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Information Technology Staff

Information Technology

Name Title Phone Email Office
Chris Adams (IT) Chief Technology Officer 706-864-1922
Hansford Hall, 138, Dahlonega
Tom Alday Systems Administrator 706-864-1593
Post Office Square, 110, Dahlonega
Michael Allan AV Systems Field Engineer 706-864-1727
Alumni House, 104, Dahlonega
Melanie Allen Assistant System Administrator 678-717-3549
Health Sciences, 153, Gainesville
Garrett Arnold Information Security Analyst II
Health Sciences, 142, Gainesville
Jennifer Bailey Application Developer I 706-867-3047
Post Office Square, 129, Dahlonega
Cortney Barnaby Desktop Engineer 706-867-4505
Hansford Hall, 113, Dahlonega
Jackie Barnaby Department Business Officer 706-867-2072
Hansford Hall, 137, Dahlonega
Wally Beck Director of Research Innovation Programs 678-717-3777
Health Sciences, 110, Gainesville
Patty Bell Software Quality Assurance Engineer I 706-867-4446
Post Office Square, 123, Dahlonega
Matthew J. Bergeron Technical Support Associate 706-864-1922
Library Technology Center, 173C, Dahlonega
Jessica Bohannon Senior Identity & Access Administrator 706-864-1922
Health Sciences, 151, Gainesville
Martha Bower Help Desk Coordinator 470-239-3121
University Center 400, 253, Cumming
Josh Boyd Database Administrator 706-864-1923
Post Office Square, 131, Dahlonega
Beth Brock Identity and Access Administrator 706-310-6288
Student Resource Center, 504, Oconee
Melvin Brown TSS Coordinator 470-239-3110
University Center 400, 267, Cumming
Brandon Buttler Videoconferencing Technician 678-717-3548
Health Sciences, 149, Gainesville
Haley Carter Chief IT Services Officer 678-717-3739
Health Sciences, 119, Gainesville
Connie Cenna Software Quality Assurance Engineer II
Post Office Square, Dahlonega
Jake Chatham Part Time Technical Support Associate I
John Cheatham Sr. IT AV Systems Design Engineer 706-864-1720
Alumni House, 102, Dahlonega
Rob Cherveny Chief Information Security Officer 706-864-1922
Health Sciences, 120, Gainesville
Brad Coker Application Developer I 706-867-2070
Post Office Square, 127, Dahlonega
Phillip Coker Application Developer I 706-864-1472
Post Office Square, 128, Dahlonega
Chris Cooper Director, Technical Support Administration 678-717-3512
Health Sciences, 148, Gainesville
Rick Crain Asst. CIO, Enterprise Info Systems 678-717-3623
Health Sciences, 228, Gainesville
Lori Cronan Application Developer Lead 706-864-1920
Post Office Square, 130, Dahlonega
Jack Curry Help Desk Specialist I
Blake Davis Desktop Engineer 706-864-1922
Library Technology Center, 268, Dahlonega
Patrick Davis Senior Network Security Engineer 706-864-1922
Health Sciences, 130, Gainesville
Austin DiMarzio Wireless Network Engineer
Daniel Dockery Database Engineer 706-864-1370
Post Office Square, 129, Dahlonega
Cole Edgar Information Security Operations Manager 706-867-2916
Hansford Hall, 111, Dahlonega
Sean Evett Videoconferencing Technician 706-864-1715
Alumni House, 204, Dahlonega
Alex Farr Technical Support Associate I
Scott Genry Information Security Analyst III 706-867-2916
Hansford Hall, 110, Dahlonega
Wes Guevara Technical Support Specialist III 678-717-3923
Health Sciences, 145, Gainesville
Trevor Gwin Technical Support Specialist II 678-717-2352
Health Sciences, 146, Gainesville
Brandon Haag IT Special Projects Director 678-717-3885
Health Sciences, 110, Gainesville
Kris Hammond DBA Manager 678-717-3834
Health Sciences, 229, Gainesville
Kyle Hand Temporary Staff
Austin Henson Technical Support Specialist I
Health Sciences, 155, Gainesville
Tajh Hetrick Information Technology Contact Center Representative I
Molly Hodges Technical Support Services Manager 706-310-6338
Administration Building, 207A, Oconee
Joshua Huff Software Developer I 706-864-1922
Oakwood Building, 105, Gainesville
Lance Hundt Manager, University IT Systems 678-717-3451
Health Sciences, 134, Gainesville
Brendan James Help Desk Coordinator 678-717-2383
Watkins Academic Building, 155, Gainesville
Chris Jolly Systems Engineer 678-717-2258
Health Sciences, 133, Gainesville
Clark Justus Telecommunications Engineer 706-864-1922
Hansford Hall, 130, Dahlonega
Brent Katz Help Desk Coordinator 706-867-2529
Library Technology Center, 164, Dahlonega
James Lonano Manager, Network and Audio Visual Operations
Norman Loyd Network Technician
Scott Marshall (IT) Associate CIO, IT Project Portfolio Manager 706-864-1535
Alumni House, 103, Dahlonega
Gregory Martin Director, Enterprise Application Support 678-717-3489
Health Sciences, 152, Gainesville
Malachi Mayfield System Administrator
Corey McCown Information Security Analyst III 706-867-2916
Health Sciences, 140, Gainesville
Jason McCoy Information Security Analyst III 706-867-2916
Health Sciences, 139, Gainesville
Dovie McEntire Sr. Identity & Access Admin 706-864-1922
Health Sciences, 150, Gainesville
Judy McHan Office 365 Admin / IT Trainer 706-864-1924
Hansford Hall, 112, Dahlonega
Amber McHenry Technical Support Specialist II 678-717-2349
Health Sciences, 155, Gainesville
Steve McLeod Chief Information Officer 706-864-1915
Hansford Hall, 140, Dahlonega
Dunlap/Mathis, 148, Gainesville
Eric Niconovich Banner Information Systems Engineer 706-864-1922
Health Sciences, 230, Gainesville
Katrena Pardue Director, IT Service Desk 706-864-1922
Post Office Square, 111, Dahlonega
John Passman Technical Support Associate I
Jonathan Phelps Network Administrator
Health Sciences, 131, Gainesville
Caleb Phillips Part Time IT Systems Technician
Health Sciences, 132, Gainesville
Brandon Prudhomme Technical Support Specialist II 706-946-5470
Building A, 144, Blue Ridge
John Rhodes System Engineer
Audrey Rose Contact Center Rep I
Michael Roth Sr. Systems Engineer 678-717-3563
Health Sciences, 135, Gainesville
John Segars Network Engineer
Health Sciences, 129, Gainesville
Matthew Shelley Systems Engineer 706-864-1922
Hansford Hall, 114, Dahlonega
Casey Sherman Sr. Desktop Engineer 706-864-1922
Library Technology Center, 268, Dahlonega
Casey Smith Technical Support Associate I
Thomas Taylor Technical Support Specialist II 678-717-2349
Health Sciences, 155, Gainesville
Jenna Thibault Technical Support Specialist 706-864-1922
Library Technology Center, 173B, Dahlonega
Samantha Thompson Application Development Manager 678-717-3969
Health Sciences, 232, Gainesville
Andrew Todd Tech Support Specialist II 706-310-6344
Student Resource Center, 502, Oconee
Justin Tolbert Manager, University IT Systems 706-864-1922
Hansford Hall, 127, Dahlonega
Andrew Truett (TSS) Technical Support Specialist III 706-864-1922
Library Technology Center, 173D, Dahlonega
Andy Truett (Networking) Manager, Network and Audio Visual Engineering 706-864-1922
Hansford Hall, 131, Dahlonega
Chris Truett AV Technical Support Specialist II 706-864-1726
Alumni House, 107, Dahlonega
Michael Tucker Software Developer 706-867-3063
Post Office Square, 121, Dahlonega
Justin Turner (JET) Director, Enterprise Application Development 706-867-2843
Post Office Square, 122, Dahlonega
Cleon Walden Contact Center Representative I
Justin Ward AV Systems Programming Engineer 678-717-3480
Health Sciences, 147, Gainesville
Kyle Webb Director, Technical Support Operations 706-864-1719
Library Technology Center, 175, Dahlonega
Brian Wesnofske Data Integration Specialist
Health Sciences, 231, Gainesville
Isaac Wheaton IT Contact Center Manager
Jack Whidden Telecommunications Engineer 678-717-3542
Health Sciences, 138, Gainesville

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