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Intensive English Program Levels and Courses

IEP Level Descriptions

The curriculum of the Intensive English Program consists of two levels of English proficiency. Levels are grouped into intermediate and advanced to allow students of similar abilities and interests to study together.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate students can understand most questions and statements at normal speaking speed. They can carry on conversation with native speakers in most social situations. Nevertheless, their fluency and accuracy may still be weak in one or more areas. Students at the intermediate level are expected not only to practice English in meaningful conversation but also to gradually prepare for academic study. 

Advanced Level

Advanced students can use English with accuracy and fluency, including reading and writing. They are approaching readiness or are nearly ready to begin academic study. Students at the advanced level are expected to deliver oral presentations, read academic texts, listen to academic lectures, and learn how to write academic papers and short extensive research papers.

Course Descriptions

Speaking and Listening

Students in this class discuss a variety of cultural events and practice delivering presentations and actively participating in a group setting. The goal in this course is to develop communicative fluency through projects, videotaped presentations and individual feedback.  On occasion, invited professors will speak on topical themes. The beginning course helps students participate more confidently in everyday conversations and group discussions. In the beginner level, building students’ confidence is emphasized. The intermediate course helps students develop both fluency and accuracy not only in everyday conversation but also in academic settings. The advanced course highlights the connections between speaking and listening for academic purposes. Students will learn how to ask questions and respond in class. Students will also learn to give both formal and informal presentations.

Reading and Writing

Students in this course will read social and academic texts as well as American literature.  They will recognize conventions, styles, vocabulary, and linguistic structures. The beginning course helps students develop their basic reading skills and build their vocabulary.  Along with reading, students will practice basic writing activities related to students' experiences. The intermediate course helps students develop both reading and critical thinking skills to become more effective readers. Based on the reading, students will practice a variety of writing activities including the techniques of paraphrasing and summarizing of information effectively.  At the advanced level, the focus is on more academic topics. The advanced course helps students improve their academic vocabulary, learn to edit a paper, integrate proper citation for academic papers, and analyze tone and style. The ultimate goal of the advanced course is for students to successfully produce academic papers.  

Creativity and Critical Thinking

The ability to critically analyze arguments rather than to memorize information has become a prerequisite for college. This skill is equally valued in professional settings. This class to develops students' creative thinking and problem solving skills to successfully meet the challenges of the future. This class also prepares students to develop the social, team-building, leadership, and personal skills that are necessary for a successful and well-rounded university experience.

College Skills

This course is designed to help international students develop the advanced skills and strategies necessary for success in university courses and professional settings. This includes organization, time management, goal setting, and study skills. This class will enable students to anticipate and prepare for the challenges they will likely face once they begin college. Students will read authentic texts about various strategies for success, participate in group discussions, write short reflections, and give short presentations.

Reading Group

This course is designed to help international students develop the advanced skills and strategies necessary for university-level reading comprehension. This includes reading authentic magazine articles, annotating, summarizing, and sharing opinions about a wide range of topics. Students will read articles before class and come prepared to participate in small group discussion. They will also have opportunities to lead discussions by selecting articles and preparing discussion questions.

English Structure and Grammar

This course is designed to review basic grammar structure and to use these structures in reading, writing, and communication.  Structures emphasized include a review of subject/verb agreement, modals, noun clauses, adjective clauses and conditionals. Students will use authentic readings to identify, analyze, and apply grammatical structures in written and oral activities - to original written sentences and paragraphs. Vocabulary development will be included in each class meeting.

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