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Faculty & Staff Listing

Political Science & International Affairs

Maria Albo
Maria Albo, M.P.A., Senior Lecturer
Hansford Hall, 314, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Public Administration
Dlynn Williams
Dlynn Williams, Ph.D., Dept Hd, Political Science
Hansford Hall, 328, Dahlonega
Carl Cavalli
Carl Cavalli, Ph.D., Professor, Political Science
Hansford Hall, 338, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: American National Institutions, Political Parties, Elections
Bibek Chand
Bibek Chand, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor
Strickland Academic, 207, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: Security studies, Sino-Indian relations, small states in international politics, geopolitics
Nathan Deal
Nathan Deal, Regents Professor
Luisa Diaz-Kope
Luisa Diaz-Kope, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hansford Hall, 311, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Collaboration and Watershed Grassroots Protection
Douglas Ealey
Douglas Ealey, Professor, Political Science and International Affairs
Strickland Academic, 152, Gainesville
Jaimie Edwards
Jaimie Edwards, Lecturer of Political Science
Classroom Building, 313A, Oconee
Barry D. Friedman
Barry D. Friedman, Ph.D., Professor, Political Science
Hansford Hall, 317, Dahlonega
Craig Greathouse
Craig Greathouse, Ph.D., Professor, Associate Dept Head
Hansford Hall, 318, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Security and Defense Policy, European Politics
Cristian Harris
Cristian Harris, Ph.D., Assoc Prof, Political Science, M.A.I.A. Program Coordinator
Hansford Hall, 316, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: International Political Economy, Comparative Global Development, Latin American Politics, Global Governance
Megan Hauser
Megan Hauser, Lecturer
Hansford Hall, 314, Dahlonega
Sarah Young
Sarah Young, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science
Strickland Academic, 159, Gainesville
Charlene Hudson
Charlene Hudson, M.P.A., Senior Lecturer, Political Science
Strickland Academic, 194, Gainesville
Holly Jones
Holly Jones, Communications Assistant
Leander Kellogg
Leander Kellogg, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science
Downtown Office Building, 117, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Diversity and Social Equity, Education Policy, State and Local Government
Christopher Kroh
Christopher Kroh, Ph.D., Lecturer
Strickland Academic, 207, Gainesville
Scott Meachum
Scott Meachum, J.D.; Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science
Downtown Office Building, 117, Dahlonega
Edward Mienie
Dr. Edward Mienie, Executive Director, Strategic Studies Program & Partnerships and Associate Professor of Strategic & Security Studies
Hansford Hall, 319, Dahlonega
Jonathan Miner
Jonathan Miner, Ph.D., Professor, Political Science
Hansford Hall, 331, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: U.S. Foreign Policy, Middle East Politics, International Law
Larry Morton
Larry Morton, Part-Time Communications Assistant
Area(s) of Expertise: International Affairs / Security Studies
Stephen Northam
Stephen Northam, Ph.D., Lecturer
Downtown Office Building, 118A, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Public Administration, Complexity/Network Theory, Organizational/Group Behavior
Nathan Price
Nathan Price, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Building A, 111, Blue Ridge
Reagan Pritchett
Reagan Pritchett, Dual Appointment Affiliate-Political Science
Sam Rohrer
Sam Rohrer, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Hansford Hall, 315, Dahlonega
Seyed Hamid Serri
Seyed Hamid Serri, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hansford Hall, 313, Dahlonega
Glen Smith
Glen Smith, Ph.D, Professor
Strickland Academic, 106, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: Media, Political Psychology, Research Methods
Kerry Stewart
Kerry Stewart, Ph.D., Professor, Political Science
Strickland Academic, 156, Gainesville
Stephanie Troutman
Stephanie Troutman, PT Temp Office/Clerical Assistant
Raluca Viman-Miller
Raluca Viman-Miller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hansford Hall, 336, Dahlonega
Area(s) of Expertise: Comparative Politics, International Relations, European Politics
Laurel Wei
Laurel Wei, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science
Downtown Office Building, 117, Dahlonega
Charles (Trey)  Wilson
Charles (Trey) Wilson, Ph.D., Professor, Political Science
Strickland Academic, 202, Gainesville
Area(s) of Expertise: Early American Law and Legal History, History of women's higher education
Dwight Wilson
Dwight Wilson, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Strickland Academic, 158, Gainesville
Kathleen Woodward
Kathleen Woodward, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Student Resource Center, 599, Oconee
Area(s) of Expertise: Comparative Politics and International Affairs

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