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Student Counseling Groups and Workshops

What is Group Therapy?

The purpose of group therapy, generally speaking, is to provide support to students who are struggling with a variety of problems and would benefit from discussing these problems with others who might have similar struggles. Depending on the type and topic of the group, the focus might be on developing skills to help manage stress and/or giving group members a chance to process and discuss certain issues.

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Suite 246 - Stewart Student Success Center

Room 115 - Student Center

Frequently Asked Questions About Group Therapy

What should I expect to happen in a group therapy session?

Most groups consist of 5-10 members and 1-2 therapists who are acting as the group facilitators. These numbers may vary from one session to another. You may be sitting around a table or in a circle of chairs.

At the beginning of the session, the facilitators will briefly go over or review the guidelines for the group. Then, the facilitators may teach the group a new skill and give the members a chance to practice using it, or facilitators might help the group select a topic for discussion and provide support and clarification as others begin to join in the conversation. The facilitators will let the group know when time is up and may provide some information about what to expect in the next group session, depending on the group.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

In group therapy, you will meet other students who are struggling with some of the same problems you have. They may have helpful advice for you and you may be able to share some advice with them.

While you will benefit from your own opportunities for personal growth, you will be encouraged by watching others succeed, too. You are likely to learn more about how others perceive you and how to communicate effectively with others. You are also likely to feel a greater sense of belonging at UNG.

Will my privacy be protected if I share information with the group?

The group facilitators will follow the same confidentiality guidelines that apply to individual therapy, as detailed in the informed consent and group contract documents that will be provided and explained to you when you join the group.

As part of the group contract, group members are asked not to share information about the identities or disclosures of other group members or discuss what happens in the group outside of the group setting, even with people they know from the group.

What if I know someone in the group?

If you join a group and find that you know someone else in the group, please share this information privately with the group facilitator. If you or the facilitator feels that you would be limited by the other person’s participation, a transfer to a different group may be arranged, depending on the group.

Do I have to come to every group session?

For ongoing groups, you will benefit the most if you attend on a regular basis. However, it is ultimately your choice if you no longer feel that being in the group is helpful and you want to leave. For drop-in groups, there is no expectation of continued attendance, but you can come back for more if you want.

Is group therapy just as helpful as individual therapy?

Group therapy offers some of the same benefits of individual therapy, including opportunities to connect with a therapist, work on developing healthy coping skills, and discuss stressful situations in your life. Group therapy has the added benefit of allowing you to work toward your goals with other students, who can offer advice and support and will benefit from you being there to help them as well.

Do I also have to do individual therapy if I am doing group therapy?

No. Some people may benefit from doing both individual therapy and group therapy, but many students will find that they can cope more effectively with their current stressors or problems after gaining some skills and talking about their issues in a group setting.

How do I sign up for a group?

Please call the counseling center at 706-864-1819 for more information and to sign up for a group.

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