Model UN Team Participates in Virtual Southeast Regional Model United Nations

Posted: January 19, 2021 by Jon Miner, PhD

The Model UN team took part in the Southeast Regional Model United Nation's (SRMUN) first virtual conference on October 23-25, 2020. A three day simulation featuring 400 students from around the country, SRMUN offers student delegates the opportunity to research, present, negotiate, write, and vote on resolutions to address global issues in real-time. UNG has participated in Model United Nations for many years, and it's club, Model UN-G, was founded in 2014 and competes at 2-3 conferences each year, including a conference it hosts each spring semester.

At the 2020 conference, UNG represented three countries — Botswana (Dr. Miner's DAH class), Italy (the club team) and Switzerland (Dr. Chand's GV class). A total of 27 students participated, with students from across UNG's Dahlonega and Gainesville campuses participating. This conference saw approximately 40 schools and 400 student delegates participate in a three-day, live simulation representing more than 55 of the world's countries.

UNG earned an historic haul of awards, including:

  • Two conference-wide position paper writing awards for Italy and Switzerland
  • Two conference-wide honorable delegation awards for diplomacy for the Botswana and Italy delegations
  • Highest overall paper for the Food & Agriculture Organization committee for Italy (Anderson, Patterson)
  • Committee level award for outstanding delegates on the Economic & Social Council, Botswana (Callegari, Jarrell)
  • Committee level award for outstanding delegates on the UN Development Program, Italy (Anderson, Patterson)


  • Botswana
    • Raphael Callegari (DAH, Business, on UNG soccer team)
    • Cameron Heriot (DAH IA Asia major)
    • Renee Gluzman (Cumming/DAH, IA Middle East)
    • Isatou Jallow (GV, BS POLS )
    • Madeline Jarrell (DAH, MPA)
    • Chris Shirkey (GV/DAH History major; POLS minor)
    • Christian Stowe (DAH, IA Europe)
    • Naumi Vate (DAH, POLS Pre-law)
    • Liam Voigt (DAH, POLS)
  • Italy
    • Anna Caitlyn "AC" Anderson (DAH, Pre-law)
    • Sidney Martin (DAH, Finance)
    • Taylor Mullikin (GV, Psychology)
    • Jenna Patterson (DAH, MAIA, undergrad POLS)
    • Patrick Price (DAH, MAIA, undergrad POLS Pre-law)
    • Mia Simpson (DAH, IA Europe)
  • Switzerland
    • Andrea Grimaldo (GV, POLS BA)
    • Edleen Henriquez (GV, IA Europe)
    • Sarah Johnson (GV, POLS BA)
    • Susanna Leggett (GV, IA Europe)
    • Katherin Lopez (GV, IA Europe)
    • Guyline Malala (GV POLS BS)
    • Luis Saldana (GV POLS Pre-law)
    • Michael Satterfield (GV POLS American pol)
    • Maria J. L. Vincero (DAH/GV IA Asia)
    • Marquis Wallace (GV, POLS Pre-law)
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