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UNG 2FA FAQs and Troubleshooting



Do I have to use UNG 2FA?

Yes. For UNG 2FA enabled applications, secondary verification will be required before access is allowed.

Do I have to use a smartphone?

No. There are multiple options available for verification that do not involve a smartphone. Some options are the use of a basic cell phone that can receive calls or texts, or the use of a landline phone to receive a call. A smartphone is only recommended for its mobility and the various options it provides.

No cell? No wifi? No problem!

If no cell service or wifi connectivity is available, the DUO Mobile app can be used to generate a passcode.

Which applications will be UNG 2FA enabled?

As of May 8, 2019, OneUSG, DocuSign, SkillPort, and UNG Faculty/Staff Email will be UNG 2FA enabled. As additional systems are identified for conversion to UNG 2FA, this web page will be updated and announcements produced.

Do I have to enroll in UNG 2FA for each application that is converted to UNG 2FA?

No. Enrollment is a one-time action. The preferences you choose will be used by all applications that are converted to UNG 2FA. 

How often will I be prompted for verification?

Depending on several factors a person may, or may not, be prompted to provide the 2FA verification. The general expectation is that if you sign out of a UNG 2FA application and close the web browser, you will be required to perform 2FA verification when signing in again.

Who do I contact for assistance with setup?

Training materials and setup instructions will be provided prior to the OneUSG Connect conversion. Should you need additional assistance, contact the Service Desk at x1922.

Why does Duo need access to my camera?

Duo requires access to your phone's camera if you are setting it up to use the Duo mobile app. It will be used to scan a barcode presented during the setup. Duo's access to the camera can be disabled once the setup is complete. Disabling camera access is done through the phones App Settings screens (Generally: Settings > Apps > Duo Mobile > Permissions).

What is the phone number, entered during enrollment, used for?

The phone number used to enroll is maintained solely within the UNG 2FA system, and only used for UNG 2FA notifications. It is not used for any other purpose by any department.

What are my 2FA authentication options when traveling?

  • Smartphone: if service is available, it can be used as normal. If no service or wi-fi connectivity are available, the Duo Mobile app can be used to generate a passcode.
  • A hardware token can be taken along to produce a passcode.
  • A "bypass" code can be generated for use during the duration of the trip. Special approvals will need to be obtained for this option.

When traveling outside of the USA, can I still use the Duo Mobile app for 2FA?

The Duo Mobile app can be used to produce a passcode - even without cell or wifi service. Once you've accessed a 2FA application and are prompted for authentication, select the option "Enter a Passcode", the open the Duo Mobile app and click the "key" icon to the right of the UNG logo. A passcode will be created and displayed on your phone.

How can I obtain a hardware token?

There is a cost associated with hardware tokens. To obtain a hardware token you must gain departmental approval and contact the Service Desk for assistance.



Select the issue you are having to see how to troubleshoot the issue. Don't see your issue? Contact the Service Desk.
"Verification Required" before Duo Mobile app can be installed.

This is not a Duo Mobile app issue, but rather it is related to the individual's app store account status. This can be verified by attempting to download a different app. To continue, the app store account settings must be verified and confirmed. Once the account is verified, attempt to download the Duo Mobile app.

Phone number has been incorrectly entered.

Call the Service Desk at 706-864-1922 for assistance.

Duo Mobile app does not recognize the barcode presented on the monitor.

This can be caused by the Duo Mobile app not having access to the phone's camera. Access the phone settings > Duo Mobile, and update the settings to allow access to the camera. Once the device has been verified, access is no longer needed and can be removed.

Only one device has been defined in 2FA and it is not available.

Call the Service Desk at 706-864-1922 for assistance.

Attempting to access SkillPort and receive the error: “Please Specify Target. No Single Sign-On Target Specified”.

This can occur when using an outdated link to the application.

Access SkillPort by:

  1. Signing into the myUNG web page
  2. Hover the mouse over "Professional Development" quick links
  3. Select Skillsoft e-Learning

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