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Dual and Joint Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program provides for high school students who are earning dual credit by being enrolled at a participating eligible public or private high school, or home study program in Georgia, and a participating eligible postsecondary institution in Georgia. These students take postsecondary coursework for credit towards both high school graduation or home study completion and postsecondary requirements. Beginning with fall term 2015 (FY 2016) the program is offered during all terms of the school year; fall, spring and summer semesters. 

Learn more about Dual Enrollment.

UNG Dual Enrollment Presentation 2017 - 2018

Joint Enrollment

A high school student may supplement and enhance his/her high school curriculum by enrolling in college courses as a joint enrollment student. Courses taken through joint enrollment result in college but not high school credit and you are responsible for your tuition, books and course-related fees and all mandatory. If you wish to attend as a joint enrollment student, you must meet the dual enrollment admission requirements.

Learn more about Joint Enrollment.

DEDual Enrollment
JEJoint Enrollment
Program Requirement/Benefit Associated Program
Available to high school students enrolled at a participating, eligible public or private high school or home study program in Georgia DEJE
Earns credit for both high school and college courses DE
Earns credit for college courses only JE
Tuition, books and mandatory fees are covered by the program DE
Student is responsible for paying tuition, books, course-related fees and all mandatory fees JE
Must meet the Dual Enrollment admission requirements to participate DEJE
Banner Web
How do I access Banner Web?
  • On the UNG homepage, select Resources for > Current Students > Select Banner
What is my Banner Web login ID and password?
  • UNG Username ID: Your username was created for you from the following:
    • First initial of your first name, middle initial (leave out if you have none), first 4 letters of your last name, and the last 4 numbers of your student ID # (900#). Your 900# is listed on your acceptance letter.
      • Example: JPSMIT1234= John Paul Smith 900551234
  • Initial Password: For new UNG students equals the last 4 digits of your social security numbers and the 2 digit day of your birthday.
    • If you were born between the 1st and 9th, use a 0 as the first digit of your day of birth.
    • Enter 4 zeroes if you did not provide your social security number to the university.
How do I find my Tranguid?
  • In Banner, Select Student Menu > Select Student Records > Select Student Tranguid.
How do I view my student records?
  • In Banner, Select Student Menu > Select Student Records > Select View
  • *NOTE: You must resolve any holds (parking tickets, library fines, etc.) on your account prior to registration. As a Dual Enrollment student, you have a HOLD placed on your account that prevents you from self-registering, adding/dropping classes, withdrawing from classes or any other registration related activity. This HOLD remains on your account while you are enrolled as a Dual Enrollment student.
Can I add/drop classes?
  • Yes, but only with the permission of your Dual Enrollment Advisor and high school counselor. Please note that add/drop is very difficult for MOWR students, and students may be unable to add classes due to limited class availability. As a MOWR student, you have a HOLD placed on your account that prevents you from self-registering, adding/dropping classes, *withdrawing from classes or any other registration related activity. Changing classes or adding/dropping classes must be completed by a Dual Enrollment Advisor at UNG. Please note that there will be no class changes made due to professor preference once schedules are created.  Dual Enrollment Students who utilize the drop/add period but open books or use codes or materials and then drop the class, will be subject to fees. These fees could be $75 per class. *Withdrawing or dropping a course may affect your high school graduation.
Payment (Invoice, fees and no Dual Enrollment Application on file)
What do I do if I receive a UNG invoice?
  • If you have enrolled in a course that has a lab fee, then you are required to pay the fee. If you are not enrolled in a lab but receive an invoice, please check to make sure you have completed your Dual Enrollment application at and that it has been processed by your high school counselor. Please note that your classes will not be dropped by the deadline stated on the invoice or on subsequent emails that may be sent to you. Please contact the Financial Aid office with any concerns. 
How do I pay for an Art Appreciation, Modern Language or Science Lab Fee?
  • Log into Banner Web > Select Student > Select Nighthawk Registration > Select Student Invoice – Make Payment > Make Payment. Change the amount to the cost of the lab fee and place Dual Enrollment in the Memo Section. 
What should I do if I receive an email saying I have not completed my Dual Enrollment Application?
  • Log onto and sign in > Select Dual Enrollment (right hand side under "What’s New") > Select online application under Application Procedure > Complete and submit. Please inform your high school counselor that you have completed the online form.
Becoming a Freshman at UNG
What if I decide to stay at UNG after Dual Enrollment?
  • To continue at UNG after high school graduation, you must complete a Dual Enrollment Intent Form and submit a current high school transcript by the specified deadline date for the term and campus you wish to be considered for. You do not need to complete a new application for admission or submit an application fee. Please note that admission to a bachelor’s degree program is highly competitive and that admission is based on that year’s applicant pool. If you are ineligible for a bachelor’s degree program, you will automatically be considered for the associate degree pathway with the opportunity to internally transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at a later time.
Courses and expenses covered under Dual Enrollment
How do I know what classes are covered under the Dual Enrollment program?
Log into > Select Dual Enrollment > Select Course Directory > Select UNG.
  • You will be able to see the classes covered by Dual Enrollment for UNG.
What expenses does Dual Enrollment cover?
Dual Enrollment will cover the UNG application fee, orientation fee (if applicable), tuition and books. (Any book mode may be provided to the student, i.e. electronic, ebook, loose leaf, hard copy, etc.) Students have the right to obtain a hard copy book if they do not wish to use another form of the book. The student will receive a discount on the hard copy book and must pay the difference.
  • Dual Enrollment does not cover non-approved Dual Enrollment courses. You are responsible for paying for the class and book(s).
UNG Dual Enrollment Class Services
How do I log onto D2L (eLearning), goview (eCore), Shared Class Files and My Documents?
  • > MyUNG > Distance Ed > eLearning (D2L) 
  • > MyUNG > Distance Ed > goview (eCore) 
  • > MyUNG > Remote Access > Shared Class Files
  • > MyUNG > Remote Access > My Documents (Students)
You will not be able to log onto D2L until the first day of school.
How do I check my UNG email and how often should I check it?
  • > MyUNG > Email  (Check three times per week while not in school, and every day while attending school, especially before and after each class)
How do I add my email to my phone?
  • > MyUNG > Technology Services > Helpful Links > Mobile Setup -Students

UNG Dual Enrollment Contact Information

Campus Contact Name Email Phone
All-Campus Coordinator Imani Cabell 678-717-3540
Blue Ridge Lori Bramlett 706-946-5462
Cumming Beth Collins 470-239-3128
Dahlonega Derek Sutton 706-864-1461
Gainesville Imani Cabell 678-717-3540
Gainesville Mary Beth Morris 678-717-2341
Oconee Melissa Adams 706-310-6214
Online Only Imani Cabell 678-717-3540

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