Dr. Dwight Wilson Receives Presidential Incentive Award

Posted: August 1, 2022 by Stephanie Troutman

We are excited to announce that Associate Professor Dwight Wilson has landed a coveted Presidential Incentive Award given out by UNG President Bonita Jacobs. Dr. Wilson is one of 15 UNG faculty and staff who recently were granted this financial award in order to pursue new and innovative ideas in the upcoming (AY 2022-23) academic year. Recipients are granted a full semester leave from teaching and service, as well as funding support of up to $12,000 each.

Dr. Wilson states that the award will support a book project on the topic of "Financialization in Latin America" that he is working on with two colleagues from UNG's Department of Sociology & Human Services. Dr. Wilson explains, "We're examining how the growth of the size and power of finance has affected social policy and inequality in Latin American and the Caribbean. Non-financial industries and governments have come to rely more and more heavily on domestic and international financial markets since the 1980s, but the outcomes of such a shift are poorly understood." This research is unique in that little literature exists on the effect of financialization in emerging markets like Latin America and the Caribbean. Dr. Wilson goes on to say, "The award will be immensely valuable in that it will provide funds and time for research, writing, and presentation at conferences that will allow us to finish a manuscript in the fall."

PSIA Department Head Dr. Dlynn Armstrong-Williams offers her support by saying, "I am so excited for Dr. Wilson to receive this award. With this financial assistance, Dr. Wilson will be able to complete his book project and bring to light a very important issue in Latin American studies."

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