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Access Control

Select your campus to read more about the available access controls and how to gain access.

Dahlonega & Cumming Campuses

Access Control System Policy   


The objective of the University of North Georgia (UNG) Access Control System Policy is to provide a comprehensive, dependable and cost-effective access control system solution for the entire campus. The system will consist of an integrated pairing of the traditional mechanical locking (keyed) system with a computer based electronic access control system that will allow for use of card access control and will set a standard for access control on campus.


Auxiliary Services, in coordination with Public Safety, IT, and Plant Operations, will implement and install electronic access control for all campus buildings as authorized by the Leadership Council.

The Nighthawks (campus ID card) will become the means of accessing buildings on campus for students, faculty and staff.

All exterior doors of each building will be equipped with electronic access control, a camera and door alarm. One main door per building (usually the handicapped accessible door) will be identified as the primary entrance and will be equipped with a card reader for entry. Other doors may be equipped with card readers as necessary.


All access control at UNG, including those being installed in new construction, major renovation or specifically added to an existing structure, shall conform to the following criteria:

  • Hardware:
    Mechanical locking, keyed, keyed systems shall conform to university standard, currently best system. Door hardware, latches and other systems shall be compatible with these keyways.

    Computer based card access systems shall conform to the university standard selected for campus wide control, currently the LENEL Access Control System. Access features will include standardized control panels and devices that will connect to the central computer, via the university’s network system backbone, from each building on campus. These devices include compatible door hardware, intrusion detection, and other monitoring equipment and sensors. When applicable, additional levels of access control can be applied through use of compatible biometric devices, keypad pin devices, or other equipment as necessary.
  • Software
    The software system utilized for the access control system will be the standard system for the university, currently the LENEL Access Control System. This will be operated on a server housed in the IT server room. Software support will be coordinated by IT staff in conjunction with Auxiliary Services staff.


Overall administration of the access control system will be the responsibility of UNG Card Services-Dahlonega. All requests for building access should be routed to UNG Card Services-Dahlonega for processing via the following procedure:

  • Fill out the Access Control Request Form . You may also request the form from UNG Card Services (ex. 1437). This form will be used for authorizing access to individuals, i.e., students, faculty and staff.
  • Access control request can also be sent to UNG Card Services email address at
  • Access control changes will only be made during normal working hours.
  • Access requests will be granted within one business day of receipt of the signed Access Control Request Form or email confirmation. Once access is granted, an email will be sent to the requestor, to all Department Heads with operations in that particular building and to Public Safety. Any questions concerning the granting of access to individuals or change of time zones should be directed to the original requestor.
  • An access control client will be assigned to those buildings that house students or require access level changes during the semester based on student residency. A client is defined as a person that has been granted restricted access levels within the access control system so as to control the time zones and access of persons to a certain building or buildings. Each Client will be trained on the use of the access control system by UNG Card Services and IT staff and will work within guidelines as approved by the vice president of student affairs or their designee. Each client must fill out a Access Control Client Policy, UNG Lenel OnGuard Access Agreement, and a Lenel Application Agreement, that is to be on file at UNG Card Services-Dahlonega.


Since Physical Plant has an established work order system, during normal business hours, all requests for repair, outages, maintenance, malfunctions, etc. for all access control related systems and devices, including CCTV, will be directed to Physical Plant. 

An access control work order will be generated; determination of the problem will be made and routed to the appropriate personnel for remedy of the problem.

After normal business hours, all requests for repair should be directed to Public Safety who will contact appropriate personnel.  

Access Control Request Form


This form is required when requesting card access: Access Control Request Form.

Fill out form with the requestor’s name, ID number, campus mailing address, department, and telephone number. Select faculty or staff. Enter the name of department head. Select the access category. For card access controlled buildings, indicate the building name. For group access request, please attach a list of the names and ID numbers that are to have access.

Categories  What it does
 24/7 Allows access 24 hours a day everyday
 Saturdays Allows access on Saturdays – indicate the time frames needed
 Sundays Allows access on Sundays – indicate the time frames needed
Normal Business Hours

Allows access Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM and Friday 8:00 AM to 3:00PM

  1. Submit form to the appropriate department head for approval.
  2. Send the signed form to UNG Card Office Services either by email or interoffice mail.
  3. UNG Card Services will evaluate the request, make a recommendation and the request will be activated within one business day.
  4. UNG Card Services will email the requestor, all department heads of building(s) and Public Safety

Gainesville & Oconee Campuses

Employee Keys/Cards

  1. Requests are submitted on the work order request system located under the key request section.
    Each employee is responsible for requesting their own keys.
    This includes all new and existing employees.
  2. Requests are sent to area manager for approval.
  3. When the request is approved by area manager, request is then sent to the director of Facilities and/or chief business officer for final approval.
  4. When a request has final approval, the UNG Facilities locksmith will make the key(s), Onity access/ID card.
  5. Once the key/cards are completed, an email confirmation will be sent to the employee .
  6. Gainesville campus employees are required to pick up key/cards at the Card Services office, located in the Student Center.
    Oconee campus employees are required to pick up key/cards from Card Services, located in the 100 Building and to sign a key(s)/card issued voucher for their assign key(s)/card.   
    No employee will be allowed to sign or receive for other employees.
  7. The Onity access card issued acts as both the access card and UNG campus ID, which requires that all employees have their picture taken for the ID.
    Locations for picture Id on the Gainesville campus: Card Services office, Student Center
    Locations for picture Id on the Oconee campus: Card Services office, 100 Building.

Onity Electronic Door Locks

The Onity Integra locking system uses the UNG ID card to gain access to offices, office suites, classrooms, and exterior building doors. The locks are individually programmed to accept certain encodings on individual UNG ID cards. These types of locks are easily recognized by the fact that they require the actual insertion of the card.

Each card must be specifically encoded and is done only after it has been requested and authorized by area managers of requestor and final approval of chief of Business Office and/or director of Facilities.

It is illegal to duplicate, knowingly misuse, or be in unauthorized possession of a UNG ID Onity Card that is property of UNG.

Employees are expected to lock their offices/office suites and carry their UNG Onity ID card at all times.

Basic Lock Functionality

Opening the Lock

Card holders can open the lock by simply inserting the card into the slot at the top of the lock. A green light will come on after inserting the card properly and the door will unlock for three seconds. After three seconds the door will lock again automatically.

Advanced Functionality (for Stand-alone locks only)

Double Dipping

Double-dipping the lock is a term often used to refer to the function of swiping the card twice, consecutively, into the top of the lock. Double-dipping the lock puts the lock into a mode where it will remain unlocked indefinitely. After double-dipping the lock, a briefly flashing green light indicates the door is in an unlocked mode. To re-secure the lock, you simply need to double-dip it again.

Light Indications (for Onity Electronic Door Locks)

The Onity lock has several codes that will indicate the status of the lock when a card is inserted and removed.

There are only two lights on the lock, red and green. Singly or in combination the lights can help diagnose a lock or explain why a card is not accepted.

  • Solid green light, no red light - Valid card inserted.

  • Solid red light, no green light - Invalid card inserted. Card expired, Card not valid for door

  • Red light appears 6 seconds after card is removed, no green light - Cannot read card. Blank card,or damaged card

  • Flashing green light, no red light - Lock is unlocked and in the Office Mode

  • Solid green light, Flashing red light - Low batteries.

  • Solid green and red lights Waiting for keypad input. Enter your personal 4 digit pin# to gain access

Key and Access Card/ID Cards Policy 

  1. It is the policy of UNG to promote the campus building security and give the appropriate access to campus property. This policy describes the control, use and possession of keys and Onity access/ID cards including:
    1. General Provisions
    2. Design of Access/ID Card
    3. Fabrication
    4. Responsibility of Issuance
    5. Keys/Onity Access Card Issuance Procedures
    6. Lost Keys/Access Cards
    7. Key/Access/ID Card Eligibility Criteria
    8. Provisions for Contractors 
    9. Access and Building Security
    10. Key/Card Returns
  2. Principles:
    1. General Provision: Unauthorized fabrication, duplication, possession, or use of keys to the facilities of UNG is prohibited. College keys and access cards are the property of UNG and may be recovered at any time. 
    2. Design of Access/ID Card: The design and upkeep of the key/access card system is the responsibility of the UNG Department of Facilities’ locksmith. The design will ensure the security and reasonable convenience to personnel. 
    3. Fabrication: The UNG Facilities’ locksmith makes and issues all keys and Onity access cards and performs all lock changes for UNG facilities, except for work performed by onsite contractors under the direction of Facilities’ locksmith. Records of keys, Onity access cards/ID, which includes names, dates issued, lost, or returned will be maintained by the UNG locksmith. UNG keys will not be duplicated except by the UNG locksmith. 
    4. Responsibility of Issuance: All individuals issued keys/Onity access cards shall at all times be held responsible and accountable for said keys, the appropriate administrators approve the level of access for their staff.
    5. Keys/Onity Access Cards Issuance Procedures: 

      Employee Keys

      Requests are submitted on the work order request system located under the key request section. Each employee to be responsible for requesting their own keys. This includes all new and existing employees. 

      Requests are sent to area manager for approval. 

      When the request is approved by area manager, request is then sent to director of Facilities and/or chief business officer for final approval. 

      When a request has final approval, the UNG Facilities’ locksmith will make the key(s), Onity access/ID card. 

      Once the key/cards are completed, an email confirmation will be sent to the employee. 

      Gainesville campus employees are required to pick up key/cards at the Card Services office, located in the Student Center. Oconee campus employees are required to pick up key/cards from Card Services, located in the 100 Building and required to sign a key(s)/card issued voucher for their assign key(s)/card. No employee will be allowed to sign or receive for other employees. 

      The Onity access card issued, acts as both the access card and UNG campus ID which requires that all employees have their picture taken for the ID. 
      Locations for picture Id on the Gainesville campus: Card Services office, Student Center 
      Locations for picture Id on the Oconee campus: Card Services office, 100 Building. 
      Once your information is entered into the system the area manager will decide on the level of access needed for your position

      Student Worker Key/Onity Access/ID Cards

      Only UNG employees are allowed keys and access cards

      Exceptions, student workers for Plant Operations & Facilities and UNG IT department student workers will be issued keys and access cards limited to areas to perform their required job duties.   

    6. Lost Keys/Access Cards


      Lost key(s)/access card(s) should be reported immediately to your area manager and Facilities’ locksmith/key manager and UNG Public Safety.

      Campus Public Safety will complete an incident report for the lost key(s) and or card(s). Key(s)/access card(s) will not be reissued unless an incident report is completed.

      Use the same process as described in section E-2 and complete a key request form located on the Work Order System.


      Lost key (One-time free replacement fee)

      Lost UNG card charges (Lost card is $25 replacement fee)

      Grand Master $100

      Building Master $75

      Sub Master $50

      Single door key $25

      Cards $10

      Lost key(s)/card(s) that are found shall be returned to Public Safety or Facilities

      Replacements for damaged cards do not apply to these charges when returned to Card Services (Gainesville campus) or Card Services (Oconee campus)

    7. Key/Access/ID Card Eligibility Criteria

      The eligibility and level of access for all employees of UNG requesting key(s) and access card(s) will be determined by area managers of requestors and final approval by the director of Facilities and/or the chief, Business Office.

    8. Provisions for Contractor key(s)/access card(s)

      Contractors will be issued key/card access as needed and approved by the director of Facilities.

      The key/card access will be logged in and out at Facilities, office building 8A

      Contractors will be held responsible for lost keys and access cards, the charge for lost keys or cards not returned will be $100.00. This cost must be paid to UNG before final payment to contractor is issued.

      Contractor keys/cards will be closely monitored by the UNG Facilities’ locksmith.

    9. Access and Building Security

      All UNG campus security is handled through UNG Campus Police/Public Safety

      Access to all UNG building exteriors are on the Onity access card system and are scheduled for the needs of the college. All scheduling is performed by the UNG locksmith. Each semester, access is scheduled for the class needs as a normal schedule. Any additional access for after hours and weekend events must be submitted through the UNG Work Order System under the Event Request and contact the UNG locksmith by e-mail in advance to insure these needs are met.

    10. Key/Card Returns

It is the responsibility of all employees to return all issued keys/cards to the Card Service office at the Gainesville Campus and Oconee Campus when no longer employed.

(Rev 01/12)

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