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9.12 Salaries

  • 9.12.1 Summer Salaries
    Faculty Compensation

    Given the university priority of attracting and retaining highly qualified faculty for the overall good of the institution, for attracting, educating and graduating students, and for making a significant impact regionally and at the state level as well as nationally and internationally, the University of North Georgia must set appropriate levels of compensation and adjust those levels as future circumstances necessitate. In sum, the University of North Georgia recognizes that the best faculty and staff require competitive salaries to attract them and to retain their services for the good of the students.

    Faculty will receive compensation based on a number of factors, including discipline, rank, professional credentialing, time of service, and annual evaluations. The University of North Georgia is committed to appropriate compensation considering these factors and in comparison with peer institutions nationally. Compensation should be equal and within a prescribed range using nationally-recognized data (CUPA-HR or SREB, for example). Faculty equity adjustments should be a top institutional priority to achieve sufficiency and appropriate levels of compensation for faculty.

    Approved Nov 2012

  • 9.12.2 Summer Pay

    Summer faculty pay for full-time academic year employees is based upon a maximum rate of 3% of regular salary per credit hour with a total summer salary not to exceed 27% of regular salary w/o approval of the Dean and Provost. UNG policy does not allow summer salary to exceed 31% of contracted salary. The rate of pay for a course is subject to being prorated based upon the number of students in a course.

    Summer 2013 part-time faculty will be paid the part-time rate per credit hour as recorded on the faculty member’s summer salary letter.

    Beginning summer 2014 part-time faculty will be paid at a credit hour rate of $800 for non-terminal degree and $900 for terminal degree. Part-time faculty teaching science labs will be paid $1000 per lab credit hour. Any variation in part-time compensation must be approved by the Dean and the Provost.

    Deans and Directors are responsible for reviewing summer course enrollments. A decision to pay full summer salary or reduce a summer salary may be based upon such factors as low enrollment, average course enrollment across the unit, course rotation requirements, and student needs. Faculty do not receive summer pay for courses which are canceled. A decision on what constitutes a low enrollment course and whether or not to reduce pay or pay the regular rate for a course is based upon professional judgment and not on a prescribed formula.

    Since budget is allocated by departments and colleges and is not separated by campus location, it’s important that Deans and Directors view summer budgets and summer course enrollments as a whole “across all campuses” rather than as separate campus locations.

  • 9.12.3 Extra Compensation

    9.12.3. Extra Compensation

    Although full-time faculty already have their responsibilities in teaching, research/scholarship/creative activities, and service, from time to time, the institution may need faculty to teach an additional course in order to assist students in their efforts to progress and reach graduation. Faculty will be paid at a credit hour rate of $1,000. 

     With the advance approval of the department head, faculty may offer an independent study course in support of student retention, progression, and/or graduation. Faculty who provide instruction of an individual student in an independent study will be paid at a per credit hour rate of 1/8th of the current overload compensation rate.  (At the current rate, that would equal $125 per credit.) Departmental approval and faculty compensation should  be documented in writing prior to student registration.

    Approved Nov 2012; revised Oct 2014

  • 9.12.4 Part-Time Faculty Compensation

    Part-time faculty compensation must be competitive with proximate institutions in order to attract and retain highly qualified faculty in all areas. Although some departments depend on part-time faculty more than others, every effort should be made to provide part-time faculty with reasonable schedules, faculty offices, and other professional considerations.

    Part-time faculty will be paid at a credit hour rate of $800 for non-terminal degree and $900 for terminal degree. Part-time faculty teaching science labs will be paid $1000 per lab credit hour. Any variation in part-time compensation must be approved by the dean and the provost.

    Approved Nov 2012

  • 9.12.5 Public Service/Continuing Education

    The University of North Georgia complies with USG Board of Regents policy, "Research, Saturday Classes, and Off-Campus Continuing Education" as found in the BOR Policy Manual. See link below.

  • 9.12.6 Merit Raise

    The University of North Georgia’s merit increase program is designed to recognize and reward the valuable contributions of faculty to the university’s commitment to the highest levels of excellence in teaching, research, service and administration. Merit increases are different from "across-the-board" increases, adjustments to meet market conditions, adjustments to achieve internal equity, and other adjustments, and are, therefore, not universal.

    The determination of whether a faculty member's service during a given academic year can be judged meritorious depends to some degree on certain quantifiable factors, including teaching effectiveness, scholarly and creative activities, professional service, and professional development. Also important in determining merit are many other intangible qualitative factors which cannot be measured quantitatively. These include, but are not limited to, intellectual curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm, attitude, rapport with students and colleagues, effective student advising, and the ability to motivate. Comprehensive professional evaluations of faculty must be made by the respective department head, utilizing subjective as well as objective professional judgments.

    Criteria used in evaluating the faculty merit increases:

    1. Faculty job performance is evaluated annually. The evaluation process is designed to assess individual faculty contributions to departmental goals, which are aligned with the UNG Mission Statement. The evaluation process also measures faculty achievement of specific individual goals. Faculty members hired, re-employed, promoted, transferred or demoted on or after April 1, are not eligible for a merit increase.

    2. Instruments used in evaluating faculty for merit increases:

      • Annual performance evaluation form completed by department head.
      • Faculty evaluations completed by students
      • Various other statements of performance criteria as established in department faculty meetings and memoranda.
    3. Procedures used in evaluating faculty for merit increases:

      • The department head evaluates and discusses with each faculty member his/her performance during the year. At the appropriate time, the department head makes salary recommendations to the academic dean.
      • The dean reviews recommendations with department head and makes recommendations to the provost and senior vice president of academic affairs.
      • The provost and senior vice president of academic affairs reviews these recommendations from the university perspective.

    Approved Nov 2012

  • 9.12.7 Step Raises for Promotions and Post-Tenure

    The following step raises have been approved for academic promotions and post-tenure review: 

    Promotion to assistant professor - $2,000
    Promotion to associate professor - $4,000
    Promotion to professor - $6,000
    Successful post-tenure review - $1,000
    Promotion from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer - $2000

  • 9.12.8 Academic Administrator Stipends

    The following stipends have been approved for academic administrators:

    • department head: $5000.00 and teach at least 12- 15 credit hours per contract year
    • associate department head: $2500.00 and teach at least 18 credit hours per contract year
    • assistant department head: $2000.00 and teach 21 credit hours per contract year
    • coordinators (serving in lieu of department heads): $2000.00 and teach at least 21 credit hours per contract year

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