What is Service Learning?

Posted: April 6, 2021

Carly Redding is an associate professor of sociology and human services.

Editor's note: This is the fifth in a series of posts called HIPs Implementation about the ongoing USG-directed effort to document and promote HIPs at UNG.

At UNG, we have placed an emphasis on implementing High-Impact Practices (HIPs) in courses. One High-Impact Practice encouraged at UNG is Service Learning. Service Learning combines community work with specific learning objectives. Students may participate in service activities that meet needs identified within the community. The experience gained through serving the community allows students to strengthen their community partnerships, apply knowledge learned in the classroom, and prepare for democratic citizenship. Through Service Learning, UNG faculty and students may contribute to the public good.

Carly Redding

Currently, Academic Engagement provides faculty and staff with the Service Learning Tool-Kit. This Tool-Kit provide faculty and staff with detailed explanations of what service learning is and how it may be implemented within courses. Faculty and staff may utilize the Tool-Kit to understand the importance of connecting with community partners.

Faculty and Staff looking for community organizations to engage with can use the Nighthawk Community Connector (NCC). The NCC provides a centralized two-way communication platform for faculty, staff, and students to engage with community partners. The NCC provides an efficient way for community organizations to request assistance from UNG. While participating in Service Learning, faculty and staff may utilize the NCC to find community organizations to partner with in order to provide students with new learning opportunities.

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