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Faculty & Staff

History - Anthropology - Philosophy

William Balco
William Balco, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Anthropology Coordinator, Dahlonega Campus
Barnes Hall 327, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Anthropology, Archaeology
Jonathan Beall
Jonathan Beall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, History
Barnes Hall 302, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Military History
Haider Bhuiyan
Haider Bhuiyan, Ph.D., Part Time Faculty
Administration Bldg 202, Oconee
Martin Blackwell
Martin Blackwell, Ph.D., Professor - History
Barnes Hall 325, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Russia, eastern Europe, the Caucasus
Lorraine Buchbinder
Lorraine Buchbinder, Lecturer, History
Strickland 194, Gainesville
Paul Buell
Paul Buell, Ph.D., Part Time Faculty
Area(s) of Expertise: Mongols, Central Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Indian Ocean, Age of Exploration, Medieval Europe
Michael Buseman
Michael Buseman, Ph.D., Limited Term Faculty - History
Strickland 170A, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: American history, Appalachian history
Richard Byers
Richard Byers, Ph.D., Professor, History
Barnes Hall 311, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: German history, Southeast Asia, modern Europe, holocaust/genocide, aviation history, world history
Dexter Christian
Mr. Dexter Christian, Part Time Faculty
UC400 Bldg 285, Cumming
Area(s) of Expertise: History of philosophy, ethics, logic, social/political philosophy
Autumn Cockrell
Autumn Cockrell, Limited Term Faculty
Barnes Hall 323, Dahlonega
David Connolly
David Connolly, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, History
Barnes Hall 309, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: United States History, Colonial and Antebellum Southern History, Georgia History, Legal History
Alisha Cromwell
Alisha Cromwell, Part Time Faculty, History
SRC 560, Oconee
Yi Deng
Yi Deng, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Barnes Hall 330, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Political and Social Philosophy, Ethics, Chinese Philosophy
Geran Dodson
Geran Dodson, Part Time Faculty
Dee Gillespie
Dr. Dee Gillespie, Associate Professor, History
Strickland 122, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: U.S. history , southern history, women's history, African-American history
Thomas Greene
Thomas Greene, Regular Limited Term FT Faculty
James Grindeland
James Grindeland, Ph.D., Lecturer, Philosophy
Strickland 205, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Epistemology
Phillip Guerty
Phillip Guerty, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History
Strickland 120, Gainesville
Patrick Hightower
Mr. Patrick Hightower, Lecturer, History
Barnes Hall 321, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Environmental history, U.S. history
Victoria Hightower
Victoria Hightower, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History
Barnes Hall 328, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Middle east history, Persian Gulf history, pearl trade, gender studies, environmental history, nationalism, heritage studies
Christopher Jespersen
Christopher Jespersen, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts & Letters
Barnes Hall 318, Dahlonega
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson, Part Time Faculty
George Justice
George Justice, Ph.D., Lecturer
Classroom Building 317, Oconee
Area(s) of Expertise: American South, Constitutional History, Political History , Georgia History, Nationalism
Ric Kabat
Ric Kabat, Ph.D., Associate Dean, College of Arts & Letters
Nesbitt Building 4120, Gainesville
Jonas Kauffeldt
Jonas Kauffeldt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History
Strickland 121, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: History of the Middle East
Sung Shin Kim
Sung Shin Kim, Ph.D., Professor, History
Barnes Hall 307, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: East Asian history (China and Korea)
Glen Kyle
Glen Kyle, Part Time Faculty
Strickland 179, Gainesville
Cornelia Lambert
Cornelia Lambert, Ph.D., Lecturer, History
Strickland 176, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: History of science and medicine
Johanna Luthman
Dr. Johanna Luthman, Professor - History
Strickland 217, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: British Tudor and Stuart history (1500s and 1600s), gender history, history of love, sex, and marriage
Timothy May
Timothy May, Ph.D., Associate Dean, College of Arts & Letters, Professor of Central Eurasian History
Barnes Hall 314, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Mongol Empire, Mongolia, Central Eurasian history, Islamic history, the Crusades
Diane McEwan
Ms. Diane McEwan, Lecturer, History
UC400 272, Cumming
Area(s) of Expertise: World and U.S. history
Augustine Meaher
Augustine Meaher, Ph.D., Part Time Faculty
Area(s) of Expertise: Modern Military History, British Imperial History
Wayne Morris
Wayne Morris, Ph.D., Part-Time Faculty, Liaison, International Military Programs
Heather Murray
Heather Murray, A.B.D., Senior Lecturer, History
Strickland 176, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: New South social history, Appalachian history, WWII American home front, public history/museum studies
Steven Nicklas
Steven Nicklas, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Strickland 140, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: Archeology and Anthropology
Robin O'Day
Robin O'Day, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Barnes Hall 303, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Cultural Anthropology, specialization in Japanese culture
Clay Ouzts
Clay Ouzts, Ph.D., Professor, History
Strickland 149, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: American History, Environmental History, Environmental Studies
Jeff Pardue
Jeff Pardue, Ph.D., Department Head
Strickland 126, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: 19th c. Britain & Empire, Slavery, Caribbean, Atlantic World
Renee Bricker
Renee Bricker, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History
Barnes Hall 329, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: citizenship as democratic participation, using social media to politically engage, torture, religious reformations, Tudor-Stuart British history
John Pitts
John Pitts, Ph.D., Part Time Faculty
Administration 202, Oconee
Area(s) of Expertise: History of science, history of medicine, military history
Michael Proulx
Michael Proulx, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History
Barnes Hall 305, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Roman History, Ancient Greek History, Late Antiquity, Medieval Europe, Early Christianity
Warren Rogers
Warren Rogers, Ph.D., Professor, History
Faculty Center 705, Oconee
Area(s) of Expertise: History, Reconstruction
Katherine Rohrer
Katherine Rohrer, Ph.D., Lecturer
Strickland 170A, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: 19th and 20th c. U.S. South, Race Relations, Women's History, Religion
Charles Rozier
Charles Rozier, M.A., Part Time Faculty
Stickland Bldg, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion
Julie Scott
Julie Scott, Program Specialist
Robert H. Scott
Robert H. Scott, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Philosophy
83 Dunbarton Farm Rd, Blue Ridge
Barnes Hall 303, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Phenomenology, environmental ethics, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology
Pam Sezgin
Pam Sezgin, Ph.D., Professor, Anthropology
Student Resource Ctr 524, Oconee
Area(s) of Expertise: Anthropology; World History; Museum Studies; Social History and Culture of the Late Ottoman Empire; History and Cultures of the Balkans and Anatolia; Sephardic Jewish Culture and Music; Historic Preservation
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History
Barnes Hall 301, Dahlonega
Tamara Spike
Tamara Spike, Ph.D., Interim Associate Department Head
Barnes Hall 319, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Latin America, Ethnohistory
Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth Taylor, M.A., Part Time Faculty
SRC Adjunct Office 560, Oconee
Area(s) of Expertise: Civil rights, religious history, U.S. South, hagiography, liturgics
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor, M.A., Part Time Faculty
Strickland Bldg, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: World History
Les Tofte
Les Tofte, Ph.D., Part Time Faculty
Strickland Bldg, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: History
Ann Tucker
Ann Tucker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Strickland 208, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: U.S. history, southern history, Civil War era, transnational history, nationalism
Barry Whittemore
Barry Whittemore, D.A., M.Div., Lecturer, History
Barnes Hall 321, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Appalachian history, american history, religious history
Alexander Wisnoski
Alexander Wisnoski, III, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, History
Strickland 206, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: Latin American History, Early Modern World
George Wrisley
George Wrisley, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Philosophy
Strickland 205, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: Philosophy, Metaphysics (the relationship between language and ontology in particular), Philosophy of Language, Ethics, Wittgenstein, Buddhism, Nietzsche
Ben Wynne
Ben Wynne, Ph.D., Professor, History
Strickland 123, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: History of American South, Southern history, Antebellum American History, Civil War history

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