and visitors in UNG buildings and facilities where six feet of social distancing may not be possible. Face covering use will be in addition to and is not a substitute for social distancing. Face coverings are not required in one's own residence hall room or suite, when alone in an enclosed office or study room, or in campus outdoor settings where social distancing requirements are met.

Campus Hygiene

The cleaning and disinfecting of campus facilities is an integral part of mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

What to Expect
  • Custodial staff will clean campus areas per established USG guidelines.
  • Access to hand sanitizer is provided for public use in all hallways and nonresidential restrooms.
  • Facilities staff will clean and disinfect restrooms, hallways, common areas, and commonly touched common-area items (light switches, doorknobs, counters, etc.) on a daily and/or as-needed basis.
  • As available, cleaning and/or disinfectant materials for individual offices will be provided.
  • Staff will receive third-party training updates on cleaning protocol as needed to remain current on practices.
  • Faculty and academic advisors will continue to meet with students face-to-face or virtually.
  • Students living on campus will be encouraged to clean their own rooms and suites to help protect against the spread of COVID-19.
  • Point-of-sale locations will suspend the use of Personal Identification Number (PIN) pads, PIN entry devices, electronic signature capture, and any other credit card receipt signature requirements to the extent such suspension is permitted by agreements with credit card companies and credit agencies. Regular disinfection of these devices is required when used.
  • Virtual meeting software will be used to the greatest extent possible for all meetings. Those meetings that cannot be conducted virtually will be need to be compliant with current social distancing guidelines.
  • Electronic signatures of documents previously requiring hard signatures will be utilized to the extent possible.
  • For those who are required to use them for their job, UNG will ensure the availability and appropriate inventory levels for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face coverings, face shields, gloves, and in some cases gowns and other protective outerwear. The kinds of PPE vary depending on differing factors such as job duties, job location and other circumstances.

Campus Life

These practices aim to avoid large gatherings and/or close individual contact that could lead to rapid spread of COVID-19.


Social distancing will not allow for many of the traditional activities and events that student organizations have come to enjoy and expect.

In that spirit, UNG will plan for providing alternate activities and experiences that promote social distancing and engagement at the same time. The university will also plan for ways to support student organizations in planning for different types of organizational meetings, activities, and fundraisers.

  • In-person events: We are complying with guidance from Governor Kemp’s executive orders and public health guidance regarding gatherings and events. The current executive order limits gatherings to 50 people in instances where 6’ of social distancing is not attainable. 

    We are recommending that events that will be larger than 50 individuals seek locations where 6’ of distancing  can be maintained between all individuals. 
  • Off-campus events: All student organizations and UNG departments are discouraged from hosting events off-campus. Any student organization wishing to do so should consult with the Office of Student Involvement ; all other units should consult with the Office of University Events.  
    • All student organizations and UNG departments must follow public health guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitation and should abide by guidelines set for on-campus events in terms of the number of attendees.
  • Many events will need to be adjusted for capacity, transitioned to a virtual format, rescheduled for a later time, or canceled.
  • University staff will consult with event organizers at minimal intervals of eight, six and four weeks ahead of scheduled events to assess plans.
  • Event organizers will be encouraged to develop alternative plans and should determine at least four weeks ahead of the event (six weeks for larger events) the most appropriate course of action.
Common Spaces
  • Occupancy limits have been adjusted for some common areas while other common areas may be closed completely where social distancing cannot be achieved.
  • On-campus food service operations will ensure that students can maintain a safe distance whether eating in the dining hall or picking up takeout food.
  • Available seats will be spread out in computer labs, and university vehicles will be limited to single occupancy.
  • Personal office doors will remain closed when practical with accommodations made for visitors/guests to request entry.
  • Plexiglas shields will be in place at all POS locations
  • Flooring will be marked to indicate traffic flow direction and distancing guidelines.
  • Bookstore staff will disinfect door handles, registers, counters, writing equipment after each use. Bookstore will continuously disinfect store fixtures and general merchandise items.
  • Military Clothing & Sales Store staff will disinfect door handles, registers, counters, pens and fitting equipment after each use; this will include the restroom area used for uniform try-ons.
  • Stores will fill and ship mail orders to ensure that students and customers have the needed material for their courses.
  • Bookstore employees will maintain social distancing requirements, and all employees will wear face coverings when other staff are present in store. Each employee will have their own hand sanitizer and be required to disinfect areas before they leave the store.
  • Signage will be placed throughout the stores to remind staff and employees about social distancing.
  • Rental returns will be handled from drop boxes at each campus location and the bookstore staff will wear gloves and disinfect the textbooks.
Campus Recreation & Wellness

UNG will follow best practices for gyms and recreation centers to open campus facilities in a manner that allows for social distancing.

Face Coverings

Face coverings will be required at all times, even when working out.

Things to Consider When Exercising With a Mask

  • Consider masks that are breathable, comfortable, moisture-wicking with multi-layer microbial fibers for working out.
  • If you are new to exercising or haven't exercised in a long time, pay extra attention to your breathing and recovery.
  • Give your body extra time to adapt to change in the flow of oxygen when working out with a maskIf you do feel lightheaded, dizzy, or extremely short of breath when working out with a mask, you should sit down, notify staff, and take a break.
  • Consult with your doctor before working out with a mask if you have any underlying issues.

Staffing Levels

The campus recreation centers expect to operate at full staffing levels to ensure appropriate service to patrons and compliance with sanitation and social distancing guidance.

Occupancy changes

Recreation Center occupancy will be limited and congregating is discouraged to support the appropriate level of social distancing, based on the 6-foot distance.

  • Gainesville Campus Fitness Center – 4550 sq. ft.
  • Gainesville Campus Gymnasium – 10,450 sq. ft.
  • Gainesville Campus Pool – if open, potentially six individuals allowed in swim lanes or four individuals in the deep area.
  • Gainesville locker room practices/restrictions :
    • sink area, 1
    • toilet area, 3
    • locker area, 4
    • shower area, 3
  • Dahlonega locker rooms and restroom occupancies are:
    • sink area, 2 (1/side)
    • toilet area, 4 (2/side)
    • locker area, 2 (1/side)
    • shower area, closed

Safety and Cleaning Practices

  • Should admission require temperature screenings of patrons, UNG has touchless forehead scan thermometers available and will establish screening stations outside the main entryways.
  • Plexiglas barriers are installed at the check-in desks at the entryways of the recreation centers.
  • Contactless patron check-in: card swipe system already in use for all in-person scenarios
  • Fitness cardio equipment is limited to every other machine.
  • Floor markers are used in common areas and weight room to accommodate distancing.
  • Traffic flow is adjusted to ensure appropriate social distancing, including one-way traffic in narrow hallways.
  • Signage emphasizes the personal responsibility of each patron to disinfect equipment, wash hands, and follow public health guidelines.
  • Water fountains are disabled, but touchless, water bottle filling units will remain operable.
  • Ensure cleaning and disinfection complies with CDC-recommended frequencies and protocols.
  • All equipment should be disinfected by patrons between uses and by facility employees at regular frequencies.
  • Perform cleaning and disinfecting throughout hours of operation, in addition to the regular custodial services cleaning schedule; monitor cleaning and enforce protocols
  • Cleaning supplies such as shower spray and sanitizing wipes are readily available especially for touch points on doors, door handles, and trash receptacles.
  • Continue with deep-cleaning protocols.
  • Provide and encourage use of hand sanitizer stations.
  • Place additional trash receptacles and disinfecting wipes next to all doors to allow using wipe to open door and then discard wipe into trash receptacle.
  • Visitors and guests – When the Recreation Centers open, UNG will allow community members to resume use under paid memberships, but will not allow guest passes.

Intramural Sports

UNG's intramural sports program has designed activities that allow for social distancing, should contact sports be prohibited.

Dining Services

Dining Services will be fully functional in spring and students will be able to eat in the dining hall at the Dahlonega Campus and the food courts at the Gainesville and Dahlonega campuses, though capacity will be limited to encourage social distancing.  We are also providing other opportunities to order through our dining app and grab-and-go options to take meals to eat in other locations. 

General Safety & Health Measures Planned

  • Plexiglas sneeze guards are installed at all points-of-sale (POS).
  • Self-serve stations have been reduced or eliminated to decrease risk of contamination.
  • Service ware has been relocated behind the counter to minimize contamination, and staff provide dine-in patrons with reusable service ware.
  • Appropriate condiments are provided at the station or upon request.
  • Use of contactless pay options when possible.
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures and frequencies will follow public health guidance protocols.


The Dining Hall

  • UNG Dining Hall staff disinfects all food prep areas, serving counters, POS areas, and door handles. Floors are mopped and disinfected at least twice daily.
  • Capacity has been reduced to approximately 400, with no tables of more than four and a distance of at least 6’ between tables, until public health guidance allows greater density.
  • Where the restrooms have more than three adjacent stalls, some stalls are closed to allow for social distancing. Partitions are already installed.

Other Dahlonega Campus Dining Locations

  • The Hoag Student Center commons area seating capacity has been reduced to approximately 70 in the commons area, with no tables of more than four and a distance of at least 6’ between tables, until public health guidance allows greater density.
  • Chow House Diner is a pick up location only through the Transact Mobile Ordering App.


  • The Gainesville Student Center commons area seating capacity has been reduced to 110, with no tables of more than four and a distance of at least 6’ between tables, until public health guidance allows greater density.

Oconee Student Resource Center

  • ORC commons area seating capacity has been reduced to 40, with no tables of more than four, and a distance of at least 6’ between tables.

Catering Services

  • Any catered service areas will be disinfected prior to any service.
  • If an event exceeds two hours, the catered service area will be wiped down with disinfectant during service.

Dining Services Staff & Vendor Safety Measures

  • All contracted staff are screened for symptoms and temperature prior to starting work each day by supervisors.
  • All outlets providing service must adhere to the strictest state and federal requirements, and any agency guidelines and recommendations.
  • PPE is required during work, including face coverings, as recommended by health officials.
  • Hand-washing and sanitation requirements from the Georgia Department of Public Health is in effect and monitored.
  • Staff use standard health protective equipment: face coverings, gloves, aprons and hairnets.
Parking & Transportation Services

Parking Services will be open in spring for face-to-face services and operate in accordance with university guidance on staffing.

Shuttle Services at the Dahlonega and Gainesville Campuses

UNG has five 15-passenger buses and one 28-passenger bus. The following operational changes will be effective for the spring 2021 semester.

  • Ridership is reduced on all shuttles buses to maintain social distancing. Capacity is reduced to one-third, allowing 4 passengers and the driver on all 15-passenger buses and 8 passengers and the driver on 28-passenger buses.
  • Passengers will occupy every other seat to allow for social distancing, starting with back seats first. Only one person per seat.
  • Students should expect a short delay due to reduced capacities. Students can track bus timing with the Passio GO app.
  • Shuttle drivers are required to wear a UNG-provided face covering; gloves are optional.
  • Passengers are required to wear face coverings.
  • All shuttles stop transporting students at 5 p.m. in Gainesville and 6 p.m. in Dahlonega.
  • Shuttle buses are sanitized twice a day, at lunch and end of the day with a hospital grade disinfectant or fogger.
  • The number of shuttle bus stops has been reduced.

Dahlonega Shuttle Route

The Dahlonega shuttle will have four stops:the new rec field lot, Dunlap Hall, Health & Natural Sciences (HNS), and the Convocation Center. 

Gainesville Shuttle Routes

The Gainesville shuttle has two routes. The Gold route has two stops: the Student Center and Hawk's Nest at the Preserve. The Nesbitt stop has been removed at this time.

The Blue route has three stops: the shuttle lot, the Columns Apartments and the Student Center. The Nesbitt stop has been removed.

Operational Guidelines

  • Queue lines are marked with appropriate social distancing limits and entry to the offices (Dahlonega and Gainesville) will be limited to three customers at a time.
  • Sneeze guards are installed at all POS locations.
  • Staff disinfect all service counters, POS areas, and door handles hourly. Floor cleaning with disinfectant will occur daily.
  • Rental fleet vehicles are limited to a single rider, unless occupants use face coverings.
  • Fleet vehicle interiors and exterior door handles are wiped down as issued.
  • Parking Services vehicles are limited to a single occupant and will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
Student Organizations

Spring 2021: All organizations have been informed that activities, meetings, etc., should be virtual until at least January 24 when we will determine what type of in-person activities can be supported.

Student organizations and the opportunities they provide students are critical components of the student experience. Social distancing will not allow for many of the traditional activities and events that students have come to enjoy and expect. In that spirit, UNG will plan for providing alternate activities and experiences that promote social distancing and engagement at the same time. The university will also plan for ways to support student organizations in planning for different types of organizational meetings, activities, fundraisers, etc.

The Office of Student Involvement has developed and distributed guidelines for student organizations regarding recruitment, event planning, and the approval process. As part of event approval, Student Organizations must acknowledge receipt and understanding of the guidelines via the UNG Connect portal. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life will offer specific guidelines to this population in addition to the Student Involvement guidelines.

Student Life Staffing

  • Some departments (Student Health Services) will have all staff on-campus during University business hours, but most will be operating with staggered hours on campus and teleworking to practice social distancing.
  • Departments will offer 100% of normal services in-person or virtually.
  • Departments will focus on their main priorities on seeing patients or providing testing, over outreach activities, to limit the number of attendees. To promote social distancing, outreach services will be provided virtually.
  • All Student Affairs services will practice social distancing while operating under normal working schedule.
  • All employees and students should follow UNG's COVID-19 health protocols for student and staff members and report positive or suspected cases via the appropriate form.

Student Centers and Other Community Gathering Locations

  • Common spaces within the university may re-open in accordance with public health guidelines.
  • Social distancing and sanitation guidelines from the GDPH and CDC should be followed. Furniture may be removed from areas to accommodate social distancing guidelines.
  • Capacities have been limited and in those lounge areas that are monitored by staff, time limits may be enforced to allow for the most people to be able to use those areas. (Examples include the Adult Learner Resource Center, Multicultural Student Affairs Resource Centers, and Veteran Resource Centers).
  • Signage regarding recommended sanitation/health practices has been installed.
  • These areas will be sanitized frequently by employees and will have necessary sanitation items available for patrons to use in the facility.

Revised Spring 2021 Calendar

  • Jan. 11 - Classes begin
  • Jan. 18 - MLK, Jr. holiday
  • March 9 - Instructional Break
  • April 1-2 -  Spring holiday
  • April 30 - Classes end
  • May 3-7 - Final Exams

Full Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

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