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OneUSG Connect FAQs

Accessing OneUSG Connect

Where can I find information on OneUSG Connect?
Information on OneUSG Connect can be found on the UNG Human Resources website.
After Go-Live, OneUSG Connect Support is available via the following means:
  • 877-251-2644
  • Help Tile within OneUSG Connect takes you to a form to submit a request for assistance
Will I need to create a new username and password for OneUSG Connect?

No, you will not need to create a new username and password for OneUSG Connect.  You will log-in using your UNG network username and password – this is referred to as Single Sign-on (SSO).  However, you will need to complete a second step when logging in – Two Factor Authentication (2FA).  Before using 2FA for the first time, you will need to register.  The IT Help Desk can assist you in this process.  Using the Duo mobile app for 2FA with your smartphone or tablet, the app will ask you to allow access to your smart device camera.  Access to the camera is necessary to scan a QR code to verify your device during set-up.

Can I access the OneUSG Connect platform from my smart phone or tablet?

Yes - If you have the UNG app loaded on your smartphone or tablet, you can find quick access to the OneUSG Connect platform through this app. Just click on the OneUSG Connect icon. If you do not have the app, you can enter the OneUSG Connect URL in your browser and log-in from the UNG Human Resources site.

Will employees and supervisors be able to access OneUSG Connect from their home computer?

OneUSG Connect should be accessible from any wi-fi connection, smartphone or tablet.

General Information

Work schedules – how are these established and can they be modified?

All employees, with the exception of student workers, will be assigned a default work schedule during the cutover from ADP to OneUSG Connect or when initially hired.  Once the schedule is in place, managers have the responsibility and ability to manage their team’s schedules.  There will a selection of predefined schedules to select from within the system that reflect both exempt and non-exempt employees.  If an additional schedule is needed for a group or team, institutions may contact the OneUSG Connect Support to help create a new schedule.

How long before the system times-out and automatically logs off the user?

The system times out after 20 minutes of inactivity within self-service and automatically logs off the user.  For a practitioner accessing the core system, the system times out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Historical Records

How far back can employees access their previous pay statements once OneUSG Connect is implemented?

Employees will only be able to access previous pay statements that were actually produced within OneUSG Connect. If pay statements are needed for any time period previous to the transition, they can be accessed through a ticket submitted to OneUSG Connect Support requesting this information.

Will historical tax information be available on OneUSG Connect?

All historical W-2 information can be accessed during the next three years through ADP by submitting a ticket to OneUSG Connect Support.

Tracking Time

How will employees keep track of their time?

Non-exempt (bi-weekly) employees will utilize the Time Punch method of entering their time.  Graduate Assistants fall into this category as well. Best practice is that work times be entered on a daily basis.

Student Workers will utilize the Web Clock method for entering their time.  They must first log-in and clock in and out.  The system will enter the actual time (real time) when they do this.  It is very similar to the “time stamp” method which they use in ADP.

Exempt (Salary & Faculty) employees will not track their time via a timesheet.  Their absences will be requested and approved via Absence Request from the Time and Absence tile.  Once approved, those absences will be automatically populated on their timesheet.

If a non-exempt (hourly) employee forgets to enter in their time for a given day or enters an incorrect time on the punch timesheet, how will this time be entered or corrected?

The beginning workday time, departure time for lunch, return time from lunch, and end of workday time should be entered on a daily basis but can be added or edited any time prior to timesheet approval needed for bi-weekly payroll processing.

Will all timesheets have to be approved by the employee and the employee’s supervisor or timesheet approver?

Timesheets for non-exempt (hourly) employees will need to be submitted by the employee and approved by their supervisor or timesheet approver.  Supervisors/Managers who do not approve the reported time will be moved over to a compliance module for follow-up and possible disciplinary action.

Timesheets for exempt (salaried) employees (including Faculty) will not have to be submitted or approved.  Supervisors will manage their salaried employees’ “time not worked” through the Manager Self Service (MSS) module in OneUSG Connect. 

If a Student Worker has more than one job and in more than one department, how do they report their time?

They will have a separate timesheet for each job.

How many times can a student worker clock in and out during a single day?
As many times as they need to.
Can a manager enter all time punches for a non-exempt (bi-weekly) employee?

No. All time should be entered by the employee. The manager will be able to correct errors on their employee’s timesheet.

Tracking hours for non-paid affiliates and dual appointee employees – will this change?

We do not currently track work hours for non-paid affiliates - this will not change.  We do not currently track work hours for those non-exempt dual appointee employees that are non-benefits eligible or partial benefits eligible – we should do this in OneUSG Connect.

How will time be entered for Plant Ops non-exempt (bi-weekly) employees when they are called in to work during inclement weather or other emergencies?

The hours worked will be logged in the same as any other hours worked.

When will the “cut-off time” be for managers to approve time for their non-exempt (bi-weekly) employees?

For bi-weekly employees, this will be the Monday following the end of the pay period. 

Absence Requests

How will an employee (exempt and non-exempt) request time off? If an employee misses work unexpectedly, how will this be handled?

All employees must request time off through the Time and Absence tile in Employee Self Service.  If an employee misses work unexpectedly, they can still submit an absence request after the time off has occurred.  An employee will no longer be able to put this time off directly onto their timesheet.

Will Faculty be able to request sick and educational leave when requesting time off?

Yes. All absences must be requested through the Time and Absence Tile in Employee Self Service (ESS), i.e., Sick, Education Support Leave, Jury Duty, Voting, etc.


How will it be determined if a non-exempt (hourly) employee’s hours worked over 40 per week is charged as overtime or comp time?

Beginning when we transition to OneUSG Connect, all hours worked over 40 per week will be charged as overtime.  The only exception to this will be when employees are allowed to work extra hours in October, November, and December in lieu of being charged vacation time during the Winter Break.

Currently extra comp/reimbursements are not itemized on the paycheck. Will there be a way to itemize those in OneUSG Connect?

These items are currently itemized on the checks.  The abbreviations may not be understood by the employee, e.g. EXF =Extra Comp Faculty, OVL = Overload.  This should not change in OneUSG Connect.  If you have questions, contact the UNG Payroll Department.

Tax Information

Will W-2s still be mailed out to employees once the transition to OneUSG Connect is made or will employees have access to print their own?

Employees will have the option to select electronic or mail delivery of W-2s through OneUSG Connect.


Will paper PAFs still be utilized for personnel actions after the transition to OneUSG Connect?

Generally speaking, all PAFs will be processed electronically in the Manager Self Service module (MSS). After go-live and until the functionality of this workflow is verified, you will continue to use the paper PAF. Once the verification is complete, you will be notified to switch from paper to electronic PAFs.

Will purchasing transactions still have a separate sign-on after the transition to OneUSG Connect?

Yes.  Purchasing transactions will continue to be handled on a separate PeopleSoft platform.

Can a supervisor/manager delegate approval authority to another individual?
Delegate or proxy authority can be given to another individual
  • who is at the same level as the supervisor/manager
  • who is one level below in their organization
  • or who is one level above in their organization.
Before the delegation becomes effective, it must be accepted by the proxy.
What measures are available to ensure that an employee does not abuse the ability to clock in and out from their smart phone or tablet?

It is the responsibility of the supervisor or manager to ensure that their direct reports are accurately logging their hours worked and requesting time off for hours missed.

Will employees be able to access the Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS) through OneUSG Connect?
No.  The means by which employees access TRS will not change with OneUSG Connect.

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